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  1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T - I will now sit here at work til 5.30, grinding my teeth, waiting to try this and achieve this at home.
  2. Has anyone jumped over the barrier fence on the top of the multi-storey car-park? Was tyring for ages the other night, but I reckon it's impossible. However, one level down from the top there is a ledge you can get on that leads to a hole in the fence which enables you to drop down from the carpark to the road, but is very awkward and doesn't enable for any trick potential...
  3. I would usually put about 1 heaped teaspoon of dark cocoa powder in per two people eating big portions.
  4. meatbin

    PGR 4

    No luck myself - I'll be on later if you wanna add me as a friend - williamG1983
  5. For sure - this makes a big difference. Also cinnimon towards the end of cooking.
  6. Edit - just seen that this new league is for Pes2008, which was the question of my post. Woohoo can't wait - hope I get in.
  7. I've made the basic tomato sauce from that book and found it very nice. Needed more garlic however imo.
  8. Double post noseblunt.
  9. I thought I saw it in the achievments list.. But being at work I can't check. Hold on! Skate achievements So what I mentioned above is not an achievement, but a Medical Milestone. I don't know how I knew that - must be in the log book or something.
  10. Ah, maybe what I mentioned above is a Milestone, ahem. I'm not sure.
  11. Yeah I was suprised you didn't get busted for something else or go into minus figures once the security people bust you when you have no money. Has anyone done the 'Brake all bones in body 3 (or 10?) times' achievement yet?
  12. meatbin

    PGR 4

    Got this last night and am really enjoying it. I've never played a PGR title before and love the handling balance between Arcade/Sim. Great graphics, amazing sound, loading times are slightly long... I should be online later with this - Xbox Gamer tag : williamG1983 - feel free to add.
  13. 1v1 only unfortunantly. No co-op matches. I don't know for sure I personally have not heard anything about online leagues or cups. To summerise =
  14. It'll prob be a 'new feature' in Skate 2 in order to shift a few copies. The lack of this feature has got to be my only criticism of the game, everything else is pretty much near perfect.
  15. This game would be so much better if you could get off your board and walk
  16. Pro gamers - games are for my enjoyment, I don't care how good you are at them.
  17. Just like doing the standard olie but by pressing up then down, rather than down then up.
  18. 180 Switch double backflip post
  19. Have read most of this thread so far, but from early reports of people having the full game, has this met the expectations of the demo?
  20. Just four working weeks to go for the release. Still loving the demo myself and cannot wait to play Online and Master League modes. For me, half the enjoyment of this game comes from these two modes, meaning my brain can ignore any lazy niggles in the gameplay.
  21. Just ordered this - have far too many games to play right now. Damn you winter games release schedule!
  22. Some moves for you Heel Dash Not everyone has it, C.Ronaldo and Henry got it for sure. R1+90 Degrees direction while running or trapping ball. Explanation: http://youtube.com/watch?v=9zKHMHkJjcs Nutmeg While standing with R2, Press Back+R2 and Forward+R2 quickly. Diving L1+L2+R1 Shirt Pull R1+X Look Up Cross L1+R1 Then O Crossing Stance L1 then R1 x3 Drag Ball Stepover L1+R1 Then L1 2x Drag Ball Into Stepover Dash L1+R1 Then 2x L1+R1 Sidestep Stepover Do a sidestep up/or/down+R2 then quickly press L1 x2 Go Around The Ball While running hold L1 then tap quickly R1 x2
  23. I'm out - thought this was for upcoming Pes 2008
  24. I recently sold these through ebay : Colin McRae Dirt - 360 - £24.99 Sim City DS - £19.99 Dead Rising - £18.99 Harvest Moon DS - £21.99 Micro Machines DS - £13.99 Boxed 1 year old Nintendo DS lite with case, and Super Mario World GBA for £93.45. With the DS I did get the buyer complaining that he thought the bundled Mario game was 'New Super Mario Bros' rather than the old GBA game, even though this was clearly stated with two pictures
  25. Track and Field - The faster you hit the buttons, the faster you run, the faster you run the more likely you are to win. (applies to all button bashing stamina games) Also the jumping in Crackdown.
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