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  1. That's a curse of a lot of restaurant/pre produced Vegan food in my experience so far - it has so much sugar in it to make up for the lack of fat, I find it off putting as I am not a massive fan of sweet things.
  2. It's a pretty tasty sausage roll, there's a slightly odd aftertaste though.
  3. I need a better gamepad for my phone, it has a 6.65 inch screen so it a lot of controllers I've found wont fit it.
  4. It was the amazon ones you recommended. Let me know how the Liverpool ones do.
  5. watched this last night, it finishes at a very strange point - will it get a sequel?
  6. I am of a mind, there are few games I want to have on the move from my own collection.
  7. I assume most rom places have now been taken offline?
  8. I’ve not had an Android device for a long time, one should be arriving next week and I’m keen to see how the emulation scene has improved. Looking at Reicast and Yabuse Sanshiro for DC and Saturn, Reicast looks good but has anyone used Yabuse? I have a bunch of real Saturn games that i can make ISO’s from but the DC will be more difficult to do.
  9. Another thing to add to my pile of shame.
  10. A scout dreadnought wouldn't really make sense in fluff terms imo.
  11. But smoke is carcinogenic right? So the end result is the same.
  12. Probably, you are infusing smoke into it, as you are with most food on a bbq based on a coal/wood etc.
  13. Looks lush, how do you get the crust on a brisket? I managed to sort the BBQ issue, cleared the augur by 'clearing' and priming it a bunch of times to force through some half burnt pellets, @Shimmyhill I tried those new pellets you recommended, very good - much improved flavor. With the traeger, being that the fan generates some noise means that I will need to create a BBQ section at the end of the garden if I want to do a 24 hour smoke.
  14. So where to start. My son had a crappy night. So he joined me for getting the bbq ready. Got all switched on and ready to go and realised next doors bedroom window (near the bbq) was open so decided to move the bbq to the end of the garden to avoid smoke/noise. Not an easy thing to do when carrying a baby that cries when you put him down and the bbq weighs 100kg. Got that sorted and plugged in, the bbq is smoking like a chimney and the breeze is blowing straight into my neighbours window. Grab Austin and run upstairs grab fan plug in and sort that issue. Temp of the bbq is going up faster than expected, yank off grill grate and moving the bbq has dislodged a bunch of pellets which have now all ignited in the firebox. Chuck Son to Wife (promptly waking up Daughter in the process). Turn off bbq remove pellets from firebox. Set manual temp. Then start the recipe again which then seems to develop an issue about 20 mins in and fails to maintain a flame, low temp warning and ignition errors. Attempt to Empty pellets from Hopper and a bunch fall onto the floor. At this point I abandon ship and whack it in the oven. I suspect the augur isn’t being fed properly. When it’s a little later in the morning I’m going to clear out the hopper completely and see if I can sort it. I said to my daughter I had a bad start to the day “did you set the bbq on fire again daddy?” I nodded. “Don’t worry we all make mistakes” she replied.
  15. What’s the release schedule like for games at the moment? I fancy getting one as a birthday present.
  16. Certainly is, bikes, bikes and more bikes.
  17. That would be me, I do but I don’t want to play DG in this series.
  18. Hell yeah I’ll be playing. I have a new ravenwing force that I want to try. Not sure on length, we can prob smash the 250/500 point games in one go. And then have two separate sessions for the larger games.
  19. I have offered to be DM for a narrative campaign in a week or so, which is great! The downside is I've never done this before and it's feeling a bit stressy. Any tips on how to run one? The plan so far (since yesterday): Players: 5 Number of overall events in campaign 4 Escalating series of games starting at 250 points and doubling each time to a grand finale of 2000 points. Have a flow chart style thing involving missions with these sorts of themes: Patrol Ambush Breakout and regroup Seize or destroy comms tower Hold at all costs Reinforce and destroy Escape the planet The potential forces are as follows: Chaos: Iron Warriors, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Eldar, Blood Angels, Ravenwing, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves Tyranid, Genestealer cults I want to start with a chaos/imperial theme and then have a surprise genestealer attack forcing a withdrawl (getting an item to da choppa) How do we handle victory/defeat - I want to things to be meaningful so that everyone is striving for the win. Do dead characters stay dead? Do units wiped out skip a game? I want to have non character hero's that will start with the 250 game, so like a guardsman similar low ranked unit that will get a buff if they survive each game. The buff would be something like +1 to stats from a list (they would roll a dice to determine).
  20. Rewatching Top Gun Cruise acts like a sex offender. That said, the aircraft scenes in this look great.
  21. I think Frozen, when viewed first time is a great film. The problem is that if you have kids, you've watched so many god damn times it loses all meaning. Then you leave the house and the soundtrack is in the car. Then you get to the kids party and it's Frozen themed. We really liked Tangled, 'mother knows best' is a very catchy tune.
  22. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/17/heretic-traitor-rogue-inquisitor-tv-stargw-homepage-post-2/ Eisenhorn TV show!
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