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  1. Made some.progess on the assembling of my Ork army. I have 3 squig hog boys, 1 beast boss and a death dread to assemble. The rest is printed and based, with 20 boys battle ready and 20 more almost there.
  2. Auspex scan is nasty, congrats on the perfect score! I've not had a game for months but I am working on building (and soon to be painting) my 2k Ork list.
  3. Where? I’ve watched it 3 times already and missed that.
  4. I’m not watching that sober.
  5. Watching this with the kids at the moment. I have questions: Who funds the Paw Patrol gang? They seem to be able to fund & design new craft at will. Why can they destroy public property with impunity? What was the vetting process for a 7 year old child to manage a team of genetically engineered dogs?
  6. Any tips for speed painting orks? The new army painter speed paints look good
  7. I got an Ork combat patrol for Xmas, along side my existing unbuilt Ork stuff I have a 2k list to assemble! 20 snagga boyz 20 boyz 3 mega nobz Ghagzhull Squighog boyz Weirdboy 3 deathkopters 1 death dread 1 stompa (already assembled and painted)
  8. I hadn’t seen the trailers, i did not expect to see it at the cinema, but a friend had a spare ticket. I was not expecting dougie houser md.
  9. and great flood potential too. As a fellow SOS forumite I’d be up for a meet at Neon Knights.
  10. Helbrute and a land raider? Left field choices. I’ve got 4,500 points of death guard, not played them for a while.
  11. Yup. lord of virulence, ferric blight, viscous death plaguecaster 5 plague marines 20 pox walkers 10 pox walkers 6 blight lords foul blightspawn with stench vats Two FBD with mowers 3 MBH 3 PBC
  12. I'm going to be playing against that new Tyranids army of renown. It's scary. Basically all monsters and most things have a 5+ invul. I'll be taking my death guard Daemon engine list.
  13. I really don’t like the concept of vehicle drops at every fob. Wtf are they getting them all from? Does that pilot own a car lot somewhere on this Halo?
  14. What role do the infiltrators play in your list?
  15. Necrons are stronger at lower power levels, at 2k things swing back in your favour. My go to dynasty is obsec with the 3 inch range. It's much more useful than a pre game move. That D3 damage weapon is a good choice, I not a massive fan of rando dice rolls as I always roll 1s If you're mate is making cheese lists then you need to do the same.
  16. He needs medical help as that's just hording.
  17. Not sure the TS is going to be any good, 12 inch range and 10 inch move at top wounds will work out all that well. took another look at the profile of the other weapons, particle shredder would be my choice going against your list 8 shots ap -1 d2, each failed wound is a dead marine I’d still go with LHD or doomstalkers ( DS very swingy though)
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