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  1. Certainly is, bikes, bikes and more bikes.
  2. That would be me, I do but I don’t want to play DG in this series.
  3. Hell yeah I’ll be playing. I have a new ravenwing force that I want to try. Not sure on length, we can prob smash the 250/500 point games in one go. And then have two separate sessions for the larger games.
  4. I have offered to be DM for a narrative campaign in a week or so, which is great! The downside is I've never done this before and it's feeling a bit stressy. Any tips on how to run one? The plan so far (since yesterday): Players: 5 Number of overall events in campaign 4 Escalating series of games starting at 250 points and doubling each time to a grand finale of 2000 points. Have a flow chart style thing involving missions with these sorts of themes: Patrol Ambush Breakout and regroup Seize or destroy comms tower Hold at all costs Reinforce and destroy Escape the planet The potential forces are as follows: Chaos: Iron Warriors, Thousand Sons, Death Guard, Eldar, Blood Angels, Ravenwing, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves Tyranid, Genestealer cults I want to start with a chaos/imperial theme and then have a surprise genestealer attack forcing a withdrawl (getting an item to da choppa) How do we handle victory/defeat - I want to things to be meaningful so that everyone is striving for the win. Do dead characters stay dead? Do units wiped out skip a game? I want to have non character hero's that will start with the 250 game, so like a guardsman similar low ranked unit that will get a buff if they survive each game. The buff would be something like +1 to stats from a list (they would roll a dice to determine).
  5. Rewatching Top Gun Cruise acts like a sex offender. That said, the aircraft scenes in this look great.
  6. I think Frozen, when viewed first time is a great film. The problem is that if you have kids, you've watched so many god damn times it loses all meaning. Then you leave the house and the soundtrack is in the car. Then you get to the kids party and it's Frozen themed. We really liked Tangled, 'mother knows best' is a very catchy tune.
  7. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/07/17/heretic-traitor-rogue-inquisitor-tv-stargw-homepage-post-2/ Eisenhorn TV show!
  8. Eisenhorn is a great place to start. The dream is some sort of series or films based on the Horus Heresy, however seeing as that is running over 50 books and has now only moved onto to the final arc this year, I doubt that it will ever happen.
  9. How did I miss that??
  10. Shame it doesn't mentioned VR Worlds: Battletech and red planet - those were the days!
  11. Pretty well considering it was only a 5 hour smoke with no premarinade. Decent smoke flavour, I’d probably go for another couple of hours and prep overnight.
  12. Dodgy cropped photo of a brisket. Four pounds, 5 hours @ 105. Yet to taste.
  13. Impressive. Which shelf did you have it on? I did ribs on the lowest but I think next time I will put them on the middle.
  14. 7 pound brisket, I wonder how much that will cost from my butcher. How many people did that feed? Did you use a particular rub? I was thinking paprika, brown sugar, some chilli powder etc
  15. Can I check the whole SvT thing: Shooting: S4 T5: hitting on 4s? Wounding: on 4s also? Is there a calculator?
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