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  2. we've done the salmon/champagne breakfast for as long as I can remember.

    Instead of goose/venison this year I going to do turkey, it will be the first time I've ever cooked turkey and probably the first time we've had it in around 12 years.

    I feel common....

  3. I had the same situation myself this weekend

    had a big plan to do 5+ hour proper spag boll, or chille etc, you know the stuff that really needs a long cooking time to really bring out the flavour

    SO what did I do:

    Friday night: pub with work collegues, turned into a rock band sesh with pizza hut sesh added in :P

    Saturday: House chores/food shop/meat shop/ went to the tip

    got 2 pounds of braising steak, some dumpling mix and a pound of mince beef

    met up with me bro and had a couple of pints of theakstons

    Then got home felt to tired to cook so ovened up some locally sourced 100% organic, addtive free pork burgers and had them with tomatoes cheese and a stilton dressing :D


    Had I not spent the morning in bed till 2pm I probably could have done some baking/cooking but I did so I couldnt


    will try harder next weekend :(

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