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  1. 58 minutes ago, And said:

    Feldherr do a mortarion specific box so I have that which currently  holds :


    2 bloatdrones 

    a blighthauler 

    5 hq models 

    And I’ve put a tray on top which holds all my poxwalkers and cultists. 



    my current DG army is as follows:

    rhino, 2 pbcs, morty, blight hauler, fbd, 20 pm, 30 pw, 3 deathshroud, tainted cohort, typhus, 4 dg characters


    plus any extra stuff that comes with the conquest box if I decide to keep that sub going post the plague burst crawler editions.


  2. Just now, And said:

    He looks awesome. 


    Was it fun though? 

    How does 4 player work, do both teams on the same side go or do you take turns?


    Yeah each team goes at the same time where possible (like movement phase) just to speed things up as 3/4 of the players are noobs and so games take ages. 


    Things like shooting are separate as it’s hard to keep track of what’s going on. 

  3. Played another game last night, we got smashed again. 


    Deathguard and Iron Warriors vs eldar and blood angels. They completely shut down our psychic phases multiple times, the dice were not kind to us. 


    My bloat drone rove took the brunt of the armies fire in the first turn and still managed to survive till turn 2. But then it all went wrong and my team mates army was essentially done as a force from

    that point forward. 


    Didnt get home till 1am! Good times though. My model placement was woeful, I had two squads of PM sitting around doing nothing for a turn (the game was to secure a relic). 


     I stroll struggle with all the various dice roll calculations and modifiers. 


    I did base the kitbashed daemon prince for the game.  


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  4. 15 hours ago, And said:

    Could you drop the blighthauler instead? Leaving a couple of squads to camp objectives 


    Yeah the revised list is as follows:


    HQ: Demon prince (Warlord), plague caster

    Troops, 3 squad of plague marines (2 that have a plague launcher thing)

    Fast attack: bloat drone

    Heavy Support: 2 PBCS

  5. 3 hours ago, And said:

    Yeah, I’d deffo think about dropping typhus and maximise your 3 sets of plaguespitters with someone that can take arch contaminator. Though you could just make the blightspawn your warlord and do it that way. 

    Put as many plague weapons out there as you can. 


    I might borrow a friends PBC and then have three, (dropping one squad of PM and the blightspawn)

  6. 2 hours ago, And said:


    If you make Typhus your warlord he MUST take Living Plague as his warlord trait. 


    If I were you I'd take your DP instead, run him ( give him wings ) and your crawlers at whatever you want broken and go for all out plague flamer goodness re-rolling your failed wounds. 

    Sit your hauler on some marines for the cover bonus 


    How many points are you looking at? 



    Patrol Detachment (Chaos - Death Guard)



    Daemon Prince of Nurgle, wings, Arch-contaminator, miasma of pestilence



    Plague Marines

    Plague Marines



    Foul Blightspawn


    Fast Attack

    Foetid Bloat-drone

    Myphitic Blight-hauler


    Heavy Support

    Plagueburst Crawler

    Plagueburst Crawler


    That's around 1000 points depending on what guns you give your marines, if you wanted to go to 1250 ish you could add in a rhino and a plaguecaster. 



    1k points, I'm going to whack a fulgris helm on the blightspawn to increase his aura of smellyness 

  7. I am tempted to ditch my previous list and go vehicle heavy for fun:


    2x PBC 

    1x FBD

    1x MBH

    Typhus as Warlord with arch contaminator trait

    2 squads of Plague marines

    Foul blightspawn


    The plan would be to shove the PBC into the center of the board, deep strike Typhus with them, use the plague marines to sit on objectives with the blightspawn to help stop charges (perhaps with fulgaris helm?) and the drone/hawler to chase around raise merry slimy hell.

    Likely we'll be up against Eldar and Blood Angels

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