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  1. Twinbee

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    :-( Thanks anyway!
  2. Twinbee

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    Quick question – is this new version being applied to the PS3 version? My kids still play it all the time, and I'd be loathe to buy a new version (only other console we have is Switch), as they'll lose all the lovely worlds they've created.
  3. Surprised no one's posted this story yet, after social media was ablaze with it yesterday. https://mobile.nytimes.com/2018/05/23/arts/television/arrested-development-netflix-interview-jeffrey-tambor.html Horrible, horrible interview. I don't think I'll be able to watch S5. Part of what has made S1-3 so incredible was the chemistry, and my assumption that the cast were having such a blast making it. Tambor is clearly a tyrant, and Bateman such a lickspittle. And the remaining men in the interview also line up to defend Tambor too *whilst Jessica Walter is in tears in front of them*. As a lifelong heavy metal fan, I am well accustomed to consuming media created by assholes. But it's different with comedy, as you invest so much in *the person*. Louis CK was my favourite comedian in recent years, and I've had no desire to watch any of his work since his activity has been exposed (pardon the pun) either. Poor Jessica.
  4. All I needed to know. Thanks!
  5. I've not read any of this thread, but am watching this with my kids right now and we all think it's brilliant. However, I have an inconsolable daughter following the end of episode 6 – can someone tell me, withouth spoiling it too much for myself:
  6. Twinbee

    Player usernames that have tickled you

    Not a witty or funny name in the slightest, but when I played Journey for the first time, I went through the vast majority of it with the same person. As anyone who's played it knows, it's a beguiling, utterly unique experience. We developed an understanding, and would use the little speaking system to alert each other to power ups, or when you'd found the way ahead. Magical stuff. As the credits roll after, and I sit there in stunned silence, it tells me who I shared such a creative, gentle, and inspiring gaming experience with. asslicker_69 Kinda took the edge off, tbh.
  7. Twinbee

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    This is a bit like saying you won't buy a child Duplo, just get them a bag of cement and let them make their own bricks, and learn engineering properly. To be fair, any would-be parent makes grand proclamations on what their child will or won't do, or Will or won't be given. I know I did. The reality is that once you get to meet the little blighter, learn what they respond to, what delights them, hell, what makes them sit still and shut up for five minutes so you can go for a dump in peace, that totally guides your decision making, more than your own opinions on a particular product. Having said that, I'm on the verge of introducing a house ban on the kids watching videos of banal fuckwits playing Minecraft.
  8. Twinbee

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I was thinking about this the other day – if she really is just the kid of a pair of labourers who sold her for drinking money, how did she afford the elocution lessons? Rey would be *awesome* if if she was a proper scouser, or from down the precinct in any provincial town. They should've got Shane Meadows in as a casting consultant. Imagine if Rey was played by Lauren Socha from Misfits. That'd be bloody brilliant.
  9. Twinbee

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    I've had my first home viewing, after two cinema trips, and my views pretty much hold from the first viewing. The best bits are right up there with the best of Star Wars for me (a grizzled 41-year old who hated the prequels and wept with joy upon seeing TFA), and worth sitting through the chaff. And I am totally fine with it being a kids' film. My kids love it. I loved everything about Luke – his performance, what he did, what he said. Loved the opening battle. Loved Leia. Loved the porgs. Loved Rey and Kylo's relationship building. Loved the multiple viewpoints of what happened between Luke and Kylo. Loved Yoda. Loved the big fight with the red warriors. Flipping super-loved Laura Dern's spaceship going into the other spaceship. Loved the final showdown, and the salt planet. That's a lot of stuff to love in one film. But yes, I really didn't like the whole casino part. Not for the red herring (I really like the idea of a heroic endeavour going wrong and kind of petering out), but just because it felt like the prequels. Way too shiny and CGI. I find my mind wandering a little in the middle – the pace kind of loses me, in a way that Force Awakens doesn't. I don't know enough about film to say that the structure is a bit weird, but that maybe the structure is a bit weird. I thought Hux was awful – would've much preferred a sly, sneering type in that role, who occasionally loses his cool. BB-8 was my favourite thing from TFA, and I was annoyed that instead of the plucky, loyal labrador he was in that, he's now some kind of mad fighting machine with robot arms, shooting coins and piloting scout walkers. That was a bit off for me. But I really like it overall. TFA is definitely the more 'solid' film – it felt much more physical, rich and consistent in terms of the environments, than this. On one hand you have beautiful stuff like Luke's island, and the salt planet, on the other, you have the casino planet and Snoke's dreadful chamber, which looked unfinished – just red backdrops, when you have red guards? Come on lad, spice up your palette. I'm glad someone tried something new, and there's so much I love, peppered with some I could take or leave. That's fine with me. Mostly killer, a bit of filler. I'm hoping Ep9 is set about 10 years hence, when the broom kids etc have grown up a bit, and the resistance have gained some ground. That'd be nice (and so we don't have to contend with child actors). But let's see.
  10. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Probably a stupid question, but with No Man's Sky now coming to Xbox, what is the likelihood of it turning up on Switch at some point? I followed the development of that game with interest, knowing full well my life wouldn't accommodate a game of that scope. But having clocked up 150 hours on BOTW, simply by being able to take it to bed, makes me hope we might see this game too. Or am I being pointlessly optimistic?
  11. Twinbee

    Replacement PSU for Spectrum +2

    It's a dark, bluey-grey. Not the lighter grey I've sometimes seen.
  12. Twinbee

    Replacement PSU for Spectrum +2

    Thanks @Lorfarius - looks like I need another type (the plug that goes in the Spectrum has lots of pins). Curiously the shop says they sell these too, but it looks like they actually don't :-/ I might email them.
  13. Hi folks, im having a sort out and getting rid of *some* Spectrum games on eBay (to put towards a holiday). It seems that the power supply for my +2 has been lost to the mists of time (that proprietary one with a bunch of pins). I want to test the games before listing them, and most likely cave in and declare everything too cool to ditch. Can anyone recommend a reliable vendor? Looks like £20 is the going rate on eBay - would that be right? thanks all.
  14. Twinbee

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Slightly OT, but if anyone is jonesing for physical computing + craft fun right now, I can highly recommend the SAM Labs products. They're a UK startup – I bought one of their kits (and a few extra widgets) for my son for last Xmas, and they're huge fun, with a really simple, slick interface for PC/mac and tablets. Motors, sensors, all that jazz. My son and I made a remote-control car with two motors rubber-banded to a cardboard box, and a light sensor. Son loves it. They're also Not Cheap™, but are also Worth It™.
  15. Twinbee

    Nintendo Labo - What's in the box?

    Even if it *were* a short-lived experience, if that experience is a good one, and if your kids learn something, or hell even if they don't and just have a laff, it's worth it. See how much taking two kids to the cinema to see some CG bullshit made by the executive producer of Ice Age 3 sets you back, once you've bought popcorn and a drink. I bought my son a Revell model kit of a Viking longboat last year. Those things aren't exactly cheap either. And they're a one-shot deal. No replay value. He loved it, even though it's currently on top of his wardrobe gathering dust. So that was worth the money too.

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