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  1. Finished with the canon ending. Just an absolutely brilliant game, loved it. Makes Twelve Minutes look even more embarrassing, which is quite the feat.
  2. Sunshine is overall a rushed mess, but is the best controlling Mario game. It's like Sega Rally or something the way you can just throw him around. The water pump and belly slide into an elongated jump combo never stops being fun. Whereas the Galaxy experience of being welded to the floor of a series of abstract spheres is just boring. I liked the bee level and that was about it.
  3. Yep, Galaxy is just so leaden to control. Probably best summed up by how lifeless and flat the long jump feels compared to Sunshine. Was the least enjoyable game in this collection for me.
  4. Yeah, don't tell the Digital Foundry brigade but this is a really special game. Definitely one of the best things I've played in recent years.
  5. I mean, even in this hypothetical scenario of a glitch that hasn't actually happened, you would just fast travel out of it...
  6. I'm loving this. Total chill BOTW style moseying around a huge, mysterious environment. Stumbled across so many memorable moments and areas. Have zero interest in framerate chat when I'm climbing an upside down crashed spaceship that just burst out of a sand dune.
  7. It's a shame the technical issues seem to be taking the headlines as I'm enjoying this 2-3 hours in. Really captures the BOTW vibe of just ambling around, heading to whatever looks interesting on the horizon.
  8. Oh, don't worry you'll be going back to the forest. Over and over again.
  9. Would almost be a relief if they did stop. Imagine never again having to read a post asking how to do it.
  10. Am I understanding it right that levelling up your character with gifts means you get higher scores with them in Wario Cup? Kind of spoils the appeal of that mode if so.
  11. Every other thread hasn't had a single user spend months (years?) of their life posting increasingly bitter and resentful takes about a game they've never even played. I don't know what Halo Infinite did to you but can you get over it asap, cheers.
  12. Mattrick is proud of you son.
  13. No idea. Hopefully someone posts in the thread soon about whether it has bluetooth audio or not.
  14. Football fans one-upping each other based on who has gone on more Alpine skiing holidays. Who said the game's gone?
  15. I thought that was a good show, loads of different styles of games and the fact 90%+ of it is on Game Pass is great. Those mega-budget sub-HBO MOR products Sony churns out are boring beyond belief. I'm happy Game Pass shows no interest in chasing that trend. The variety on display here (and all of it for 'free') is much more appealing.
  16. Who has ever given the slightest flying fuck about Ratchet and Clank? What on earth is going on?
  17. Hopefully the Xbox One version of Backbone will come to console Game Pass when it launches.
  18. Sometime around 2004 or 2005 Edge printed a letter from a reader asking where the Edge forum had gone. The reply referenced Rllmuk but that they couldn't endorse any of the content. I'm pretty sure this happened...
  19. Er, they definitely did not use the 'normal approach' in the second domestic league meeting. That was a bizarre line-up.
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