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  1. I finally thought to myself last night that I'm never going to be able to complete Darker Side of The Moon. Any tips?
  2. I'm really close to abandoning this... Just got to Monarch after leaving Groundbreaker and I'm just not that interested in going any further. Feels like there is no strong drive in the main plot, and advancing to a new location doesn't feel as exciting as it should due to all the lifeless NPCs and dull vending machines. I really loved the opening of the game - exploring the initial location and looking for good loot was exhilarating. Once I realised there was no real unique weapons or armour, and how messy the consumables is, the looting quickly became tedious. Exploring the wild lands is tainted by the repetitive and dull enemies. The writing and acting is great, and I've enjoyed the quests so far. I'm desperate to love the game and finish it... Anyone else felt the same and glad they persevered? Should I just push through the main plot?
  3. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Enjoy! What stand are you in?
  4. Loving this, but one thing I'm not keen in the inventory management. I would much rather prefer a 'list view' rather than the images of each item. One question - when I'm selling items, or at work benches, do my equipped weapons/armour show up? It appears not, but I could be wrong. Also wish we could name weapon/armor on this, it's not obvious enough what ones are modded.
  5. Yeah I was trying to put my finger on what is missing with the PS4 combat.. It's lacking slight auto-aim. This is really apparent with close up enemies
  6. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah, that was maybe the best loss we could have had. Onwards.
  7. Absolutely engrossed with this, it's so easy to get engaged with the setting, feels like the best escapism I've had since Fallout NV. One thing, I know you can withdraw your weapon, BUT is there a way to not pull your weapon on NPCs when you go to talk to them? It seems insane!
  8. I'd imagine it will sound like a spacecraft setting off for an Outer World.
  9. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    I think there will be worse to come yet...
  10. Yeah in having a run on this at the moment... Just won the Premier League with a mixture of mostly Silver and few young golds. Just ditched a load of talent who would take too many cards to hit gold, and now have a fully gold first team, and tasty bench. Champions League time! And agreed, the Scout seems useless.
  11. Really hoping this is great.
  12. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Le Celso is November at best, Lloris is 2020 (obvs)
  13. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    Ndombele has to at least be in the bench... He's got one assist and two goals this season. He may not be fully fit or integrated yet, but he's the future of our midfield.
  14. meatbin

    The Spurs Thread

    We played great for the first 30mins, amid the sloppy first goal conceded. Not sure what happened after that, we just got really sloppy. 3 goals came came after Winks came off for Lamela on the 81st min... Not surprising since Lamela is more of an attacking player, but I thought that was a very poor sub. Dier could have kept it at 2-4.
  15. Would love to wait for this to come to Switch, but it's difficult to know what the performance will be like, and how long we'll have to wait. Might have to dust off the PS4....
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