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  1. I does come in useful though to make sure your best 2-3 attacking players actually go up for the header.
  2. My brother has managed to get me the 360 version today - will get it when he gets back from work later (he works in retail). I'll report back tomorrow. I'm pretty excited as last night I played Fifa for the first time, all games modes, online & offline, and really liked it. This must be the first time I've thought a Fifa game was any good since what, 95? 98?! Anyway - hope everyone else gets their copy soon.
  3. It annoying me that Play.com are saying it's in stock and ready to buy. Don't suppose anyone has got their copy yet?
  4. Someone please give me a good reason to want a PS3.
  5. I take it there is no way to import a face into the game without using a vision camera?
  6. If the reviewers are giving it low score becasue of lack of progression in the series then I'm not fussed about what they say. The demo plays well, it isn't a progression whatsoever, but it's good enough to enjoy and I can't see how they can mess up the existing modes within the game. Seabass is a lazy c*nt, but for now I'm still wetting my pants in anticipation of this.
  7. LOVE that first one Willei!
  8. Good news! Tbh more excited about SFII HD on XBLA
  9. This and this. A walking feature would make this game almost perfect, perhaps a 'climb up wall' move too - just like the real skating (so the kids tell me). Boomarks mode like TDU would also fit perfectly. Looks like we're all gonna be buying Skate 2 if EA implement these features
  10. ----------------GK---------------- ---------CB-----------CB--------- --LB-------------------------RB--- -----------DMF-------------------- ------------------CMF/AMF------- SMF/AMF------------------------ --------------------------SMF/AMF ------------SS-------------------- --------------------CF------------ That's the formation I've used for the past couple of years, solid enough as long as you have quick wingers, a tall DMF, and a CMF/AMF with the playmaking ability.
  11. There is one, it just hasn't been released by Sony yet. Likely you'll get it just before launch next Friday..
  12. Do people actively use the formation and strategies switches during games? Since Pes 5 I've become lazy and just left them on auto, only doing manual formation & strategy changes if a drastic change is needed (2 nil down, man sent off etc). Gonna break old bad habbits for PES 2008 I reckon and put some research and testing into the feature.
  13. But still, between now and next Friday is seeming like eternity. Cannot wait to get some practise in for new season. I'll have to add some you guys for some friendlies...
  14. Personally I don't tend to use the headset unless I'm playing teamgames as most of the time I have music on or just want everything quiet. Once season 12 kicks off I'll use the headset at first, but I reckon it won't last as it usually distracts me when just talking to one person rather than a group.
  15. Sounds like a great thing, fantastic if you were shopping with the wife/gf in town. ''Darling, take your time, visit all the shops you like.... I'll be fine''
  16. Saw this last night - every episode she increasingly looks like she's gonna snap her wooden spoon and have a breakdown in front of camera. Sad. But I still think she's hot and her food does look good
  17. meatbin


    I found the grenade launcher was the best weapon to use for progressing through the game thanks to it's long distance accuracy. The bosses are a lot easier if you stay at a distance taking out a majority of the henchman before going in for the main kill. Just lock on, aim, and BOOM! Multiple kills with explosive points a plenty. I'm really anxious about going on the hidden orb hunt once the game is finished - the ones I have found by accident are in very well hidden places. In fact, I'm not sure I'll bother
  18. meatbin

    PES 2008

    Edited - I've only just found out that 'Coach' mode is not a new feature exclusive to Pes2008
  19. I noticed on the demo last night if you press left twice at the player (controller) selection screen, you can play 'Coach mode' which is basically spectator mode but you can control the team and formation selection, pre and mid game. Bit like Champ Manager - this is pretty useful for any Master League matches you can't really be bothered to play. Anyway, back to the Seabass criticism.
  20. Okay not the the most impressive, but here are my first three.
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