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  1. In the Grand Archives now, another 'greatest hits' pandering area that has turned out to be brilliant! There are lots of devious cross-ups of different enemy types attacking you in ways that are tricky to handle all at once, and the stage design adds some refreshing verticality to a largely flat and open game. (DS3's closeness in its overall structure and stage design to DS2 has been surprising to see, since I'd assumed DS2's existence would be basically ignored here, but its influence is everywhere, as is its 'lore'.) I love how the series manages to treat weird/outlandish stuff
  2. This new Cozmic Revelation trailer shows a couple of great features: G-Darius HD has a gallery showing a list of the enemies you've captured, marking the return of the sorely-missed bestiary to the genre, and EX+ now allows you to play as the Murakumo in all modes. Edit: there's also a Zuntata Night stream happening in about half an hour (at 11:00 GMT).
  3. Impressed that you managed to take down the Dancer straight after Yhorm. I went to Irithyll after Yhorm and am currently at Aldrich. I looked up other means of getting to the Dancer earlier, other than just carrying on along the main path, and I ended up killing Emma and having a go at this battle instead of practicing Aldrich for a bit. I'm not sure it was the wisest decision, as she's currently leathering me! I've learned the first half of the fight but the timings on her slashes seem different in the second phase, so I'll have to chip away at her for a bit. I think she might als
  4. I'm getting back into this, having replayed DeS recently and remembered I got burnt out on DS3 and never finished it. Just beat Pontiff Sulyvahn with three parries and a couple of cheap shots during his summon. A break works wonders! I'm not a big fan of the game's general character as a sort of "greatest hits", but I have to admit this re-run and expansion of the Anor Londo archers segment is brilliant.
  5. Nice, I've been revisiting the SFC version of Da! recently. Mostly just to see the cool bathhouse level again, which isn't in any of the other versions. It's been nice getting back into the series again generally - I have every Parodius game in one form or another, and at the height of my Gradius obsession it was pretty much my favourite series, but it feels like it's been about a decade since I played them 'seriously'. Hoping to get a 1CC on this soon!
  6. Yeah, you can only reach the one nearest the door, but as long as you stay next to the door and lob bones from there (some will miss as the dragons move around), you can leave and respawn them. If you do it, save after every couple of levels, because one stray fireball from them will kill you in skeleton form.
  7. There's a lot of pretty unsubstantiated stuff about the lighting being "obviously" better in this, stated very declaratively, but I don't think it is obvious. This is far from the only criticism I could make of the game's new art direction (which is not a matter of minor, nuanced difference but an entirely new understanding of the source material), but the biggest visual difference is in just how brightly lit every area now is, particularly in the interiors, which were completely defined by darkness previously, through which we only caught glimpses of architecture. The overbearing tendency tow
  8. Yeah, I've been after a DOJ bootleg (white or black label) for some time. I probably couldn't afford it at the moment, but do let us know your asking price if you decide to sell it. Cheers!
  9. There's no way to stop that rotation as far as I'm aware, but if the throw and engage feel too loose when you're playing a game, you could always try adding a heavier-gauge spring, as I'm sure the one that comes with the Mayflash stick is very light. A 1lb, 1.5lb or even 2lb spring could help a lot. I'm not sure if you'd need a Sanwa spring or Seimitsu spring to fit the Mayflash stick, but Arcade World are great at answering questions like that. If you decide to replace the stick altogether for another brand, make sure it comes with a 5-pin connector (and harness/cable), like this, so that
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