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  1. meatbin

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Seconded. It adds a lot of detail to the show that richens the whole thing.
  2. meatbin

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

  3. I suppose you could be very optimistic and say they may have a team working on the whole game (all episodes), and another team working on the first episode specifically in order to get it launched asap. If the game is recieved poorly, and we have to wait years for the next episode then it could ruin the whole thing. That said, the more time they have between episodes, the more time there is for improvements. The battle system looks like the exact opposite that I want, but if its playable then consider me excited.
  4. I'm re-playing the original through on the Switch at the moment. There have been plenty of times where I find myself just sitting their still, listening to the music play out. If they don't play homage to the original music a lot of people will be upset.
  5. meatbin

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I doubt it... We could still end up behind Arsenal if we took a big loss.
  6. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Oh well, getting to the final and beating the possible league winners will stay with me for a while.
  7. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    We're going to get a penalty and win this.
  8. meatbin

    Gaming Podcasts

    Just want to give Cane and Rinse a bit of love. Listening to them through a bit of a rough patch really helped my mental state, and I find a piece of zen with every listen. Aside from that, it's a bloody great podcast that contains some brilliant & deep discussion on various games from old and new.
  9. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Oh well. Getting to the semis beeating the likely league winners will stay with me for a while. Our squad is stretched and knackered, and we're missing vital players such as Kane, Winks, and an in-form Dele. Need to invest in the summer and increase squad depth and quality.
  10. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Remember we threw away second place by losing 5-1 to an already relegated, 10 man, Newcastle. Anything is possible on Sunday, it's going to be tense. I think we have a chance of narrowly beating Ajax tomorrow, but equally Ajax have a chance to give us a proper hiding.
  11. Andy C has said this a few times.

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