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  1. "Incredibly well written"? It's indecipherable from any of the MOR algorithmically generated dramas that roll off the Netflix conveyer belt every other minute. The devs thinking that's the high watermark of storytelling is embarrassing. And it plays like a medically induced coma.
  2. This post bears no relation to the dire game I played, which involved such powerful scenes as doing a stock check in a supermarket and sticking post-it notes on random bits of furniture. 4/10 at a push.
  3. Sir this is a family forum.
  4. I kind of like how compact Kiwani is coming off the back of 0. But the regenerating health 'feature' in the boss fights is awful.
  5. It's terrifying to think there are people out there with opinions like this.
  6. Always liked that 64 was so early 3D it felt the need to explain why there was a camera hovering behind the player at all times. Would be good if games still did that.
  7. No intention of ever playing TLOU2: They Found More Us but that spoiler makes it sound really embarrassing. Like Bioshock Infinite levels of embarrassing.
  8. Tango Gameworks won't be "switching publishers". They are now owned by Microsoft.
  9. It was already only a timed exclusive. MS have said they will be honouring that.
  10. It's noticeable that the pre-release Sunshine defence force is completely AWOL now 3D All Stars is actually out. It's just not a good game at all. Fortunately this re-release seems to have strangled any depraved nostalgia for it at birth. 64 though. Last time I played it was 15 years ago. 30 stars in and still an amazing game.
  11. Can you also give us advice on how to put them in a Series S.
  12. I've never seen so many euphemisms in one topic title.
  13. Doesn't have to be an Xbox controller. It'll need to be an Android phone/tablet though.
  14. The amnesia nostalgia for Sunshine is weird enough, but people calling for the reinstatement of 64 DS is just bizarre. Even at the time no one liked it.
  15. They've already announced and shown a trailer for the new Forza.
  16. The framerate and loading times could be improved at launch by hard quitting the game and then booting back up (i.e. not just leaving the game running in Switch sleep mode). But that was pre-patch so who knows now. I agree that DP on 360 was categorically not the "technical mess lol" that some people now claim the original was.
  17. Watched the first episode. The section on the Fairchild Channel F was certainly a pleasant surprise amidst all the usual Pac-Man/Space Invaders gumpf that's been trotted out a million times before. But then it cuts straight into yet another deep dive into Atari's ET. Hmm. Overall: it's ok.
  18. You can try using the in-game comment feature so that text boxes pop up where needed.
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