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  1. Shmups

    I love it. Like most of Picorinne's games, it's a fair bit easier than its influences* (I cleared the Normal mode in a couple of hours), but if you miss Irem-style memorisers it's essential. *The previous Infinos games were essentially pastiches of R-Type and a few other classics at various points in their careers (in Infinos 0 even the idea of the NES conversion of an arcade game was aped). They're all well worth checking out - especially Battle Crust, which is a lot like Image Fight.
  2. Shmups

    Thanks a lot! It didn't work for Stella Vanity, since it doesn't have any in-game resolution settings, so it just ran in a small square in the corner of the screen, hehe. I did manage to find a solution, though! Running it at the compatibility resolution (640x480) then saying 'no' to the full-screen option at startup causes it to... run full-screen at 60fps.
  3. Shmups

    Thanks for the reply, mate! That's the one - I'm running the latest version from here. I've had a mess around with the compatibility settings, but I didn't think to try it for earlier versions of Windows, so I'll give that a go. My PC isn't anything special and is about 4 years old, but it should be able to handle this easily. Since the last post I've found it runs at the intended speed if I play it in windowed mode, so hopefully the problem is something minor I'll be able to suss out...
  4. Shmups

    Does anybody know of any workarounds for the (seemingly fairly well-known) performance issues with Stella Vanity? I'm getting inconsistent, choppy framerates, and stages in which the game is essentially running at half the intended speed throughout (the first one being the worst offender so far), regardless of the graphical settings I choose or the amount of action onscreen. I'm assuming it isn't that my PC would struggle to run it anyway...
  5. Shmups

    Hehe, they've just never had a hook that grabbed me, and always seem a bit sedate and with haphazard bullet patterns, but I could definitely be tempted to give them another crack of the whip of they're cheap enough!
  6. The Mummy Demastered - WayForward's Excellent Mummyvania

    I like this a lot, but I've just hit a point at which the Dark Souls corpse-run mechanic that I've been enjoying gets potentially really bad. I died in an area far away from where I last saved, and lost a dash power-up that made getting there much easier. I also died on the way back to the tooled-up undead agent, which produced a second undead agent who didn't have the dash move on him (or anything else I acquired during the run). I'm currently in a hilariously unfortunate situation in which there are two of my corpses patrolling the same space, while sarcophagi - hands down the worst enemies in the game - pop out of the sand to shoot ghosts at me. Getting back to and killing the original zombie who has my stuff will now be a colossal challenge. It's a point at which I think a lot of people would give up, so I hope it doesn't happen to many others... Also, bosses outlast your ammo by several minutes, which will put off anyone who isn't here for Shattered Soldier-style boss-mastery.
  7. Shmups

    Yeah, I actually love the other MOSS-developed Raiden games, but from what I've seen this isn't anything like them, and I haven't heard many positive things about it from people I trust, so I think I'll be waiting for a sale.
  8. Shmups

    It seems good so far, and I like its 'soul collect' system (graze bullets to charge a super-attack which draws in enemy souls for points), although the boss battles are a bit Touhou-ish for my liking - i.e. long, multi-stage affairs with patterns that somehow feel busy, messy and sedate at the same time. I've only played about fifteen minutes. I love the setting, and it's very beautiful, so I'll stick with it for a while and hopefully post something more useful tomorrow.
  9. Shmups

    This looks ace.
  10. The Rllmuk Metal Thread Part 2

    The new Vacivus dropped on Friday, and it's the best UK death metal album I've heard in years. (Not that I listen to much these days, being thoroughly obsessed with shitty punky black metal.) Mixed and mastered by Dan from Cruciamentum, who has done a boss job, I reckon. https://vacivus.bandcamp.com/album/temple-of-the-abyss
  11. Shmups

    AngerForce looks very much like a Psikyo game from the trailer - specifically GunBird 2. How would you say it compares to their stuff, clippa?
  12. Twin Peaks

    I agree with you guys, by the way - I didn't mean to present the article as anything definitive, of course. Those final scenes create an atmosphere of things being profoundly, unbearably wrong. It seems unlikely that the utterly thwarted, baffled Coop had - aha! - Actually Won. But it definitely illuminates a lot of interesting stuff...
  13. Twin Peaks

    I was initially dreading that series 3 would be a conservative nostalgia exercise, so I've been thrilled with every moment of it, and relieved to find it antagonistic to that expectation. I've appreciated how far it has gone to unmoor itself from the Twin Peaks that people remember and love (myself included), to puncture nostalgia almost at every opportunity (not least by transforming so many familiar returning characters into grotesque monstrosities), and instead march forward as a continuation of Lynch's wider career, and a genuinely groundbreaking realisation of what is possible with television as art.
  14. Shmups

    Ah right! A soundtrack CD is still grand (I love Manabu Namiki), but doesn't go as far to justify the nutty prices.
  15. Shmups

    There's a Limited Edition release of Garegga that comes on a disc. Pretty swish package! Nice one, clippa! You work incredibly quickly.

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