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  1. I work at NHS Digital, and I’ve just realised the house style for internal comms is perfect for goosing.
  2. Is it at all possible to buy an estore game and *not* download it until later? I want to buy Goose Game for my son's birthday (December) but if it's cheaper on Day 1 I'd rather buy it then and do the digital equivalent of putting it in the loft. Would the simplest thing just be to buy it, download it then delete it, and redownload on night before his birthday?
  3. I've been playing this game since release. Only recently decided 'it's about time I finish this', and went to the castle for the first time. Started to make my way through, then bottled it, as I really don't want it to 'end' (I know you can carry on, but I don't think it'll be the same). So ran back out and just decided to pootle around some more. Came across *a whole area* I'd completely missed – a jungly area, with howler monkey sound effects and lots of humid vapour around. All reminiscent of ancient Mayan temples and that. Loads to find. That fresh sense of wonder and discovery all over again, 250+ hours since starting. And that marvellous sound I didn't really expect to hear again: the 'plink plink, plink plink' of a nearby shrine I wasn't already actively seeking. Not only that, the shrine I discovered wasn't just knocking around, it was *behind a waterfall*. The best kinds of shrines. Not long after that, I by chance spotted a half-buried treasure chest under a really unassuming wooden footbridge. Haul it out, and it's only got 'Ganon armour' in it, which features a rad crushed velvet purple cape. So now I'm strutting around Hyrule going 'look at my fricking cloak'. Has anyone ventured the term 'best game' recently? ;-)
  4. Thanks for the Goat Simulator advice. The kids and I are currently laughing like drains as we licked a roller coaster and then got hurled outo to sea. Also, dolphin in a wheelchair! (I know, I know, it's serious).
  5. I see Goat Simulator is half price. It is aa hilarious as the trailer makes it out to be? My son has a totally surreal sense of humour and the trailer alone suggests it might be his perfect game. Also, Gato Roboto looks cute. Anyone here have impressions of it? Thx.
  6. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Periodic reminder that the Banner Saga Trilogy is fantastic. Yes, I know it's available on plenty other platforms, but it's #PerfectForSwitch I see people recommending Mario vs Rabbids a lot on here. My son loves it, and from what I've played (limited, tbh) the turn-based strategy is similar (apart from Banner Saga's fixed-perspective view), but the magnificent artwork, the Walking Dead style branching choices/storylines, and the overall world Banner Saga creates, is magnificent combination. Oh, and the hand-drawn (I think) animation of the characters on the board. I'm nearing the end of Banner Saga 2 right now. The story keeps getting better. Here's an example of the animation for just one character (there are dozens):
  7. Does anyone know if the special features on the bluray of this are decent, and if the 2-disc bluray listed on Amazon, A exists, and B, is worth the extra money? I'm not usually that bothered with special features, notable exceptions being the Lord of the Rings movies, and the new Star Wars movies. I thought Spider-verse was remarkable, and would love to know if there are good documentaries, or stuff about the development, etc.
  8. I'm pushing 300 hours in the game and only just came across that sand dragon you mentioned last night. Magnificent.
  9. Twinbee

    Nintendo Switch

    Could well be some dust under the little skirt at the base of the stick. Get some compressed air blasted, or blow through the nozzle of a football-size air pump thingy.
  10. I'm really enjoying Oxenfree at the moment. Bought it for about £4 a few months ago, but have only really started in earnest just before Xmas. I know it's on other platforms (most of which I don't have), but it's really compelling playing in bed, in the dark, with headphones on. The music is really atmospheric, and the background art is gorgeous. And the weird glitchy effects are really impactful. Great game to play in little 20 minute chapters whilst sleepy.
  11. Quick kill Team question: we're building all the stuff, and my son got the Krogskull's Boys Ork expansion set. The instructions say to make either 'Lootaz' (orks with massive guns) or 'burna boyz' (orks with massive flame throwers). theres nothing stopping us from making a mix, is there? We only play by ourselves, etc.
  12. Yeah but Banner Saga has beautifully drawn snowscapes. D E C I S I O N S
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