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  1. The typewriters seem more there to indicate 'this is a safe room' than to function as an actual save system. Given, y'know, that the game is autosaving all the time. Strange complaint.
  2. "I'm not really sure what Resident Evil is anymore". *proceeds to describe exactly what Resident Evil has been since day one*
  3. Spurs are still standing strong. There's that famous resolve.
  4. People keep comparing it to the US leagues, but it's actually a step beyond those because there will be no draft etc.
  5. A parallel could be the FIFA Club World Cup which basically all football fans agreed 20 years ago was an irrelevance and have largely ignored ever since. Hopefully the same happens with this.
  6. That's the odd thing, it's literally just the Champions League but with 100% guaranteed Arsenal. Not exactly an irresistible prospect. I suppose it comes down to not only how UEFA react, but also the TV companies. Are Sky, Amazon etc going to go bid crazy for this? At that stage fans can make the difference by ignoring/boycotting the broadcasts but it's hard to believe that people will do this..
  7. I finished it the other day. Spent the whole playthrough waiting for it to turn into the incredible experience I had heard about. I mean, I guess the music was pretty good. The script was maybe funny once or twice - but felt mostly like Reddit humour. The battle system was definitely a neat twist on the RPG turn-based formula. I dunno. It was fine. Nothing mind blowing.
  8. Beat Champions Road yesterday. The good news is the golden flagpole is basically impossible to miss so we can all rest easy tonight. The strategy that really helped for me was tanooki suit almost start-to-finish, just switching to cat Mario for the double vertical walls bit. I feel like the equivalent level in Odyssey was trickier, but that was almost four years ago now so hard to remember exactly.
  9. It's like Sonic Advance or 9/11. You've just got to be there to witness history.
  10. Yeah, rllmuk being a UK based forum means a muted response here - but the wider internet meltdown has been pretty funny to watch. A petition to remove Jim Ryan as PlayStation CEO being the latest comical development. Weirdly almost seems to have got a bigger response than the Bethesda deal.
  11. MLB are publishing the Xbox version. It looks like Microsoft saw the opportunity this created for a massive troll and went for it.
  12. But you will be completing the level another four times after that, in order to beat it with every character. Plenty of chances to get the golden flagpole. Not sure what the problem is here.
  13. Appropriate for a game that looks like a 90s throwback to be reviewed with "I give the graphics 3/10. Gameplay is 4/10. Longevity controls rent buy avoid 2/10 ".
  14. Pay for everything in cash like everyone else in Japan does?
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