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  1. If you're on about 10 pm tomorrow night, me and Yiggy will be trying the nightfall. More than welcome to join us. PS4 btw.
  2. You need to be in a fireteam of at least two. If it's two of you, you either both need to be doing the quest or one of you needs the gun equipped. If in a fireteam of three only one other needs the quest or gun. I need to run through this, so if you want to do the first three steps at least, give me a shout. Not sure about the nightfall step without help!
  3. Well good luck. Grumpy wife has struck again so won't be around but will be on tomorrow for the reset if you're up for it.
  4. We were definitely improving, though. Sorry I had to break the party up, but would be up for trying again. After some reading. We did, at least, scientifically prove you can't complete it if you don't shoot any anomalies. So there's that.
  5. This is now my new favourite thing to do when killing time in town. I'd heard The Surge was going cheap in Game. Against my better judgement I decided to have a look, and was greeted by this cluster fuck. I did the only sensible thing and ordered it from Amazon
  6. Was just killing time in town and thought I'd go and see what's happening in Game. Saw this and thought of this thread. Classic Game.
  7. Trust me, I would call it out for them as well. I'll still buy it cos I'm an idiot.
  8. Sorry, been watching the shinies. Just don't really think we should celebrate any console exclusive. It might be good for platform holders but not for us. Of, course, Nintendo are not included in this, I'm not a mental.
  9. Whooping at console exclusivity. Idiotic cunts.
  10. Thank Christ we finally have the power to make a racing game. With cars!
  11. We get to play as droids. Oh, a dream come true. Whoever wanted to be a Jedi. I'm all about playing as an expendable CGI character.
  12. Deeptone. I'll be there. I'll be shit, but I'll be there.
  13. I seem to have been given permission. Well, she said if I thought it was a good idea. It's Destiny, so of course it's a good idea. Will probably be on from 9ish.
  14. Well, that was successful. I think it was the left hand side letting us down! Was a good laugh though. Hope you guys enjoyed it. Jdub, sorry. Kept inviting you but a random American kid on our team kept getting his friends to jump in. Sorry for the barrage of invites. Haven't broached the subject of tonight with the good lady, need to time that one right. Should be able to make it.
  15. No, that's probably it. We'll have to see if we can find a sixth somewhere. Not a problem, though.
  16. Cool, when's a good time for everyone to start? I'll probably be on after 9.30. Could make earlier if needed.
  17. Friday sounds alright to me. I'll get clearance.
  18. Yes, aren't they wonderful. Don't know what I'd do without her, except play more Destiny and be happy. Speaking of which, maybe now is a good time to try and organise a raid. Would people like to try the weekly? See if we can get 6 on one night. When's good for people. I can do mostly whenever, as long as I've behaved myself during the day.
  19. You guys all remember this was proper shit, right? I mean, it was about a giant fanny living in the middle of the Earth. I know that sounds amazing but trust me, it really isn't.
  20. Sorry, wifey problems. Won't be on tonight.
  21. It's no worries. Happy to go through Challenge next. Will be a breeze after Omnigul, even with Trickle on. Might be on tonight, see if I can persuade the boss. Deffo on Sunday though.
  22. No worries, I know your pain. We tackled the nightfall instead. Less said about that the better. Still, got Larsen through his first. Was thinking about Crota on Sunday night? Maybe start your negotiations early.
  23. I'll probably be on after half nine. Will be up for starting a raid. If we can't get six we can maybe find some randoms.
  24. Good stuff. Chances are if you start a raid at that level you'll boost past 390 as you go along. Anybody fancy a raid over the weekend? When is good?
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