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  1. This is pretty conclusive: Cave core works fine over HDMI. New CRT time!
  2. It isn't well advertised on Steam (and you have to search for them by name), but you can also purchase the games individually now for something like £1.69 each. This is possible on all platforms, I think. Get yourself Progear on the cheap!
  3. Thanks again! That seemed to cause the display to try to steady itself for a second, though still wobbling a lot, but it quickly went back to the usual scrolling. I saw some people talking about how the core worked perfectly for them until a certain update, at which point they started having the same issue as me, but I've tried all the older .rbfs and .mras and have the same issue with all of them. Think I might be out of luck! I'll see if it syncs properly on a modern monitor...
  4. Thanks for that, @shiffy! Interestingly, switching to 60hz only accelerates the scrolling/general weirdness. Maybe it's not an issue with the frame rate at all? I know some people have issues with their RAM modules, although again, mine has worked with everything else...
  5. Thanks, Shiffy! I'm going to try all of these avenues tonight. Cheers, all!
  6. Ah that's very kind - it'd be really helpful in narrowing things down, if you don't mind! I'll try that too, Ulala, although I never really changed anything apart from the few lines that enable CRT usage: "composite_sync=1 vga_scaler=0 video_mode=0 vsync_adjust=2"
  7. Cheers for the tip - I've thought about it, but I'm worried it's a Mister hardware or ini issue, since the TV displays literally everything else I've ever thrown at it. I'd have to be really cheeky and ask the seller if I could test it with theirs before buying.
  8. Yeah, unfortunately it doesn't have any affect on the display at all, even after a reboot etc. Thanks though!
  9. Just a cheap 14" Aiwa telly/VHS combo. Most games look amazing on it, but this one MiSTer core just doesn't like it. The display rolls diagonally, like a badly tuned TV channel or something. No other cores have this issue, despite plenty of them running at daft refresh rates etc. I've tried a few different ini settings but none of them influenced the rolling. Edit: it's this model.
  10. Amazing! I really hope this core syncs well on my CRT - still baffled by the Cave cores not working, because loads of games with much iffier refresh rates work fine! Batrider and Bakraid have never been ported, so this will be the closest anyone without the means to collect PCBs will come to the real thing.
  11. Thanks very much, shiffy! I'll get back to you if I get stuck with it.
  12. Yeah, they did the DeS remaster. This'll be huge news for many but I just really disliked their interpretation of that game's world...
  13. Is the PC version a port of the port of the original or the Bluepoint remake, though? Massively less interested in the latter, personally. Edit: oh, it must be the original if the port is finished and the remaster isn't. Duh!
  14. Ah, I've no idea at the moment, but I'll have a dig around - definitely want to try this beta! But yeah, X68000 emulation was always fiddly even in Windows.
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