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  1. Can ham nurse the mediums for the rest of the race?
  2. 29 seconds to Perez coming out of the pit. VER is dominant.
  3. Its my daughters birthday in 11 days, where she will find out the big surprise about Silverstone
  4. Here we go! Looking forward to the midfield battle today!
  5. I think it’s because he only hampered his own team mate. If it was another team he’d get the penalty.
  6. Difficult to place the merc performance today. Hoping for better tomorrow.
  7. i caught up with the race late last night, pretty enjoyable for monaco - liked the Haas bumper cars.
  8. When hamilton retires (or moves teams), I can't say I'll be supporting mercedes. Russell is a PR robot.
  9. Apart from the actual table top game, where a standard ork boy has a 5+ armor save, a slight breeze can kill them.
  10. T Datz cuz Orks is tuff.
  11. Unlike last year with the rain red flag delays
  12. I guess its just me watching this morning 😂
  13. Williams always seemed like a pub league sort of team. Well meaning but behind the pros. I really hope they return to form.
  14. Not yet, a tad early. I will pack wet weather gear though. Although we are in an enclosure so hopefully that would provide some shelter.
  15. Weeeee my tickets to silverstone arrived!
  16. Like everyone else I liked it, it was a tightly edited movie, dialogue was on point. I’d also read “Shoe Dog” during the pandemic, it’s worth a read.
  17. Of all the races this year, he has the greatest chance to win at Monaco. Ferrari are good in quali, they seem to have fixed their strategy errors, so it’s just on him not to bin the car into the wall.
  18. shame. Hardly going to be able to get out of second gear there.
  19. Who pays for the tickets in that case, would this be under "Act of god, no refunds?"
  20. HAM did 1 place better than I predicted.
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