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  1. Vague Philip Glass vibes from the funeral dirge. Great. Also, space flutes are rad. What remarkable telly. I was not sold on ‘serious’ SW at all. Loved Force Awakens, Last Jedi, Mando, and the flashback bits of Boba. But blimey, I don’t think any of us expected this show to be this good.
  2. I've had PS Plus for a couple of years, since buying a PS4 Pro. It's due to renew at Xmas, and I may as well upgrade to 'Extra' as it's a cheaper way of playing The Last Guardian than actually buying it. What's the best way to upgrade and take advantage of the Black Friday offer? Did I read it right further up that you can't level up to a different tier straight away, that you can only puchase the same tier you're already on?
  3. Watched the first 2 by myself, and encouraged partner (who enjoys some horror, but dislikes gore) to watch number 3 with me. “It’s quite campy, but enjoyably dark in places,” I said. Sorry about that, luv.
  4. It has more of a feel/aesthetic of a gritty BBC drama than anything traditionally ‘Star Warsy’. Hard to compare it to other SW fare. Give it a couple of episodes, and if it’s intriguing go in until episode 6, which is remarkable.
  5. Have been musing on this wonderful show for a while. I wasn’t that bothered for “serious” Star Wars. Like a couple of others, I wasn’t wild about Rogue One (though I enjoyed it more second time around). I felt Mando was peak Saturday afternoon action telly, and really didn’t *need* a show like Andor. I only started watching it because I had a long train journey. But blimey, this really is great. I’m not nerdy enough to work out where this timeline is in relation to other things, but it’s hard to think that in a nearby star system, Flea from the Chilli Peppers is legging it through a forest after a wise-cracking lil Leia.
  6. Got unduly excited when the guardian said The Northman was on Prime, but it turns out they just meant to buy/rent. Curses.
  7. Thanks for the response (and lovely pic) @Wiper - think I will get one and see how we get on with it!
  8. Can anyone recommend vinyl picture frames that allow easy access for playing? My son has expressed interest in vinyl, and I’ve got him a Tyler, The Creator LP, and tbh I think he’ll play it once and go back to Spotify. But a nice picture frame would mean it wasn’t a wasted purchase. I’ve seen these on Zavvi and Amazon, but the reviews suggest they’re cheap plastic and overpriced for the build quality. Anyone seen any others they’d recommend?
  9. Sure, send me a DM 🙂 I’ve since bought a copy of The Chronic from eBay for £20 for his birthday, which tbh probably isn’t much more than what you’d have paid in HMV on release.
  10. I'm glad it's not just me thinking this is pleasant enough, albeit quite ponderous. I never read the books, but loved the Peter Jackson films dearly, and never watched the Hobbit ones. As others have said, there are so many stories going on, and right now not much to tie them together. Game of Thrones had similar back in the beginning, but because it rocketed along at such a pace, you got to understand things more quickly, I think. Watching the fourth episode reminded me of that Redlettermedia Phantom Menace review, that said that when your story is full of strange places, people and events, you need a regular shlub to ground it all, and allow the viewer to learn through their experiences. Previously that was Frodo, but we don't have a Frodo here. I was wondering if the young girl from Lenny Henry's village would be that, but their story seems so far removed from everyone else so far, that it can't be that. And it does all look lavish, but in a flashy kind of way, instead of the sense of human detail every square inch of the Jackson trilogy had (anyone who's watched the WETA workshop making-ofs will know what I mean). Happy to keep watching, but would quite like something to actually happen soon.
  11. Because I just scanned it on Twitter, I mis-read NoA's tweet as 5th December 2022. Gutted when I got to the end of the trailer and read it properly.
  12. I didn’t know about all this. Poor guys.
  13. Is anyone finding much in the way of hip-hop CDs at charity shops? I’m not. Do people tend to hang onto them? My son has recently got into hip-hop (anything early 90s onwards), but bar one Tupac CD (which turned out to have a Notorious BIG disc inside - doh!), and a couple of Eminem CDs, we’ve found nothing in a good 10 different chazzas. Also, if anyone spots Dr Dre’s The Chronic on CD, so snap it up as it’s really valuable now (sadly), due to it being unavailable on any streaming platform or physical media.
  14. Well the structure of the concert was much the same as the Freddie Mercury one (bunch of acts playing stuff by themselves mostly, then joining the main act to play the classics, etc). But the Freddie one felt more reserved, likely because Queen had been able to come to terms with Freddie dying. This is a similar kind of concert, but Dave and others are clearly still really hurting.
  15. I tuned in just as Supergrass were finishing up, and then watched it to the end. Was really enjoyable, and some fantastic performances. I found this hit harder than the Freddie Mercury tribute (which we taped off telly and watched loads back in the day), in that Queen had a different relationship with Freddie, and also his death wasn’t a surprise. Difference here is clearly Dave and others (Josh Homme, damn) are still reeling/grieving. This felt more like a really good wake, the ones where you get drunk and laugh as much as cry, as you share stories and see people you haven’t seen for ages.
  16. Have scanned the last few pages and not seen this posted, but it made me snort-laugh.
  17. I watched the first episode of this hoping to see some grainy, sun-kissed footage of LA dudes in beards, mucking about and fettling with TIE fighters. I was not disappointed. Biggest surprise was how cool some of the guys’ childhood home movies were. That was the kind of thing I’d’ve loved access to at that age, but alas, not the means.
  18. Finally got to the end of this, and I’m actually annoyed at how much time I’ve had to put into it (at the behest of a 12yo, for whom this is her first real “horror” type show). What a bloody bloated mess. If I could sit and channel-flick between Goonies, Akira, Evil Dead, Breakfast Club, Nightmare on Elm Street, Hellraiser and a Metallica concert every 10 seconds, it would still be more coherent than the final episode. It was just a series of visuals that made no real sense. A bunch of characters are in the upside down, but others aren’t, but it’s at night, so you can’t really tell unless you’re looking out for spores. 11 is sometimes in a flotation tank and is thinking about her past in the Akira lab but it flits between her now and the de-aged version, though nothing else is discernibly different (decor etc), so you’re not sure if it’s 11 now but not in the tank, her now but in the past, or her in the past and also younger. Dustin keeps having genius ideas and explaining them quickly and you sort of just go along with it (I don’t really have a problem, like I never had a problem with using a Speak n Spell to contact a flying saucer). I’m surprised to see people saying how Vekner was a cool baddie. Visually he was so dull! Just a dude without skin. Think of Freddie, Jason, Pinhead, Predator, Alien, hell even Voldemort. My daughter pointed out he looks like Jim Carrey’s Grinch, but without skin. To me he just looked like a pink version of Swamp Thing. Every single one of its influences told a better story in 90 minutes, than this did in… <quickly Googles> …THIRTEEN HOURS??? Like a few others on here, I liked S1, some loveable dorks and some Amblin revivalism, but jeez this just felt endless, indulgent, and lacking in any real peril, because it was just a bunch of stuff happening, and you knew some would work and some wouldn’t. I’m now going to sit my daughter down and watch Terminator 1+2, Alien, Aliens, etc, so she can see what proper action/horror can be like.
  19. I loved it. Proper “they don’t make em like that anymore” vibes. Nice slow build before something actually happens (unlike the Marvel standard of MASSIVE opening thing to stop you looking at your phone), and then the action/fighting is visible and has actual peril, not just two Krav Maga experts locking and blocking for 5 minutes. Also, 1h40m, none of this 2h20m bullshit. Looking forward to watching it again.
  20. Been to Bury pre-lockdown, and Leeds twice post-lockdown. What joyous places. Even with the weird mix of people walking round with drinks in their hands at midday and loads of small kids legging around, I just really enjoy the vibe. Everyone is happy! Kids are happy because there’s lots to do, and you just see middle aged men walking round with this dazed grin on their faces, as their childhood dream (“imagine being in an arcade where EVERYTHING is free!”) has finally come true. As a kid who would have very limited 10p pieces to spend on holiday, and would spend the rest of my time pretending to play games while in attract mode, it’s just great. And they’re really smart with having loads of Fortnite and Minecraft machines too. They just deserve every success, really. I’m taking the kids again at the end of the school holidays.
  21. I know I’ve made it worse as I came to vinyl late myself, only when my other half bought one of those little portable thingies, and I got her a copy of Dark Side of the Moon and we had a lovely time just chilling and listening to it. But yeah, perhaps now is the time to wait for the bubble to burst (again). I still go through every chazza, but apart from the one prog horde I uncovered about 4 years ago, I’ve seen nothing since.
  22. Well of course and it’s their business. But it does take the “ooh, I’ll take a punt on that” fun out of browsing when literally everything is at a serious price. I love second hand bookshops for this reason - loads of moochability, and a mix of expensive stuff and dirt cheap things. You never know what you might come across. But if they all suddenly started pricing their dog-eared old Penguin books at £8+ it wouldn’t be as fun. Unless they have a serious online operation, I can’t see how record shops in the run-down parts of seaside towns hope to make money on them.
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