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  1. Will be on at 9, wouldn't mind doing court for the fragment.
  2. Yeah, I need to do hard mode and get those fragments. There's probably enough of us to be able to do it over to he course of a week, if we're a bit rubbish. Which I am. Will post something up in the online folder later.
  3. Big thanks to weavus for jumping into prison of elders with me. Not been able to get through it before (usually solo)but feels real good to finally beat it. Thanks again.
  4. Deeptone

    Euro 2016 thread

    England out of europe for the second time this week. Impressive. Completely idiotic, but impressive.
  5. Give me a shout for anything, really. HM Raid, court, prison, NF. I am usually just bumbling about. Really need a class armour (warlock bond) as it's dragging me down. Where's best to get it.
  6. Would love to do HM Raid as well. Only done the normal once, which I was hilariously bad at. Need those fragments as well.
  7. Pfft, you've not even seen a quality pixel yet. We're not allowed the best quality pixels until next year. Our eyes aren't ready for this quality of pixel.
  8. Yeah, what else can I add. Sadly not going to be able to watch any of them live this year, but don't want them spoiled.Big thanks for this, it's perfect.
  9. Just doing some maths on my phone, whilst walking to the pub, so no doubt wrong, but... To go from 0 to rank 5 8500 xp. On Monday, the buff is 150%. Meaning a win whilst equipping all three buff items (shader, emblam and class item) will get you 200xp. A loss will gain you 160 after your next win. Daily bounties (with full buff) will get you 415xp. Weekly bounties (with full buff) will get you 1748 xp. Handing in 3 daily will give you a total of 1245xp. Handing in 3 weekly will give you 5244xp. To
  10. In a feat of amazing poor planning, I have decided to plough through the crucible quests at the same time some online shooter is released. Doing alright, but stuck on one section where I have to join and win games as part of a fire team. So if anyone is bannering and has a space, I'd appreciate it.
  11. Same here. Think I got burnt out by Skolas just before the Taken King dropped, played a few other games whilst nibbling at the quests but gave up when all I had left was the raid and crucible ones. Drifted back into it over the last few days and gone from about 285 to 302 in about three hours. It's definitely got it's hooks back in. Don't know if that's good or bad. Wondering if there's any possibility of a raid group going this week, so I can finish those quest lines off. Try and clear the crucible ones while IB is on.
  12. I'm not sure but there may be some Power options you can discover.
  13. Ah, what a night. Still kind of buzzing from that. It was our third and going to be final shot at him. I, like the others I guess, had long given up any hope of becoming Legend. I had written it off about three weeks ago. At that point I had two weeks to go, and still needed to complete Atheon, Crota and Skolas on hard. Not being much of an online gamer in the past, I have struggled to get into groups and don't really feel very comfortable chatting away. Although the last few weeks have taught me one thing: beer helps. But it was a random Saturday night, with not much happening that I fo
  14. WRECKING BALL DEEPTONE, THE FALLEN CONQUEROR I'm in the top 1% of fallen shank kills, apparently. So if you've got a shank problem, better call for the Wrecking Ball
  15. At fucking last. So, so good. So hyped, I can't possibly sleep yet.
  16. I'm on. Just going to pick up patience and time. Not the gun, just think that's what we need after the last two attempts.
  17. Should hopefully be around for then, kids dependant. Certainly won't be too much later.
  18. Motescof light are your friend there. Equip patience and time, go to your stash of motes and play the press square mini game to level equipped gear.
  19. Yeah, there's absolutely no pressure on you at all. Think Sunday night is probably best. Mafro can't do past 11 tomorrow and with our track record...well.
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