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  1. Nice! I’m hoping to get some time on the SK tonight.
  2. Looking at how long its taking midwinter minis to do his, I think a while
  3. I've just been pinged by the guy, honestly not sure if I should spend the money on it - maybe I should just get the refund.
  4. The Silent King has arrived and its actually in decent condition, the wash is heavy in places but not in a bad way.
  5. Apparently the SK etc will be shipping today.
  6. Depends how cack handed the assembly and dipping etc is close up. It might need stripping and I’d prefer to paint in sub assemblies but that won’t be an option here. At least the three characters aren’t stuck on it yet
  7. Assembled, with a base coat and washed by the looks of it, the person hasn't shipped yet so maybe they will just cancel the order.
  8. the SK, 3 lokust heavy destroyers and a chronomancer all for £93
  9. accidentally won an auction for the silent king and some other bits...
  10. I also can't underestimate how much of a better player I am at Necrons and at Warhammer today, compared to Friday last week. 5 back to back games really levels up your skillset, I'm now faster at SWOT/Risk analysis, better at secondary identification and deployment. And I have a good idea of what works in my list and what needs be improved.
  11. 5 games over two days (3 & 2), I'd prefer 4 games over the two days to space things out, as it felt quite rushed. However I would 100% do one again, all the games were great fun and the players played fair/friendly. I'd like to go to a Campaign event or another tournament at Warhammer world.
  12. Yeah he went turn 1 and bracketed my Doom stalkers which severely limited my anti tank. This meant I didn't have the damage output to do anything to Mortarian. I then made three tactical mistakes: 1) not disembarking troops from the ghost arks turn 1 so that they could shoot Morty 2) prioritizing attacking a plagueburst crawler over Mortarian. The PBCs are nasty and did a lot of damage so it was good to get rid of the threat but there were bigger Morty shaped targets to prioritize. 3) not clearing off a unit of plague marines from the central objective. The contagion range was also devastating turning my warriors in t3 making them really weak. It was fun deleting another PBC with my 20 unit warrior blob. 40 S5 Ap-2 attacks really do some damage.
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