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  1. I have no idea of the plot, utterly trash trailer.
  2. Oh those are just the amount of models I have. My plan was combibolters/swords/axes, flail and blight spitter thing. Bolters give me some long range firepower and troop killing ability.
  3. Managed to grab some decently painted and based blightlord termies for £36, it also came with the sprues of left over bits. I have 8 of them giving me some much needed firepower (alongside close combat strength).
  4. If I am in Japan, would the eshop to a location look up based on IP address? Or would it only show me the UK store? I'll be in Japan next month.
  5. Sadly it doesnt look like Season 3 of heroes will coincide with my trip to Japan.
  6. For some reason my Singaporean Saturn (the best of both worlds, JPN, uk power supply) doesn’t like my OSSC, I assume it’s the scart cable, any recommendations on a replacement?
  7. I’ve had the impossible burger (v1) a few times, it’s very tasty and he first time my brain was very confused about what I was eating. Shame it’s not coming over here anytime soon, I’ve not tried the beyond burger yet.
  8. Certainly better than the current plague caster model
  9. I wonder if they will be available when I’m in Japan in June...
  10. Most tips have a dedicated shop that they sell the working (ish) stuff left, I've had some success getting stuff there.
  11. It’s over 500kg as well, no idea how we would move it. My wife doesn’t have an issue with it but I have no where practical to keep it.
  12. That timberline looks good, any uk stockists?
  13. Need to figure out a 1k playlist that involves Mortarian for a friendly game on Monday evening.
  14. Those look great, I have a vga cable into an OSSC and that’s pretty decent.
  15. Yup surprised he was that emotional tbh, but I guess it is a big change in a sense. Perhaps it was more impactful because it was unscripted?
  16. Just started assembling Mortarian. So much to paint.
  17. Price isn't a major concern - my previous bbq cost 400 and lasted 18 years, so happy to invest in something up to 1500/2k if it will actually last.
  18. how long does it take to get up to temp?
  19. I need a new bbq as my outback has finally given up the ghost after 18 years. I'd like a combo gas grill and smoker for the best of both worlds, but tempted to return to charcoal.
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