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  1. That can't be the opening ceremony? That was utter shit.
  2. As a shareholder i say up the dividends, or at least give us discounts on models
  3. Not sure, there’s a bunch of changes in the new codex that reduces the amount of dice rolls , e.g Dakka dakka has changed.
  4. Snagged some beast snaggas yesterday I have a set of Boyz, mega nobz, gazgull and a stompa currently.
  5. I got stuck at some stupid jump platform bit early on in the game and gave up, perhaps the new shinies will tempt me back.
  6. Time for you to go in with this winning technique: "*Teeth sucking* Well, no one plays space pups anymore - best I could do is $50 for the lot...."
  7. New Kill team! The krieg models! It’s shovel time!! wonder how they will have updated the rules.
  8. Shattered Sword: the untold story of Midway. Fantastic book, we’ll researched and a great introduction into the war in the Pacific.
  9. I was also very surprised tbh, as I was at getting two votes!
  10. @Albert Fish Congrats on the win! I have an outside the box suggestion for the next challenge - scenery but if you have a topic you have in mind let me know.
  11. Some great entries this month, poll closes tomorrow morning: Plague Burst Crawler by @Oracle Outrider by @Albert Fish Myphitic Blight Hauler by @And Big shooty death tank by @Nicky
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