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  1. burke-y

    The NDS Flash Cart thread

    Can anyone please recommend me a card for the DSi and a place to buy it. It'll make you feel all warm and fuzzy for being such a lovely forumite.
  2. burke-y

    The Stargate Thread

    I only watched the first few eps of SGU and thought they where pritty fucking boring. Have they gotten better? should I try and reconnect?
  3. burke-y

    Doctor Who

    That can't be true anything but a full regeneration would be a massive let down. His death was a bit shit though. Remeber christopher ecclestons death it was beautiful. What an introduction for a new Doctor though to save the world from Davros.
  4. burke-y

    Doctor Who

  5. burke-y

    Sony cancels 2 PS3 games

    As much as I hate to say it everything Dizogg has put in this thread is fucking spot on.
  6. Am I the only one who feels like the "End Boss" thing that infects all super hero films makes you want to walk out 30 mins before it ends.
  7. burke-y

    GTA:IV Official Thread

    It'll be shit and you fucking know it.
  8. burke-y

    GtaRllmuk and GtaRllmuk2- gametag accounts

    sent see you all tuesday.
  9. burke-y

    Xbox Live Arcade

  10. burke-y

    Halo 3 friends please

    frenzied llama I need to play with people who's voices have broke and arn't american.
  11. burke-y

    Halo 3 - now coming to Xbox One. MC Collection.

    Fuck you all but most of all fuck stupid virgin megastores and there crap delivery.
  12. burke-y

    Halo 3 - now coming to Xbox One. MC Collection.

    Order "in progress" from virgin online I'll be on there next month then
  13. burke-y

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

    Can Anyone PM me and invite code?
  14. burke-y

    Halo 3 - now coming to Xbox One. MC Collection.

    Is the beta coming out on may 16th in the uk as well as the us?

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