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  1. Have spent some time cleaning up a 1981 Akai hi-fi that belonged to a late relative. Not finished fettling with it yet (it needs a new stylus), but white vinyl in particular looks very pleasing on it.
  2. I’ve posted a small update (and some questions!) about my Akai separates restoration project on the hifi thread. Any advice gratefully received!
  3. Yeah, brilliant set. Great to see a proper hardcore band playing Glasto. Turnstile always really (really) remind me of an old band called Snapcase, if you’re hungry for more of this kind of stuff.
  4. We binged the whole thing during lockdown, as a strange way of seeing the world. The best ones are where you can see both he and the guest can make each other laugh or there is genuine warmth. The Bob Mortimer one is great, and unsurprisingly the Chris O’Dowd one. I remember the one with Mel Giedroyc being really enjoyable too.
  5. Never really listened to Rufus Wainwright before, but I was absolutely stunned by his set. What a remarkable voice. Humour, sadness, the influence of musicals, just wonderful. His cover of Somewhere over the Rainbow had me welling up. Beautiful. Other favourite set was Self Esteem. Loved the songs, her magnificent voice, the choreography, the mix of pain and positivity, and of course the Sheffield Meadowhall bra. Just brilliant.
  6. Weird how two of my favourite shows at the moment are comedy dramas about female stand-ups.
  7. Will my kids, who have no idea who Chip n Dale are, dig the Chip n Dale movie? Is there enough in it that isn’t just LOLs about 90s cartoons?
  8. Side note - I know Dave Filoni is mentioned in hushed tones as this trusted guardian of Star Wars lore, but worth noting that in the Vanity Fair article, it turns out he was dead against Baby Yoda (it was Favreau’s idea), and they argued quite a lot about his inclusion until he relented. If what we get with Filoni is portentous lore and child actors, and what we get with Favreau is rollicking space-romps with amazing (and adorable) puppets, I know where I’d prefer to spend my time. Of course, creative tension and collaboration makes great work, so perhaps it was their spark that made Mando so great, and Obi-Wan less so.
  9. I was in two minds about watching this, as I can’t stand the prequels, and anything that reminds me of them is plain bothersome. But that big Vanity Fair article about all the new shows renewed my interest. Bah, I was duped. The “previously…” is obviously useful (especially for my kids who haven’t seen the prequels), but that set me off from the start. But the slow pace, stilted acting, a pointless memberberry, a baffling casting of Flea, that just disrupts things, and the cardinal sin of the prequels – CHILD ACTORS, all conspired to make a very average show, sadly. I absolutely LOVED the Mandalorian. Everything about it. The Glen A Larson vibe, the (until later) lack of concrete links to the main story, not to mention just how beautiful every episode looked. It’s now comfort telly for me, and worth keeping the Disney+ sub (as well as for Mr Inbetween, obvs). This just feels like if Channel 5 blagged a Star Wars licence. And Hayden Christensen hasn’t even shown up yet.
  10. Argh, we’ll that’s frustrating. “It could get good if S2 happens” is a definite No for me. Give me a self-contained series that finishes well, and then if another series is commissioned, great! But none of this cliffhanger series finale nonsense thanks.
  11. I’m hoping someone here can watch all of Night Sky and report back that it doesn’t yank massively halfway through. Outer Range looked exciting but I’m glad people here saved me the effort (and limited telly time). Lucy Mangan in the Guardian gave it 3 stars and she is usually very critical of stuff, so that suggests it could be a 4-star show for someone like me.
  12. So I’ve played a few hours of Resident Evil 7, and it’s remarkable. Chilling, grimy, amazing sound design. I switched from the “30 degree instant rotation” to smooth rotation, and while it occasionally triggers a bit of motion wooziness, does make it feel much more like a natural experience. Still really Resident Evil-y, too. So while the nastiness is way higher, there’s still “find three brass sculptures to make the back door open” nonsense that we all love.
  13. What is creative mode in NMS like? I’ve read complaints here of too much busy work, and really I am only interested in going from planet to planet and flying up into space. But is that just a bit dull without tasks? I understand Minecraft creative for when you just want to build something cool, but is there an equivalent in this?
  14. Played an hour of RE7 this morning before anyone else got up. BLIMEY. It’s very good, and I jumped out of my skin at one point. Excellent use of sound, too. I’m only ever going to play this game in the morning. Right at the other end, played an hour of Wipeout this afternoon. I still can’t believe a game like this exists, to be honest. So exhilarating. I have had to narrow the field of vision though or the motion sickness kicks in a mainly on big, sweeping banks. Wow, though.
  15. Cheers, yeah - in this circumstance the PS was freestanding on its vertical plinth, on the lounge floor (I’d moved it from its normal home so I could figure out all the PSVR cabling and whatnot). So that wasn’t an issue.
  16. Had my very first go of NMS this week, after following the game since its announcement. I was holding out for a Switch release, but then got given a PSVR and felt like this is the ultimate way to play the game, so popped down to CEX and got a copy. Umm. So initial impression is that you have a bazillion pop up menus telling you lots of different things. They feel quite PC-ish which was surprising. I figure out how to use my mining thingy to harvest stuff to fix another thingy. Then the screen went black, and I was only left with the game’s HUD; no game world. Then I took the PSVR headphones out and realised my (already noisy) PS4 Pro sounded like it wanted to reach escape velocity. Then the game quit altogether. Started again and found my way to my ship, but that’s all I’ve had time to do so far. Worried I’m going to break the kids’ PS4 if I continue. Anyone else on PS4 Pro and/or PSVR have these problems?
  17. Got wipeout today. Kept all the standard settings, then tried again just with the opened-up cockpit so I could look around. That seems fine, but Lordy me is it fast. Again, proper “this is the future!!!” Vibes in my childlike mind. And I’m as rubbish at it as I’ve always been. Still ace though.
  18. Just spent an hour playing Thumper. I’m glad I don’t need to operate any heavy machinery now.
  19. So, I left my job recently and someone kind gave me their PSVR as a leaving gift. Except one go on Beat Saber in Arcade Club Leeds, I’ve never had a go of VR before. Ye gods, it’s staggering, isn’t it? Just pootling about with the Astrobot stuff is incredible. I’ve never been that bothered about graphical fidelity, but I cannot get over the patina and subtle textures on some of the astrobot robots, and just how *solid* everything feels. Star Wars Squadrons is a revelation, too. After having it anyway, but not being wild about it (too fiddly, and weirdly a little dull in single player), you can see that it’s been designed for VR. The lighting and sense of solidity (and again the amazing textures) of your dashboards are just wow. Is Wipeout as good as I expect it is? I loved it on PS3 and thought it was super slick, so I expect this would be a cracker. Likewise No Man’s Sky, which I’ve never played. I was tempted to get it for Switch, but I think it’d be another level in VR. Anything else? Think I’ll have to get Resident Evil 7, though I hear it’s almost unplayably intense. Sorry if I’m several years late, but I’m just startled by this tech. In my home. Still thinking about how the 8 year old me, playing the Star Wars cabinet in Aberystwyth in the mid-80s, wouldn’t believe how amazing things looked now.
  20. I’ve spent some time downloading manuals for each (absolute) unit, and am perusing replacement dust cover hinges. Seems like there are Linn ones which are fairly universal and will work for this model. I’m intrigued by the bottom slot of the rack though. There are scratch marks and evidence that *something* used to be in there full time. But as long as I’ve known my stepfather (over 20 years), there was a much smaller Sony CD player sat in there. A couple of friends suggest a graphic equaliser could’ve gone in there. But looking at other pics of the same rack (including in the instruction manual), that bottom slot is always empty. Is this deliberate, for ventilation? Or a marketing ploy to make you think you have an extra space to fill?
  21. So, my mom’s husband passed away at the beginning of 2021. He loved his music, and we’d sit up late watching Jeff Beck and Rodrigo y Gabriela on YouTube. His hi-fi system was his pride and joy. For the last couple of years of his life, it had to be moved to the garage to make room for his dialysis machine. This weekend, I asked my mom if I could give it a new home. I was worried it would seem vulture-like, but my mom was overjoyed as she didn’t think we’d have room for it, and she’d just have to flog it, and hated the idea it wouldn’t be used by someone who cared. Look at it. It is [A] a thing of vintage beauty, and [B] heavier than a Honda Civic. I expect I’ll need a PhD to work out how to connect everything up properly. The turntable needs some love. My mom says the arm return function doesn’t work. Also, the plastic housing of the brackets for the lid seem to have gone brittle, and the springs have broken through, so it won’t stay up. Are they easy to repair? The tape/amp/radio set-up in the Akai hostess trolley is immense. It took me and my teenage son loads of effort to get it in the back of the car. A Skoda Karoq with a very big boot. It’ll be a Labour of love to clean everting up. I’ve swept out all the mouse poo and nut casings littering the bottom, and I intend to clean the decades of dust and grime from the cables. Any recommendations for restoring it all? The trolley has some slight mottled oxidisation which I don’t mind and doubt can be fixed.
  22. Yep, 3 episodes into Hacks and it’s great. Proper “odd couple” comedy, with both main characters bouncing off, and learning from each other. Who knew two of the best telly programmes of late would be “comedy dramas about female stand-ups”?
  23. My kids are now 12 and 14, and it’s been a struggle for a while to motivate them for new family animations, even though I’m keen to still watch. This isn’t helped when the last one I nagged them to watch, Encanto, underwhelmed us all. I’ve not managed to convince them to watch Ron’s Gone Wrong either. Luca was pretty, and pleasant enough, but basically The Little Mermaid. So I reckon I’ll end up watching this on my own…
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