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    The Spurs Thread

    Not a single shot in the second half. I watched it, and to be fair I thought we were alright, could have scored 2-3 in first half. West Ham fairly solid, and once again they score from a set piece. What is really worrying is that once WH scored, we had absolutely nothing to come back with. Lack of tactical options from the manager, lack of intensity/drive from the players.
  2. Never played a Metroid game, and usually bounce off stuff like Hollow Knight, or anything particularly punishing. But this one is starting to suck me in. I have Super Metroid on Switch SNES games, is it worth just playing that first and seeing how I get on before shelling out the cash for this? Or am I more likely to get on with this than the SNES one?
  3. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Well, it's just that reportably he plays so well for Argentina, you must think there is a good player in there somewhere. He's barely played for Spurs tbh, he's been out with injury longer than notnit seems. I think the key Nuno needs to find and tune his system, and then the players like Le Celso can understand better what they should be doing, rather than just playing slighlt spontaneously. He probably knows the Argentina system way better than he ever has with Spurs, mostly since we've either had no or a really shite system since Poch went. But he could just be another Lamela tbf.
  4. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Only one sub made. Bit weird when you've got a whole 11 of young, hungry players on the bench and it's a proper micky mouse game. Le Celso has never had a good run in the team, let alone played in a constant position.
  5. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Ndombele looking great in the No 10 position, PVH is a different and better player with Skipp behind him. Defence seems okay, Kane hopefully back, and we've got good options in the forward positions (Gill, Le Celso, Bergy). Looking a lot more positive now.
  6. That's a wonderful island you've got there, certainly the best we've seen
  7. Thanks man, coming in now. It's my daughter but she knows the rules.
  8. We're after some different fruit, at the moment we only have pear trees. Is anyone going to have their island open this morning, and would let my daughter visit to pick a few pieces of fruit
  9. Ah thanks. I thought it had been released. Oh well, I'll grab it on PS4.
  10. Is Outer Wilds available to buy on the UK store? I don't have my switch on me to check, but when I check on the Nintendo store website, it's say it's not available in my country (UK).
  11. meatbin

    Squid Game

    It's basically gone viral. The imagery used in the trailers and memes is making everyone seek out what that show is.
  12. Does this air week by week, or can you get it all at once as of Monday?
  13. Reports out there that the Oled dock can support 4K, leading to speculation that a future Switch 4K will come with this Oled model dock. Would make sense if true. https://metro.co.uk/2021/10/08/nintendo-switch-oled-cant-do-4k-but-its-dock-can-15387888/
  14. I find most M&S foods quite bland and 'safe' tasting. That ranges from things like like Scotch eggs, to Crisps, to Earl Grey teabags.
  15. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Well, I was surprised to see Kane, Son, & Lucas come on, but at least the hat trick will boost Kane's confidence. Le Celso was more of the player we thought he would be, but he needs to show that in the Premier League now. I don't want to be critical, but Dele didn't really impress - and he really should be when played against that level of competition. It feels like a combination of him trying too hard to do clever flicks and knocks, and waiting too long to pass the ball on. Everything he was involved with never progressed into a chance. Good pen though. Great player in there somewhere, but we've not seen him for years.
  16. Yeah, this has always been the best bit of PES ML for me, they always did the 'player identity' really well, even if it was a fairly unknown or computer generated player. I remember spending hours upon hours trawling through players to buy, and keeping a spreadsheet at hand to maximise the transfer market opportunity. When you finally get your updated squad and team together, playing the new faces is such a joy. Think I'll pass on Fifa, or at least until it's a lot cheaper or on Game Pass - thanks.
  17. For a PES Master League player, who's never owned or really played a FIFA game in the last 20 years, is it worth getting FIFA 2022 to play the 'Career' mode?
  18. Such a shame. Would be great now if Konami drop this series and open up a path for another developer to have a go.
  19. This is out today. Would be keen to hear people's impressions. It's getting an absolute battering on the WEPES sub-reddit, and has an overall user score of 7% on Steam.
  20. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    We need to give a thrashing tonight, three goals scored at least. Need to see some of the younger or B-team players out to give the regulars something to think about. Scarlett to score a hat-trick would be brilliant. (None of the above will happen)
  21. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Next prem games are Villa, Newcastle, West Ham, Burley, Man U. I think he'll get a chance to play those games, if he doesn't win at least three of those then I think he'll be gone. Mason until we find someone else then I suppose. Do we start talking about Conte again now?
  22. I think we may get a title for BOTW2
  23. Show me my Christmas game Nintendo!
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