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  1. Oracle


    My wife treated us to a new coffee machine, it's a sage barista express bean to cup one, it's very good (if slightly inconsistent on the grind).
  2. Yup looks like this is done at five series, which is the right call but still makes me sad. An excellent series, the only plot hole that didn’t get explained is:
  3. Yup also binged this, very strong series. Not sure if it’s getting another? It feels pretty complete, so I’m unsure where they could logically take it.
  4. Pretty easy, grab the dlc, sort your armies in saved objects and go.
  5. We've been playing games via Table Top simulator and its bloody good. We're halfway through a 4 player Chaos v Aeldari game atm.
  6. I can't wait for the next series, just need to stop my daughter binging it before we can watch it together.
  7. If it's like the opening sequence in bumblebee I'm in!
  8. FFS pre-ordered. I don't have a lynx
  9. Successfully nabbed a fully assembled & what appears to be decently painted Stompa for £65, now I just need to get the rest of the army sorted.
  10. I have taking quite a fancy to having orks as my next army. I've probably got about 20 models of various DG unit to paint and probably the same again for Dark Angels (although as it's raven wing I may just get shot of the primaries stuff).
  11. I've been making the most of lockdown, our local friend group has been having group video painting sessions. Really like the idea of just chatting away whilst working on things.
  12. Painted the Russian Dreadnought tonight. Quite happy with the results.
  13. Ive just bought TTS, it seems decent and the 40k custom dlc is very impressive.
  14. Is there a go to 4k release of this?
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