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  1. @ImmaculateClump @Cyhwuhx Yeah, it's slightly confusing but Dariusburst CS is a port of Dariusburst AC EX (minus some of the Event Mode features) plus a new single-screen, console-oriented mode called Chronicle Saviors, and a bunch of DLC for that mode. The new release "Dariusburst AC EX+" is literally just a very bare-bones port of the arcade game which restores some of the Event Mode stuff (which is very cool and features some new music), and adds the Murakumo ship from the Chronicle Saviors mode to the main arcade game. However, it definitely doesn't include Chronicle Saviors mo
  2. Apparently the English script from the vaporised iOS port of SMT1 is now available in a patch for the GBA version. I'd love to be able to play every non-SFC iteration of the game at some point (I own the PCE CD and PS1 ports despite their being impenetrable to me), so it's nice to realistically be able to dive into one of them sooner than expected. https://twitter.com/romhackingnet/status/1404174998705565700?s=19
  3. Rayforce's soundtrack is by Tamayo Kawamoto, who was a Zuntata member, aye! Gaiden's is by Hisayoshi Ogura, who did all the Darius games up to and including G. The range of the guy is unbelievable!
  4. Very much enjoying what seems to be a growing trend of Japanese Wizardry games being localised after a decade of obscurity. Hoping this means the PC port of Labyrinth of Lost Souls did alright.
  5. Cheers! I should re-do it and try to make it a no-bomb run too. It's definitely doable - this is the easiest route, and I bomb in places I don't need to. Most people do play it with 15hz or 30hz autofire turned on, aye. I think it quite fundamentally changes the game in Gaiden's case, but it's probably the best place to start!
  6. Finally got around to grabbing a Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom stick for the Wii (sadly, my Retro Board and RJ45-to-GameCube cable aren't detected by Wii games at all, so I needed a stick with the Wiimote's connector). It feels surprisingly good considering it's modelled on the cheaper Madcatz SE sticks. There's a bit of wobble to the lever, but it still seems tighter than a JLF, and the buttons barely feel any different from Sanwas. Always nice to have a stick that I'm not in a hurry to upgrade!
  7. Blue power-ups are for your shield/forcefield, red ones are for your main shot and green ones are for your 'bombs' (missiles in Gradius terminology, but this game refers to the first level of your main shot as the 'missile'). Purple ones give you an extra Black Hole Bomb, and the silver ones give you a random points bonus. This thread should give you a decent primer on everything, although I haven't looked at it in donkeys: https://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=79 (Just as a general tip for powering up your main shot, the white/blue bullets tha
  8. Yeah, definitely. I don't necessarily agree with this view, but for most people the series only really hit its stride with Darius Gaiden and G-Darius, which are still generally considered the best ones. They both represent the series at its most spectacular (the sheer scale of some of the battles in G is still impressive and thrilling now), and they both bring a lot depth in terms of scoring mechanics that had previously been lacking. G-Darius is probably the most fun to jump into and mess around with, partly because of the immense boss fights but also because of the Capture Ball system, where
  9. Tell me about it @Yasawas - the Space Invaders Invincible Collection was announced so long ago I completely forgot I ordered it! Turned up last week after what must be going on a couple of years. Enjoy the wonderful and incredibly important G-Darius port!
  10. Ah yeah, I love the Hori Real Arcade VF for Saturn too! I haven't decided if I'm going to mod my VF4 stick yet but I know it's going to feel pretty flimsy compared to arcade parts. The Hori Fighting Stick PS is perfectly serviceable, though, and I imagine the lever and buttons will be of about the same quality.
  11. Anyone else obsessed with outmoded sticks that they absolutely don't need? Despite having both the Brook Universal Fighting Board, the Retro Board and a converter for MD/PCE games, which between them cover almost every system I've ever cared about, I seem to find sticks which were better than average for their time, but are now pretty obsolete, completely irresistible. I've just picked up the Hori Virtua Fighter 4 stick for PS2, for no other reason than I've always liked the idea of having a sparse 3-button stick for older shmups (and VF dabbling, of course). It's of no use to me beyond that b
  12. Yeah definitely. I think SMT1 does a really good job of conveying the sense that you're a daft teenager getting embroiled way over your head in issues you can barely fathom. It's tense and paranoid and grim - more of that, please!
  13. Yeah, most modern arcade sticks/cabinet panels will use 30mm for the action buttons, with 24mm for start and select or whatever. It looks like hitboxes (which I've never used) have one 30mm button for 'down', operated by your thumb, and 24s for the rest.
  14. It was IV's approach to demon skill inheritance (i.e. giving you full freedom to determine what they get) that killed any personality the demons had as expressed through the mechanics, for me. They became mere character portraits for you to attach whatever you like to. I understand Apocalypse addresses this somewhat by adding type affinities (e.g. if you give Jack Frost the Agi spell it just won't be very good), but previously the skills and affinities were about all the "fleshing out" the demons received as characters, so I really hope V goes back to defining them more rigidly...
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