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  1. So with this upgraded N64 and an everdrive - would I be able to play all region roms?
  2. Surely that’s encouraged by your employer? Did some shading on the LoV in the sunshine earlier, also working on my fetid slime base.
  3. Looks like we'll have a bumper amount of submissions this month, great theme choice @Davros sock drawer
  4. How is everyone getting on? Just about a week to the deadline. I've whacked my Lord of Virulence on a base. Will try and find some time tomorrow evening to continue painting him.
  5. I think people are not understanding the difficulties of making things in a pandemic, but I'm treating non core GW games as limited run things which is why I jumped on CS. Though tbh it wasn't hard to get the standard version from GWs website, I bought it 30 mins after it went on sale on my phone in bed.
  6. I have a pal n64 a friend gave me that I can't use due to the av, so why not throw money at it eh???
  7. Looks like prices for the PixelFX are in, using that company that had preorders on ebay it will be around £328 for the upgrade inc some extra bits such as capacitor/voltage mods, universal cart slot etc.
  8. Might have to put a NSFW tag for this month.
  9. Loving the amount of entries so far!
  10. Eye lenses are hard, properly fucked up my attempts on the LoV
  11. Warriors are surprisingly fiddly to assemble and paint, I have 52 in my army and it got rather tedious.
  12. Loving the variety of models. @The Bag glutton for punishment?
  13. Assembled the heroes of the cursed city. Omg are they tiny and full of detail.
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