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  1. Was just about to suggest Forbidden Island, too. The tension as the waters rise and you all try and figure out what’s best is great. The artwork on all the tiles is gorgeous and each zone has a nicely evocative name. We played it with grandma once, who only realised halfway through it was co-op (We did think she wasn’t being very grandmotherly about helping my kids), and then when she did, she just said “can I just go to the helicopter and wait for you all there?” Cheers grandma.
  2. I was too young to watch it at the time, but Hill Street Blues is on All4, and I’m slowly working through series 1. It is marvellous. A little dated in places, but balances proper social commentary with levity and a few silly sub plots surprisingly well. It’s neither The Wire, nor Brooklyn 99, but you can see how a show like this could influence both. And of course the theme tune is one of the all-time greats, which give me a cosy feeling of being tucked up in bed as a kid and hearing it on telly downstairs.
  3. Magnum P.I. is flipping ace. Selleck is so charismatic, the location is gorgeous (especially if you watch in the winter), and it’s good humoured and fun. It’s all been added to that IMDb TV streaming service if (unlike me) you don’t have it on dvd.
  4. So glad I went to the cinema to see this last night. Such an immense sense of scale. The worms! Arrival is one of my favourite films of recent years, and I was supremely grateful that Villeneuve didn’t bollocks up Blade Runner. So I was really glad that this is builds on both of those. I could just bathe in the world that is presented here for hours. I just loved it, and I think the slightly repressed emotions of the characters suits the tone. Some of the criticisms here are valid. The film is long, and does feel it in the second half. However, I get the sense this film will reveal more with additional viewings, especially now I already know the structure. I get something new from every time I watch (the original) Blade Runner, and I hope this becomes one of those films for me. And boy, once Part 2 is out, that’s gonna be a hell of a marathon viewing. And maybe the slightly episodic structure of the second half of the movie will make more sense in that context. But in short: HURRAH FOR A SPECTACULAR, BEAUTIFUL SPACE MOVIE
  5. When it was still banned on video, I went to see it as they still had midnight showings every weekend at the Birmingham Odeon. I thought it was utterly amazing. The sense of dread every time the mother went up the stairs to her room, the “subliminal” face that the internet (and being able to pause/rewind things) has ruined… it was unlike anything I’d ever seen, and ever have. My son (now nearly 14) is enjoying horror films, but I’m loathe to let him watch it when he’s old enough, as I know it won’t have the impact on him that it did in me, and I’ll have over hyped it.
  6. I watched Singing in the Rain @Doctor Shark for the first time on Easter Sunday this year, and it was fantastic. Every line of dialogue crackles, it’s genuinely funny, looks gorgeous in technicolour, and some of the choreography is absurd. I forced my kids to watch it (11 and 13 at the time) and they both said it was great too.
  7. Got the final pressing (for a long while, apparently) of Slift’s bonkers heavy psych album, Unmon. Beautiful Mœbius-style gatefold artwork.
  8. Twinbee


    No, he’s a subtitle purist, like his dad
  9. Twinbee


    Thanks, @Broker – what are the chances of the final Attack on Titan appearing on Funimation as soon as they’re out? I see they have other episodes on there. While this is a general subscription gift, the real draw will be “Attack on Titan on release with no ads”
  10. Twinbee


    Does anyone pay for Crunchyroll? My son literally doesn’t want anything for Xmas, aside from a couple of comic books and a Mouse Rat T-shirt. He’s watched a lot of Crunchyroll and I’m assuming it’ll get the final series of Attack on Titan in the new year (which he’s beside himself about). I thought a sub would make a great Xmas present. The Amazon Fire Stick app is really crashy when trying to load ads, so I’m assuming being a subscriber would stop that?
  11. Reservation Dogs is absolutely cracking. Once you get over Waititi-esque dialogue not being delivered by New Zealand actors. Episode 5, focusing on the local cop, is probably my favourite so far.
  12. Anyone seen the Books of Blood movie that’s been added to Disney+? I used to love early Clive Barker, but a cursory scan of reviews aren’t encouraging…
  13. I didn’t enjoy the VVitch as much as other people (though I still enjoyed it). I did text my friend during it though, saying “fucking hell, Finchy’s ripped!”
  14. I thought it was a shame not to see the remake of Woman in Black on that list. I bloody love a good ghost story, and this was really chilling. Also felt like a lovely revival of Hammer, too.
  15. I haven’t watched tonnes of horror over the past 20 years, but I don’t begrudge Get Out being at No1. It was fantastic. And the final scene where just gave an extra layer of tension, and was very smart. I was gripped throughout.
  16. It’s possible to hold more than one viewpoint simultaneously. It will no doubt be eye-poppingly gorgeous, funny, exciting and great fun. I will watch it with my family and we will all love it. It *also* undermines the main gag of Toy Story, that Buzz was a boardroom-devised mass-market toy, with a generic name and dumb catchphrase. I really hope it doesn’t ‘do a Solo*’ and imbue heavy meaning into every aspect of the character (“ooh, so that’s how he got his iconic, but presumably also standard-issue, blaster!”) *I also really liked Solo, it was a lot of fun
  17. Harglow, by Harglow. Atmospheric, Carpenter-meets-Reznor vibes. Perfect for this time of year.
  18. Twinbee

    Squid Game

    Have watched 4 episodes and am starting to regret letting my almost-14-year-old watch it. It’s getting nastier by the episode. He’s a mature kid, but it’s on a different level to the Robocops and Nightbreeds I watched underage as a kid.
  19. Black Sabbath. Like Nirvana, most photos of them are them messing about and being silly, but they took an awesome moody photo when they wanted to.
  20. The Supremes, Paris, mid-60s. I first saw this pic in a big Motown coffee table book I got my mom. Motown used to have a ‘deportment consultant’ to teach their artists how to carry themselves. Love the colour combo of the outfits, too.
  21. The original Japanese version of Ring is on there too.
  22. Disappointed that logo doesn't just say "Jonathan"
  23. I just love it. Performances are great, it looks fantastic. Avoiding spoilers, but one of the last two episodes that had a very specific stylistic difference, was really smart. It feels more like a play, than a telly show, which I’m guessing is deliberate, given Martin Short’s character’s profession. But maybe it’s also the sets, and the small cast. Either way, it’s cracking.
  24. I’ve just checked an old Argos catalogue, and Ghost Castle was £7.95 back in 1985.
  25. I think the big Waddingtons board games were still pretty expensive back in the day - I’d get one for Xmas in the 80s, like Frankenstein, or Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs (and eventually Heroquest). I don’t know how comparable the prices would be inflation-wise to now, though £120 still definitely raises an eyebrow.
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