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  1. That's not the point. The point is he's going on holiday to Japan. Not sure if he's mentioned it, but he's going on holiday to Japan. Did you know he's going on holiday to Japan? He's going on holiday to Japan.
  2. GokouD, it's great. A lot of fun restarting over and over to finally nail it (I'm bad at Mario). Everytime you post a new level in here I'm firing up the game to play it - they are always quality. You should work for Nintendo or something.
  3. July 2019 Super Mario Maker 2 (Switch - 2019) Completed all story levels as Mario. Although obviously not the focus of this release, SMM2's single player story mode is still just so much more fun and inventive than NSMBU (which I recently slogged through). Combined with the creation side of the game it's essential. 8/10 Previously...
  4. There is a link at the top of the spreadsheet to add courses to it.
  5. No it didn't. GBA SP launched in 2003. Minish Cap came out in 2004.
  6. Cheers for the recommendation on this. Mine arrived today and it's great.
  7. Cheers! Yes, I published the level and then ran through it and added the item descriptions in. Not sure if there's another way to do that.
  8. Yes, Dragon's Dogma is currently on sale and the RE: Revelations games constantly get discounted. RE4 is still a relatively recent release on the eShop though so might be a while.
  9. Hope you've got an SD card.
  10. I've (kind of) remade the opening of Resident Evil in Mario Maker. Course name: 'mariOHAZARD' Description: STARS agent Mario is trapped in the ghastly Spencer mansion. Can he escape? Course ID: KTM-VY9-7LG
  11. How do you get edits to show up in your published levels? Or do you have to just delete the whole thing and repost? On a, er, entirely unrelated note here is my Mario Battle Royale level: MBW-LF4-BXG.
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