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  1. On the opening 'Ringo' quest to save the town, I did not have enough explosives skill to get easy pete's dynamite, so I paused the quest and headed north. Cannot recall the name of them (Catanlst?!), but black orange hornet type things are bloody tough, but a decent melee attack sorts them out. You get loads of exp from them at an early level so I quickly levelled up enough to get all the optional recruits for the quest. Nothing like a bit of pushing the limit RPG level grinding.
  2. Btw - I cannot recall, but if a companion kills an enemy, do you get the same exp? If not there is a death coming...
  3. 10 hours in now, just about to leave Novac. No bugs apart from my character getting stuck in a steep mountain, constantly 'falling' so could not fast travel out. Haven't seen any WW bits yet. Had a really cool bit on the Booted quest:
  4. I did my back in on Monday and have been off work all week and will be tomorrow, not going to be able ti get to the ships to pick it up. IF ONLY this has happened a week later (plus I'm going to be bloody busy next week so no late nights on this - noooo!)
  5. Any info on high street prices for launch tomorrow?
  6. Does anyone know the cheapest place to get this on the high street? So far I've not seen any of the usual big title '£25' at Tesco/Sainsburys offers...
  7. This is a shame - I swear it was different on FO3
  8. Great recommendation, sounds lovely already. Anything by Johan Johansson is worth a listen, very beautiful and thought provoking stuff. /
  9. Apparently you can substitute buttermilk with milk/cream with a twist of lemon juice in.
  10. If you want me to send it to you via email let me know
  11. I much prefer KFC style knockoff places, 'USA Chicken', 'Kansas Chicken' etc, I don't know what it is about them but it's just nicer. Some of the best fried chicken is sold on Sainsbury's hot rotisserie counter.
  12. Today is nothing compared to how it will feel a week today.
  13. 360 option file here, installed it last night and it works a treat. http://forums.pesfan.com/showthread.php?t=234281
  14. Have been playing online master league mostly so far, have sold pretty much all of my squad apart from the best 11, and bought three fairly good players. Have noticed that you don't get a lot of money for winning single matches, so earning cash could be quite a slog... How's everyone else getting on with this mode?
  15. From Konami: Looks like I'm starting Master League today then!
  16. This is becoming the first thought in my head every time I wake up.
  17. With the 360's d-pad it's impossible to accurately select any weapon on the diagonal, so make that four.
  18. THIS beef stew will make you feel good http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/pepperpotstewwithspi_91703
  19. You could patch the 360 version of PES 2010 after Microsoft started to allow USB sticks to be sued as memory devices. Pretty sure this is the same for 2011. Keep an eye on http://winningelevenblog.com/ Apparently also, your edited kits/team names etc also show when you play online
  20. Gonna pick this up before starting work then (God bless 24 hour TEsco
  21. $0.2 I've really been enjoying the demo, passes are an absolute joy to put together, players seem to make all the right runs, and defending has a good balance between taking a risk and parking the bus. Some things have annoyed me though: In the demo: Too many silly fouls - including clearly won slide tackles, and little shoulder pushes/heel clipping Shooting feels a little light, and shots are still far too 'centred' Too many rebounds from the goalies, real goalies would be dropped in a second for spills like seen in PES 2011 Screen contrast too high on night games The 'free' replay camera has now been broken And some things from PES 2010 that I hope that will be fixed in the full game: Master League scouts are not useless and you can actually start signing better players more frequently rather than having to rely on 'Free agents' and the likes Having to be forced to read/see pointless text screens in ML Still, I buy the PES game each and every year since I love playing it, and FIFA just doesn't seem to cut it for me. I'll put a solid 100 or so hours into ML a year so it does annoy me when they won't fix the little things. Still very excited about sessioning this all weekend Wow that is good news, how did you find this out?
  22. Good review. I'm not so joyed about the reports on Master League, nothing seems to have been added, and it seems like the worse bits are still in (zombie 'A' mode, scouts being useless at signing players).
  23. Adam Richman's book, 'America the Edible' coming out in November http://www.amazon.co.uk/America-Edible-Adam-Richman/dp/1605293024/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1286445986&sr=8-1
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