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  1. I am absolutely hopeless at games like this, but am really enjoying it. It’s the game equivalent of modern thrash metal bands that do the 80s revival thing really really well by remembering what was rad about them, and actually improving on them at times with knowing, gleeful references and killer production values.
  2. The Bruce Lee expansion for Unmatched.
  3. Twinbee


    Brill, thank you. Phew.
  4. Twinbee


    Quick question, is crunchyroll a legitimate service? My kid has started using it (without my knowledge). Before I lay the smackdown, and have a cautionary chat about hentai, is it ok?
  5. My 13yo burst in, announcing THE NEW POKEMON IS LIKE BREATH OF THE WILD!!!!1!1 Don’t think he’s that arsed about the frame rate.
  6. Forget Star, all the original Muppets episodes are on and they are as wonderful and funny as when I saw them as a 5 year old, before bath time on Sunday night (iirc). The one with Mark Hamill is a great laugh.
  7. The Banner Saga is hugely atmospheric and #perfectforswitch Turn-based battles mixed with Telltale style branching storyline. Cracking animation too.
  8. Yeah I’ve been meaning to send off the joycons pretty much a month after buying the console, but we were all hooked on BOTW. They’re off to the post office tomorrow. We bought a cheapie knock off pro controller that is pretty much broken now (left stick doesn’t spring back to the middle, and can’t be clicked). We have one other knock off ugly thing that seems to be holding up for now, but an official Pro controller might be the next step. Dammit.
  9. Having bought a PS4 at Xmas (for the kids, ahem), it made me realise just how much I’d been putting up with crappy controls on the switch since I bought the launch machine. Disconnection issues since I got it, drift, and the A button needs to be really firmly pressed down (and has done for a year). I realise just how much all that eats into my immersion in Switch games. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever bought, but goddamn just make controllers that work.
  10. Bringing things back down to earth, here’s a lovely ‘smoke’ vinyl of “Signals” by Daniel Davies (John Carpenter collaborator and son of The Kinks’ Dave Davies). Atmospheric Carpenter vibes, with some post rock guitar mixed in. Really good. And comes with a tasty art book with spooky art like on the sleeve.
  11. Ah, she plays Fortnite on the switch and I’ve allowed her to just enter my parental control override in order to play. My son is 13 and plays it on PS4 (though he doesn’t really like it anyway).
  12. Can anyone give me a step-by-step guide on how to get cross-play working for my 11-year-old, who had Bedrock edition on PS4? I've not read any Kafka, but the two hours I spent on Saturday could probably be described as a Kafkaesque vicious circle of defeat. So far I have: Created my daughter a PSN account Created her a Microsoft account Gave her all the relevant permissions on my PSN family management thing so she can play online Connected her PSN account to the Minecraft account Got her to connect to a friend via Outlook, so they can see each oth
  13. Obviously Detectorists is a very different thing - very English, but a wonderful show. A love letter to the British countryside, friendship, and the simple pleasures of gentle pastimes. Amusingly sweary in places too. But again, the central performances are just great, and the broader ensemble cast are hilarious. Just a brilliant show. The final episode is about as perfect a television finale as I can think of.
  14. Have you watched Schitt’s Creek? Different premise, but has an outstanding ensemble cast, and as the (originally deliciously vile) main characters begin to grow, and learn how to be kind and caring, it develops the same kind of warmth and affection I get when I watch P&R. We watched it all last year and along with another run-through of Detectorists and Mortimer & Whitehouse, kept my humanity quota topped up during a very tough time.
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