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  1. 25 minutes ago, And said:

    Interesting. Let us know how that goes please, I like TTS but find it a bit of a faff. 

    Are you on new codex rules for DG? I’m well tucked off with the HQ changes as it’s ruined my plan for my first game with them. 

    got a list?


    Yeah new codex, will be assembling a list tonight.

  2. 34 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:

    Yeah I know, was being facetious like it was a personal attack on me. I'm not THAT egotistical :P


    I've got lots of deathguard in the traditional colour way, I fancied doing something different for these (especially as they are the Space Marine Heroes I got whilst I was in Tokyo).

  3. Thank you! Dry brushes hide many sins. There's quite a few layers on each: black base, dry brush led bletcher, custom red wash, dry brush light blue on the flesh/horns, dry brush moot green, drybrush warpstone glow, etc etc.


    They looked total shit until I did a light dry brush of celestial gray at the end. There's still more detail to pick out but its certainly enough to get on when the next set of models. I'll try and do similar for some terminators next.

  4. 14 minutes ago, HarryBizzle said:

    I've certainly seen worse launch lineups, but the fact that everything is also coming to current gen certainly takes the shine off.


    I think they need to go all out showing how much better these things are on next gen. Show me next-gen destiny 2 loading times.


    I think the key aspect with Xbox is that it's those launch titles and every xbox one game launched, alongside select 360 xbox games. The fact with a new console I can carry over all my current stuff with (so we are led to believe) zero hassle is great.

  5. My wife treated me to a Sage barista express a few months back, which is great if unpredictable - it's quite sensitive to the age of the beans and you could go through quite a lot until you found the right settings. Some brands are fine and others are very hard to get the right extraction out of, luckily we've got a local coffee place that roast their own beans and have found the best extraction set up for them.

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