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  1. When you get a 360 you can setup a profile which you use to play all your games. This is the smae profile that you'll use when playing people online. So whenever you do certain things in games, you'll achive these achievements and for achivements you get a certain ammount of GamerPoints, which the total of is shown on your profile. Each game has a possible 1000 points to earn from achievements. You don't get anything special from having a high gamerscore, apart from maybe kudos/respect/hatred from other players. The whole system is great as it really makes you play your games in-depth and adds loads of longevity.
  2. I think the achievments look like really good fun, maybe quite easy too with a few seasons of Master League played. Long Ranger 30 G Achieved when you score from a distance of more than 35m. Getting this achievement is gonna be a pant-creaming moment you know it
  3. meatbin


    Oooo I can't wait - sounds perfect for the long winter coming up
  4. Some drunk who had just played a Wii for the first time.
  5. meatbin


    Hopefully should have this game when I get back from work it... The second game in the past month I have bought due to thread recommendations, the other being Blue Dragon. Any tips for a first time player?
  6. Excellent - I was just about to mention that o/
  7. Has anyone scored a few longrange efforts yet? I'm still having difficultly get any real height on a shot... Most shots are still stinging daisycutters.
  8. Did the get out of the Skatepark glitch last night - played around for about three minutes before the game froze and I needed a reset. I cannot WAIT to get this game and unlock all the areas without having to jump through a disapearing/reappearing fence
  9. Check out the new headbutt a player move which is a new unofficial addition to PES 2008. Watch to the end of the video to see the ref give a penaltly for this
  10. I really wanted to like FIFA 08 - I tried, and tried, and tried. But I just can't like it for the sluggish controls
  11. You could headbutt the referee in the orginal Fifa. When the ref went to book your player, you could run off and the ref would chase you. I was told you had to do a lap of the pitch and then hold down a certain combo of buttons and your player would turn round and but the ref. Tried this SO many times, what made it painful was that you had to get a player booked and the run round the pitch which made it bloody time consuming.
  12. Why the scenario or One team player mode cannot be in all versions puzzle me.
  13. Hmm can only find this for around £30+...
  14. Some weird ball physics going on sometimes. I've seen the ball go full pelt 60 yards because it just touched the back of a player's heels after the ref had blown for a foul. There is new foul animation when you're player gets body checked, most of time you can get the ball but it gives it a clunky and clumsy feeling to the play. I put it on easy and banged in 7 goals which was fun - some lovely flicks possible via the right stick.
  15. Just got this and for now will only say that it's very fluid, responsive, quick, and the AI is very, very good - your teammates make some amazing runs which make attacking up a level. One negative - the collision detection for the ball to player is sometimes unbelievably awful.
  16. HERE 22% in 1h 40mins! I'm off to pub for the night, looks like my first play may be through beer goggles
  17. Blame CVG - April Fools again!
  18. This is only avalible if you clear your 360's cache and complete the master league with all teams.
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