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  1. Brill, thanks @pinholestar- I presume you can switch play modes partway through your game, then?
  2. Ok, so if I have never played this, what is the best way to approach it, and enjoy a relaxed pootle around multiple planets? I have it on PS4. Tried it for the first time last year on PSVR but it made my PS4 Pro overheat and switch off. But the intro to the game felt a little… I dunno. Not “welcome to the vastness of space”, more “here’s a space trowel, go dig up 50-odd space nuggets before you can do anything. So yeah, if there’s a good way to prioritise chilled planet hopping in rad spaceships, and minimise grinding and dull tasks, I’d welcome the advice.
  3. I think Banner Saga is great considering your circumstances. Turn based strategy that isn’t bastard-hard. Slowly build a varied roster of characters to play. Great story set in an intriguing Norse-inspired fantasy world. Storyline that branches based on your conversations and decisions. Beautiful art style and animation. Works for short bursts or long sessions. Dammit, I’m going to have to play it again now…
  4. Licorice Pizza (currently on Prime) Intrigued by the mostly 5-star reviews, and fancying a Saturday night love story set in the 1970s west coast, me and my partner were looking forward to this. Bloody hell, hardly anything happens, and you just don’t care when it does. It’s nicely shot, and the two main actors can clearly act, but neither of the characters are very likeable, and I’m just baffled that their relationship barely develops over TWO AND A HALF HOURS. Plus the whole “she’s 25 and he’s 15” thing just makes it plain creepy, so you’re not exactly dying for them to get together, you just hope she comes to her senses. An odd film where I’m just baffled at the adoration. 2/5
  5. It’s like this video @moosegrinder - has some nice Stahlenhag art as well as character and equipment designs. But obvs it’s still a rulebook.
  6. Does anyone want a copy of the Tales from the Loop RPG book? Brand new. Bought it during lockdown with a mad idea I’d DM games for my kids and friends over Zoom. £25 delivered.
  7. Right, here we go. Box crushing at top end, as you can see. The pad of game sheets has over 20 pages left. The purple ink stain affects about the top 5 sheets but nothing after that. All the tiles are still there. It says there should be 32 treasure tiles and I only count 31, but I can’t tell if the separate Warlock’s Treasure tile counts. If so, then it’s complete. Let me know if you still want it and I’ll weigh it up for postage.
  8. Sorry for slow reply. I dunno, £20 + postage? People have it listed on eBay for like £40 (but it ain’t selling), and a regular auction just went for £27 + postage. I’ll post pics in a sec. Box has some slight damage, but it was like that when I got it for Xmas 1989, as it was the only one left in Athena Solihull 😄
  9. We’re having a clear out and have just a couple of games that might be of interest here. Don’t know what the protocol is, so please say. Would be asking for less-than-eBay prices, but a couple are my teenage sons and he wants to buy hip hop LPs with the proceeds. Anyone interested in: Escape the Dark Sector (only played a couple of times) Mice & Mystics (only played a couple of times) Steven Universe Beach-a-palooza (this was a US-only Kickstarter type affair but it was too complicated for my simple brain, and my son has outgrown Steven Universe). I also have an original Warlock of Firetop Mountain board game from whenever that came out (late 80s?) Will post pics later if anyone is interested. Ta.
  10. I cannot get Sony’s checkout process to work in a browser, on either my phone or a computer. Hangs every time. I only managed to renew my existing sub on my ps4 in the store checkout there. There must be some terrible internal reporting (or some really crappy JavaScript) if this isn’t getting spotted. I noticed a few other comments on twitter before Xmas too.
  11. Yeah, it was a remarkable film. The animation is spectacular, and the wartime setting was great. I did think Pinocchio was really bloody annoying for the first half of the film, though I warmed to him later. Definitely a film that will reward repeated watches.
  12. I agree. I thought the resolution of the S3 finale, especially with S&G, and the cottage, left me with such a warm feeling. How I imagine those characters moving on from there, and what we learn in this new episode, made me a little sad.
  13. The Holly and the I(n)v(ert) y (axis)
  14. Oh brill, thanks @Paulando and @Teeohbee - great! With them being on Amazon I’ll get the Genki, then. Especially as the official dock is £60 but doesn’t come with a power supply. Rllmuk wins again!
  15. Thanks, that does look good, but I worry about getting anything sent from overseas at this point in the month in time for Xmas, plus she’s quite clumsy so I’d prefer an actual dock, rather than her messing with too many wires 🙂
  16. What are the good Switch docks that won’t brick my launch switch? Daughter got a bedroom telly for her birthday, and I want to get her a switch dock for Xmas, though an official one on Amazon looks to be £120, which is too steep. Thanks!
  17. So this didn’t work the other day (last day of the offer). “Secure checkout” just kept hanging then timing out. Tried different browsers and computer and phone, nowt worked.
  18. Ohhh, I see. Huh, that’s pretty dreadful UX and content design. Cheers, I’ll try stacking 🙂
  19. So I’ve just signed in, to nab an “Extra” sub, as my old sub finishes at the end of the year. But it looks like it only wants to offer me the Black Friday offer for the remainder of my existing subscription, then they’ll charge me 80-odd quid in January. That seems rubbish - am I doing something wrong?
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