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  1. 5 and 6 are appalling. What on earth is happening in this thread?
  2. I don't think 4 needs an update or would benefit from this engine. A lot of the appeal of the remakes is the splicing of old school Resi with the RE4 viewpoint. A remake of 4 would likely miss 50% of the point. As for Resi 1, Lost In Nightmares gives the closest approximation of what a re-remake of that would play like - and is probably the only vaguely positively thing to come out of RE5. Meanwhile, CV and Zero are terrible experiences so I'm not sure where the remakes go from here. That said I would probably still buy a CV remake even though that game is just miserable from start to finish. Enjoying 3make so far!
  3. Probably because it was called Animal Forest.
  4. I think the Sunshine defense force can be explained by them all basing their opinion of it on hazy memories from 2002. Kindly go play that void level where the villagers are throwing you across gaps and then return to this thread and issue a grovelling apology. Thank you.
  5. Ok... And some people can beat Mario 64 in 90 mins. What's your point?
  6. Apparently the game doesn't count time spent in the menus, inventory etc. So reviewers are finishing it and seeing that their save file says five hours - but they've likely spent more time playing than that.
  7. Even Mario Sunshine?
  8. I did do it eventually but it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life and I still have nightmares about it to this day.
  9. Xbox phone app.
  10. Edge give every Media Molecule release 10/10 so are well versed in chasmic disparities between press and player responses.
  11. 3 is miles better than CV though, so overall a lucky escape for the franchise.
  12. You can delete games with zero achievements from your play history.
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