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  1. Yeah, the only thing that Dark Castle really loses is the immediacy of the dice rolling – having to ask each household what they've rolled is a bit like the Eurovision scoring, but other than that it was some silly fun.
  2. Ran a 4-household game of Escape the Dark Castle over google hangouts this evening. MacGyver'd a phone attachment out of lego and gaffa tape, to attach to a camera tripod. Needed two different gmail addresses, used my son's account and phone for the tripod, and my own for a laptop. Tripod view mainly for the dice we all had to roll against. 2 other households had the same game, so they had the custom dice, and could find the item cards when I told them what they were from the main deck I was drawing from. Only one household didn't have the game, so the day before I sent them a photo of all the characters, they chose one, then I sent them a photo of all the sides of their character dice, so they could customise a regular dice. Generally it went well, a little slow (took over 90 minutes, LOL), but it's something different for us and our kids to enjoy. I hammed up the reading of each chapter card, and kept my own tally of everyone's HP, etc. And we won :-D
  3. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah, he just handed me the device with the Paypal link on it, so I just paid it. Oh well, I'll upgrade. Thanks.
  4. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Switch online question – decided to finally plump for online due to son begging for ages. Now schools are closed, I've decided to relent, so he can swap pokemon with his mates and play Splatoon. I logged in as myself and bought the subscription (£17.99), and handed my sone the switch. Then he logged in as himself, and it's asking him for his Nintendo account details. Should I have bought a family subscription? Have I just wasted 18 knicker?
  5. I have ordered the Tales from the Loop RPG rule book, to run a game with mine and my friends’ kids over Skype, as something different to do in the coming weird weeks/months. Aside from Fighting Fantasy books, I’ve never played an RPG before. Aside from Heroquest, I’ve never DM’d anything before! so it should be a learning experience for us all :-)
  6. The SUASD review of ‘Unmatched’ makes me verily want it. Also, the Bruce Lee box looks like it’s nearly the same size as those mini-size full-price ZX Spectrum game boxes.
  7. Is ‘legacy’ a genre or something? I seem to see it appended to board games all over the shop (literally, when I’m mooching in Travelling Man). i must say, peeking over the wall into this hobby has some weird terms that I don’t understand. Eurogame (which seems to mean dry, complicated games about economics). Drafting cards/dice (does that just mean keeping them in your hand, or playing them?!) Engine building (god knows) Living card game (means you never stop buying things I think)
  8. Thanks @scottcr - though residents of this thread tried to warn me a couple of pages back, I was still intrigued by something that told a cool story in this way. But that post has put the final nail in the coffin. Thanks to all for helping me swerve it.
  9. As someone who asked about this game a couple of pages back, is there a ‘light’ way of enjoying it, or is it like saying, “heroin is really good, just don’t have too much”? Cos you clearly invested a lot in that game. Is the base set and a couple of extra sets pretty much pointless?
  10. I was being slightly sarcastic about Pokemon, I think because we went straight from Sea creatures Top Trumps, to this, so it was a bit of a leap, and needed the printed instructions, an eBook and a YouTube video to get us up and running. I’d still strongly recommend Combo Fighter to anyone, it’s fun and fast. Part rock/paper/scissors and part strategic thinking. it’s out of print right now, but the makers have announced it’s getting a reprint very soon. So glad I got hold of the last reasonably priced copy before Xmas, and my son is patiently waiting to buy an expansion.
  11. Jeez Louise, after finally figuring out how to play Pokemon, I thought I should try something a little less cerebral, like doing a phd in astrophysics, or learning mandarin.
  12. Had a quick go of the Cult of the Death Knight expansion for Escape the Dark Castle, with the boy yesterday. Brutal, and we didn’t even pick up any of the new curses that are interspersed with the regular item cards. Made for a nice, gripping go, though, even if we didn’t make it to the final showdown. Some of the new baddies are deliciously grim. I love how they got the retro Fighting Fantasy aesthetic bang on.
  13. Looks like I’ve swerved a bullet on RE2, but Wingspan definitely still on the list.
  14. Was in Travelling Man in Newcastle today, while on a week’s holiday in the north-east. Was verrrry close to picking up the Arkham Horror card game, but then decided to put my pocket money towards getting Horrified instead (which, weirdly, the staff hadn’t heard of when I asked for it). Think I’ll get more play out of that for the money. I like the look of Wingspan, too. Box art is delightful, and the cardboard birdhouse looks lovely. Was also interested in the Resident Evil 2 board game after reading some good reviews, but 90 quid is just far too much money, sadly.
  15. Gawd knows. I saw it in the ‘not for sale’ part of Travelling Man, whilst waiting 3 hours for the boy to finish his Pokemon tournament. Looks like there are copies for £40 on Amazon (probs second hand).
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