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  1. A few years back I bought a 'Fire Eaters' spice grinder which contained Dried chilli flakes, Black peppercorns, Nibbled ginger, Dried Garlic, Horseradish and Salt. The grinder was refillable and ground the contents with a satisfying crunch. Anyway, this of course ran out and I filled it with Dried chilli flakes, black peppercorns and salt. This has got to be my most used condiment ever apart from ketchup. It goes brilliantly with anything - sarnies, pasta, curries, chips etc. Great if you usually cook for two+ but yo're the onlyn one who wants it a bit spicy. I normally use 20% salt, 40% pepper, 40% chilli. Anyone else use have any spice mill suggestions?
  2. meatbin

    I love pendulum

    Pendulum wise make sure you know the tunes Machochist and The Vault - possibly their best. The guy that has stuck out for me recently is TC - all his recent tunes are wicked. Try Rockstar, Flatline, Deep, Jump - tunes you can't not like. Other than that try artists - Chase and Status, Bassline Smith, Nosia as mentioned, Fresh, G-Dub, Taxman.
  3. Okay, just got hold of a cdr preview, and at first listen this is completly different to what I was expecting. Not digging the rap tracks at the moment, but after track 9 it gets a lot better... Hmm, it ain't certainly no Entroducing/Pre Emptive/Private Press, but then again, that's never been the point.
  4. Life in the day of Mario: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NciF-QrjhEY...related&search= Super Mario Bros Skills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-73YneKfiI...related&search=
  5. See the new Vauxhall Astra advert....
  6. Good just ordered this from Movietyme where I also got some buttery jalapino microwave popcorn
  7. With your usual tomato pasta sauce, try adding 2-3 chopped garlic cloves when you normally would (frying stage), then add 1 more with the skin in whole piece while simmering. Leave for as long as possible and this will enhance it by far. Also, secret instant good flavouring for a bolognaise is Bisto granuals - this will make a rich meaty taste, and cocoa - adds instant depth when left to simmer. Remember the fresh basil, and lots of! All tips applyu to both pasta sauce and chilli con carne
  8. So what should one buy? Brain Age or Big Brain Academy?
  9. Mellisa has a black DS lite!
  10. Judging from those pictures, blonde people don't play video games either. I dropped my new DS lite wuite hard the other day and it remained perfect Must say, the brighter screen and more vivid colours makes such a difference in games, its not just a "wow a brighter screen" factor.
  11. So no UK/USA release then? How has this game faired the longevity test?
  12. Got mine today, white, very nice. The stylus is so much better, more control and a lot more comfortable. Shame I've got two dead pixels but I'm sure I'll for get about that!
  13. It would be good to see more subcultures within the population: Geeks in net cafes and libraries Football hooligans Chavs Jock and Cheers etc... The game should be more time-event specific - i.e football hooligans are only likely to be around on match days, and are likely to be more lairy the more they drink and as the night/afternoon goes on. For then to be able to manipulate areas to your advantage.. I.e selling drugs to students, knives to scallies etc.
  14. Says the man who taps into everyones phone files and sends them silly contact messages
  15. I just put it to the side of my head and start shouting: "I'm on the train!! I can't hear you! I'll call you back when I hit the next station!"
  16. This is in now way a reference to the FF8 model is it?
  17. Oh so true. Also, Elton John and George Michael - Don't let the sun go down on me Bohemian Rhapsody - Elton John and Axel Rose live version. Lionel Richie - Hello New Order- World in Motion The Bangles - Eternal Flame. Christ
  18. meatbin

    Ils 'bohemia'

    Sounding good this, but some of the female vocals on the album are a bit gash imo. The Y4K great tunes but maybe the worst mixed and structured mix cd ever?
  19. Yes that bloody Ferrari F355 game that was meant to be the bollocks. Killing Zone was a bit gash but still a good laugh. Just got banned didn't it?
  20. Theme Retirement Home looked good to me.
  21. - Spikes! Who the hell manufactures these things? And why do people leave them sticking sharp-side-up over the edges of cliffs that no-one in there right mind would jump from? (And extra caution should be taken when on slipidy slide ice level when spikes and cliffs are present )
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