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  1. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Awful. Bring back Nuno.
  2. Maybe give this a bit extra time to get people in?
  3. The quality of this podcast really shone through in episode 100. The humour, creativity, and general presentation is just levels above anything else in gaming podcasts.
  4. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    We've got to make our counter attacking chances in this game count since we're letting United have everything.
  5. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Gill has looked exciting in his previous two cameos. He may not be the exact player we need going forward, but I hope we see more of him.
  6. Doritos Pepperoni Pizza flavour: absolutely pointless. Just stick to Chilli Heatwave.
  7. Great advise, thanks. I think it's sometimes easy to forget to think about what ingredients some foods are made from... Coleslaw per example is usually just Mayo and veg. Of course we all know Mayo keeps fine, even unrefrigerated, and old veg is harmless - so foods like this will always be fine after the use date.
  8. Stuffing. I make a delicious bacon, sausage meat, sage, chestnut, apricot, clementine one that is basically a meal in itself. The strong flavours compliment everything else on the plate, and makes for an incredible sandwich for the next few days. I used to think Bread Sauce was an absolute waste of space, but I've recently changed my view on it and realised that it's something that if spiced correctly, brings everything on the plate together. Honeyed parsnips are probably the best veg on the plate.
  9. My only criticism is that people seem to think they need to criticise something that they're getting for free.
  10. Anyone played Jack Move? It's a hi-res 16-bit graphics jrpg set in a cyberpunk city. The mechanics are almost identical to FFVII - such as the materia system, battles, environmental puzzles etc. The presentation is brilliant, lovely to look at the music and sound effects are fantastic. It certainly has some call backs to FFVII so is clearly acknowledging the influence. I've played about 3 hours and I'm really enjoying it, there is demo out to try. Good write up here: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/jack-move-review
  11. I'm currently replaying this with the youngest daughter (5), she just loves to watch progress, and then potter in safe areas herself. This game has astonishingly levels of creativity and craft, it's a perfect game. Absolute masterpiece, I don't think Nintendo get enough credit for this one.
  12. Well said. Myself and my 8 year daughter have completely different play styles, but both get the same incredible amount of enjoyment from it.
  13. Can someone explain how someone who is smart and savvy enough to hack a major organisation, has got caught doing so? I would have thought he would have made himself undetectable, but guessing the FBI located his IP address or what?
  14. Ah thanks, that's a useful website!
  15. Does anyone know if Slime Rancher ever come on sale? I notice the sequel is coming out soon, so I'm hoping a sale will happen before then.
  16. The climbing mechanic is perfect, even the annoying rain.
  17. So what's on everyone's wishlist for this? For me: - More Shrines. They've probably run out of ideas for more in this game, but there are such a lovely rewarding distraction from the rest of the game. - Keep the weapon system as in, the irreparable mechanic is great I think - I would like to be able to cook in bulk, this system is the only thing in the game that can be really tedious. - Lots of outfits!
  18. So if BOTW was released in March 2017 - when did we start to see in-depth gameplay videos from Nintendo?
  19. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    I feel like we needed that beating, or at least, it was coming.
  20. This video gives a little lore speculation, so minor minor spoilers
  21. It is to be fair... But it's just setting atmosphere, we'll see lots more soon.
  22. There is no way this is improved hardware, it looks just a little better than BOTW
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