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  1. I did make a sprue based scenery thing, I also created a tabletopper so I could use my full realm of battle board thing. My Death Guard need some reworking, I'm currently on the look out for some plague bearers and a couple of feculent gnarlmaws. I think I will get a deredeo dreadnought for some much needed long range shooting as I currently have nothing that can really damage units at range.
  2. I've just been given an N64 (Pal) with Golden Eye, Perfect Dark and Lylat wars - it's a real shame it doesnt work with my OSSC out of the box
  3. Oracle

    The Boxing Thread

    You need to separate the boxer from the homophobe , sexist and anti Semite. on a technical level the match was impressive, but a media tour to plaster over his image was disappointing to say the least. His depression no doubt exacerbated things and his work to raise awareness of mental health issues is admirable but at the same time he really needs to own his prior comments and that is not something he has done so far.
  4. Oracle

    The Boxing Thread

    Wow. Never expected that!
  5. Oracle

    The Boxing Thread

    Fury is impressive so far. Wilder looking in trouble
  6. Tonight’s plan from left over sprues into scenery...somehow.
  7. Waitrose Vegan meatless feast pizza is very good.
  8. I really want to have Orks as my next army.
  9. You know the situation where a friend is clearing out their house and they give you a bunch of consoles for free? And how it always seems like it never happens in reality? It just happened to me! He's just dropped off: Mint nes turtles edition, with outer sleeve for the box, plus a whole host of mint games like double dragon 2 A boxed mk 2 Saturn Unboxed SNES with a load of games Boxed N64 with 3 games Insane!
  10. I cannot stand FC, why GW went that route is beyond me.
  11. Oracle

    NFL 2019!

    A few of the niners deffo started bawling it.
  12. Oracle

    NFL 2019!

    That was a great game. 49ers just fell apart just enough to stumble in the 4th.
  13. I watched this yesterday whilst down with a cold. I hadn't seen any of the trailers but knew by reputation that it was not a great film. I've never been so confused/bemused by a film.
  14. pfft I dont touch vampires - death guard all the way for me
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