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  1. You're in a thread for a Nintendo Direct. How do you think Mario Golf was revealed? Via slideshow?
  2. Finished this and thought it was a good effort. Weirdly reminded me a bit of A Plague Tale in the sense that it's a AA developer doing a AAA style game - complete with an interesting non-Anglo setting you don't usually see in media. The fixed camera angles and lack of combat were also brave and welcome design decisions. My main complaint is not so much with the voice acting as with the script - for a game so clearly in thrall to Silent Hill it's a bit odd that the protagonist walks around talking like a sassy Life Is Strange-style character for much of the playtime. It's like if Silent Hill 2 was set in the Gilmore Girls universe and kind of undercuts the atmosphere the devs were going for.
  3. Can you please stop replying to him.
  4. Agreed. Played through Galaxy for the first time in 3D All Stars and it was a slog. 3D World executes a similar style much better.
  5. Looking forward to a winter World Cup in Qatar then?
  6. What a convoluted and bizarre strawman to make out of my one sentence post. Maybe put that active imagination to better use in the undisputed GOTY 2020, Media Molecule's 'Dreams'.
  7. The editor left for a job at Media Molecule (the recipients of many a baffling Edge 10).
  8. Played about an hour on Xbox. Positive on it at this point. Captures the 8/16-bit challenge - but with modern QOL improvements to avoid the associated frustrations (at least so far). The music is great.
  9. It was briefly a Dreamcast exclusive, before later being ported to PS2 and a bunch of other systems. The fact it's shite will probably hold it back more than anything legal related.
  10. Those reviews really were baffling.
  11. By the end of Cuphead I genuinely thought it was one of the best games of the last few years. Persevere with it if you can.
  12. Pretty funny how Talkshow Host has been awol ever since this hot mess dropped.
  13. If it's this aesthetically unpleasant on release day, can you imagine how bad a launch PS5 is going to look in one or two year's time? The bread bin PS3 has truly been topped.
  14. Sega was killed by Sony's lies. If Sony had even a shred of integrity they would exit the console market and pay infinite reperations to Sega to fund the release of Dreamcast 2. Anyone that buys a PlayStation product is a quisling.
  15. Rllmuk. Come for the Resident Evil 4 is overrated takes. Stay for the Mona Lisa is overrated takes.
  16. It's just unacceptable to be shouting at customer service people and harrassing gig economy drivers because their multi trillion dollar corporate overlords failed to deliver some frivolous expensive toy on the dot. Taking photos of the driver and posting them on a public forum is extra distasteful. Would ask for those to be deleted.
  17. Wrong thread. This post should have gone in the Xbox Hardware thread. Which is not to be confused with the Xbox Dispatch thread. Or the Xbox thread. Or the Xbox games thread. Or the Xbox Gamepass thread. Or the Xbox One thread. Mods!
  18. Why is this now all spread wafer-thin across a million new threads? It's hardly Resetera, I think we could have kept up
  19. Any game can be fun in co-op. That's why I've played RE5 three times. It's clearly not a good game by any objective measure though.
  20. REmake is stellar. Zero, 5, 6, and Revelations 1 are bad. Revelations 2 is alright.
  21. Store is gone on Android too.
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