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  1. 3 years, in, and still haven't done the Castle. I started, then bottled it as I didn't want to technically 'finish' the game, as I worry it just won't feel the same. So instead I just dip back in occasionally and walk around a bit. It's just a nice place to visit. It's like having a static caravan in the lake district.
  2. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Just watched a review of The Touryst and it looks absolutely delightful. Right up my street. Also, excellent news, Knights & Bikes is coming to Switch! My daughter loved the first book, the second is waiting to be read. The graphic style looks ace, and it will be a fun 2-player experience too.
  3. I’d have a good bash through the base set of Dark Castle first, @jonamok and only get the expansions when it starts to get a little repetitive. I really love the game, whether playing with adults or kids - I think it’s great how nail biting it can get when you’re taking it in turns to rest when you only have 4HP left and a baddie who can deal 3HP damage, so you’re just tag teaming to stay alive. we’ve got two of the expansions now, but haven’t quite dug into them yet. We don’t bother if introducing someone new, but the extra companions you get in the Undead Queen set are a fun extra.
  4. Just got one from the warhammer shop. They’re doing one per customer. He said another bloke came in from smiths earlier as the guy in front just grabbed the lot. This is why we can’t have nice things.
  5. The Banner Saga games only go on sale very occasionally and they’re a steal at their current prices. Proper games, proper writing, proper music and magnificent sprite animation. I know they’re available on all platforms, and I’m not on commission. But as someone who doesn’t play very many games anymore, I really appreciate the world building, concept and care that has clearly gone into a series of games like this. And the first two are each the price of a pint right now.
  6. This seasonal period has seen an explosion of new board games here at Twinbee Towers. My son’s birthday is right by Xmas, so we’ve doubled up. Forbidden Island Played this at a friend’s house and loved the co-op vibe, and was taken by the beauty of the environments on the tiles, as well as the four trophy pieces. Has gone down really well as a family game, with even grandma eventually getting it (once she realised it was co-op halfway through, after initially refusing to give a treasure card to my daughter). Proper nana request though - “can I just go straight to the helipad and wait for you all there?” Combo Fighter i got this for my son after watching a rave Shut Up and Sit Down review of it. I’m fairly new to this niche board gaming world, so was rather alarmed to have had to fork out 35 sheets for a bloody card game, but wowee, it’s fun! Quick 10-minute games, that really do capture the sometimes-precise, sometimes button mashing desperation of 1on1 beatemup games. Do seek it out. Spell Smashers another one for my son after watching a couple of online reviews. It’s sort of like Dungeons & Dragons, crossed with Scrabble. You collect letters, with which you make words to defeat monsters. Different letters have different elemental values, to help you defeat certain monsters. Get wounded, and you receive letter cards that are hard to get rid of. In between rounds, you buy weapons and armour and potions, that help. Lots of counters and cards, and first play felt a little fiddly, but the artwork is all first rate, and I think it’ll benefit from more than two players. Escape the Dark Castle Firm favourite over the last 6 months, with non-games friends and my mom all loving it. Son has received the second expansion, but we haven’t had time to play yet (see above). Games, eh? Blimey. After getting Warhammer Kill Team a bit too early for my kids to enjoy, the immediacy of the above games are very welcome.
  7. Can anyone enlighten me to how the episodes/seasons are worked out on Netflix? I’ve just noticed they’ve added new episodes, and it looks like they have seasons 1, 4 and 5. But season 1 has 54 episodes. Has the gay wedding episode been removed on Netflix? My son had read about it in his kids newspaper (first news), and we agreed it was a Good Thing. Also, I definitely have seen an episode where Steven merges with a female buddy (the girl with dark skin and glasses) and they become this super-confident non-binary character, who everyone is amazed by. So that hasn’t been cut. Pretty forceful message to kids who are struggling with feeling like they fit in, IMO. Lovely cartoon. As an aside, the Steven Universe art book is cracking. Loads of early sketches, commentary, etc.
  8. The Banner Saga 1 and 2 are down to £4.49 each. Remarkable story and art style, with a highly addictive isometric turn-based battle game, interspersed with Telltale style conversation/decision mechanics. Can’t recommend them enough.
  9. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks everyone, I went for an Ali Express one but tracked one down on eBay, as it’s promising delivery by the end of the week (whereas the main site says January). Will report back!
  10. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Sacrilege I know, but does anyone have experiences of, or recommendations for any of the cheap knock off alternatives to the pro controller? £52 is a bit much at this time of year (2 kids and one whose birthday is a few days before Xmas!) but my original joycons are hopeless Bluetooth-wise, and I’d like to be able to sit back on the sofa and play Luigis Mansion on the big telly. Otherwise I’ll try and find a second hand pro controller on eBay that doesn’t stray too high.
  11. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Anyone spotted any pro controller offers today? Played Mario Kart with my son last night, literally sat right next to the switch, and the blue controller still wouldn’t steer properly. Argh, etc.
  12. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    @Stanshall Thanks - so is it as reliable as my trusty old PS3 controllers, where you can operate it from another room? Not that I’m planning on doing that, like, but it’s comforting to know I could.
  13. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Question about joycon connectivity. I have a launch Switch, and have a yet never bothered to fix the blue joycon issue. The red one sometimes drops too, because our lounge is quite large, and the telly is a fair way from the settee. Also, the dock is on the floor, tucked down the side of the tv cabinet. if I sit on the settee, it’s out of the line of sight of the joycons. I know this shouldn’t matter with Bluetooth, but does it? if not, are other controllers more reliable than joycons? I want to spend at least some of Xmas playing my switch on the big telly rather than handheld, which is where I usually spend most of my Switch time. But Links Awakening is the kind of game that deserves to be on in the lounge at Christmas time :-) thanks
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