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  1. Nintendo have had the handheld market completely to themselves plenty of times. It's no indication Sony will get involved.
  2. I think the biggest factor in the Dreamcast's failure is also why it's still loved so much - the games were just so weird and creative they were unlikely to capture a mainstream audience in the West. The Saturn catastrophe and Sony's (shall we say) 'optimistic' estimations of what the PS2 was going to be able to do also played significant roles, for sure. I still remember seeing the PS2's abject launch line up and just being amazed anyone could think that was better than the DC.
  3. Yes, Giant Bomb is the US spinoff of TCGS.
  4. No it isn't. Those were released a week ago.
  5. Maybe it's a celebration of 20 years of Microsoft buying Sega rumours.
  6. I thought it played really well. No gyro controls though which is a shame.
  7. Anyone defending CV presumably hasn't touched it for 10+ years. I played it last year and it's neck and neck with Zero for worst of the 'classic' Resis. Such a miserable experience.
  8. I'm currently replaying RE4 on Switch - just got to the island. It's still the GOAT and I have no idea what the point of a remake would be. Visually it's fine and the game is built around its claustrophobic controls. The only potential new feature I can think of is maybe having the ability to quick swap weapons. Not sure that justifies a multimillion dollar reskin though - especially one that would probably cut two-thirds of the content anyway. Still preferable to a CV remake though. Let's bury that abomination in concrete and never speak of it again.
  9. Virtua Striker 2 would have matches take place at day or night depending on the console clock IIRC.
  10. Yeah, got a lot of crashes playing online co-op on Xbox.
  11. Can negs come back please.
  12. Tokyo Mirage Sessions could be another one.
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