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  1. Depends on how under levelled you are. About 380 is probably doable. Down to 370 would probably be more frustrating than fun. I'm at 400, so if anyone wants somebody overlevelled to help through higher stuff, let me know. I'll add you guys tonight.
  2. Chucked this up online https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/299488-the-last-guardians-of-the-galaxy/#comment-11375405 Jump in for shooty fun.
  3. As Destiny winds down and a lot of people have stopped playing, there are still a few who are grinding their way through or just want to try out a raid or two. If you're one of these and need a hand, chuck your name down here. I'm on a bit ( though times tend to be erratic due to kids and a grumpy wife) and am more than happy to help out with raids, Nightfalls, whatever really. I'm also really good at dying in Trials. On PS4, name is same as here. I'll be on tonight if anybody is up for anything.
  4. Yeah, I was thinking of putting a topic in the online folder. After spending most of the weekend trying to take down Crota with randoms, I didn't know if there was enough interest in running the raids. I would like to do the 390's but not too fussed about the challenges (will try if people wanted to). Would also be happy to just run the lower levels if people needed a hand. Add me (same name as here on PS4) and give me a shout.
  5. Any whining arsehats raiding tonight? Got an unexpected few free hours. EDIT: In the end jumped onto a 390 Crota run with a bunch of randoms. We were doing pretty well, considering two of them had never done a raid before and I was quite rusty. Did the lamps first go, only took about three tries to finish off the bridge and then it was a clear run to Crota. Which is where we failed, mainly due to loads of glitches, swords disappearing, etc. Ho hum. Thanks to Mikey for dropping by to help when our team fell apart. Anyone about tonight able to help finish him off as I ha
  6. Hi there. I have done the first three raids a couple of times, but it's been so long I've forgotten most of it. Still haven't done wrath of the machine, so would like to do that. If you need someone to make up the numbers let me know. I won't spoiler stuff.
  7. I am so getting this, but question for those in the know. I got the US digital version last time, cos it was cheaper and I'm tight. If I go UK for 2, I should still be able to carry my base character over, right? It's not really going to affect anything. Basically, I didn't consider the country dumb enough to fuck the pound three years ago. Live and learn I guess.
  8. There's loads of lovely little stuff going on in the background. Anyone else notice what film was playing at the cinema in one of the scenes?
  9. Not got a code, but got one invite left. Happy to invite you, if you let me know your Ubi play name. Edit: Hmm, didn't seem to quote englishbob.
  10. It is utterly baffling, and lets not discount the possibility I've ballsed it up somewhere, but it says you're invited. Try going the wildlands site and logging out then back into your ubi thingy, I guess.
  11. No worries, glad it's sorted. Still got two invites then!
  12. Think you have to go to Club Ubisoft to accept. Your key may not work as I've sent you an invite.
  13. Added you both as friends, but Sie, says you've already been invited. Will try it anyway, got one more space to fill up. EDIT: Hmm, wont let me send you another invite Sie. Sorry. Have you checked on the Wildlands site?
  14. Thanks to Ferine, I am in. I can invite three fiends, so first three Ubiplay names get them. Give me a while to figure out how to do it though, I'm in my 40's now.
  15. Ohhh, can I get it. Unless more deserving types crop up. My Unisoft thingy is Deeptony.
  16. Quick question. I've got this on disc on ps4 but quite fancy going digital with it. Since it's only 20 quid at the moment, would I be okay deleting my install then downloading from the store. I'm guessing that everything is stored server side, so I should just be able to pick up straight from where I was. Basically, I don't want to collect everything again.
  17. I've just managed to rent this for 4p from wuaki. Have I been ripped off?
  18. Important question: American fanny or British fanny?
  19. Deeptone

    The Witness

    Guys, this is apparently £17.99 on psn. Deffo going to grab it at that price. Another great game I won't play because Destiny.
  20. Yeah, don't worry guys, you won't get an unsightly sweaty forehead. It's just going to cook your eyeballs. Totally better.
  21. I wish Bungee would go back to making games where you just go around shooting aliens in the face, because this mountaineering simulator they just released is fucking shit
  22. Oryx, the big horny twat, is finally down. Videogames should not make you feel this good. Now, all that stands between me and the moments of Triumph is one stupid calcified fragment.
  23. Just wasn't happening, really. Never got into the rhythm, I guess. Still, never mind. It was worth it for LeChuck jumping onto Oryx's hand and getting twated across the map.
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