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  1. I haven't seen Pinata advertised anywhere, do the masses even know what it is?
  2. The Zelda: TP soundtrack has really been growing on me recently.
  3. Goldeneye's pretty shoddy these days.
  4. Yes. I remember vaguely trying to say something along the lines of the sound the wind makes resembling that of a roaring train. The word 'sound' seemed so flat in that instance, so I deleted it and clearly didn't go back to it. The motion of the wind itself was lethargic. I tried to give it an 'epic' presence, something so large and expansive that even in its most lethargic of movements it still roars amongst the pines. I failed, abysmally. Like I said, that edit button has been flirting with me. But she's a whore. And not at all, we're all judged under the same light. Ultimately I didn't edit and submitted it as it as you see it now. It should of course be judged for what it is.
  5. Thanks Fox. Unexpected feedback for a piece I am beginning to loathe. I really should have edited it, but alas, fatigue overcame me. It has been hard avoiding that post-edit button, I can tell you!
  6. Let's have sex later. You'll be sorry to hear I'm not usually one to return the favour bastion, but in this instance, I am. I found yours the most enjoyable to read - it has an optimistic lightheartedness that made it enjoyable, and more importantly, easy to read. It take courage not to try and shove a million messages into stories of a thousand words - they rarely have the capacity to hold them, in my experience. You can tell it doesn't take itself too seriously, and it's pretty infectious. All were very good (said a lot, but it's true). Two in particular look quite a bit like an elaborated screenplay, and if that's what's being aimed for, it's a snappy style. Not quite to my taste, but it's effectiveness can't be denied. As for mine, I'm not sure it should be allowed to be voted for - it's far too long. I'll leave it in the hands of the thread starter however.
  7. Ah, fuck it. I haven't slept in 24 hours, and I'm too tetchy to edit. It's too long. And it's a day late. I put it here in the vain hope you'll get some enjoyment out of it. Total time taken: 3.5 hours.
  8. Yeah, sorry, bit snappy of me. I've just seen many people in this thread saying "I'm stuck, it must be the infamous game breaking bugs!!1" and it's got a bit tiresome, especially considering most of them are playing the (fixed) PAL version.
  9. I had that exact issue myself. It doesn't help when the game informs you that it will be 'logged' when you acquire it... I assumed I just had to have the 'stat' in my inventory. FFS, I wish people would stop laying it on non-existant glitches. THE PAL version is polished.
  10. Let's do it tonight Adam, instead of wasting our time on other things. Let's see how shit we can make a short story we've only got an evening to work on. You in?
  11. Crap, I missed this. Again! You've only got three entries in this thread. I could probably think of something and rattle it out before the end of the day, it's only 1'000 words after all... Would a day late submission be out of the question?
  12. There are some wild claims in this thread, but that takes the biscuit. For me, I'd like to see third parties make use of the Wii and it's many controller expansion options. However... I fear it will go down the same route that the DS did, and squalour in the fetid mire of licensed games.
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