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  1. You really should watch TROS @Unofficial Who - take it from a fellow TLJ lover. Yes it's very daft and frantic and everything else but most importantly it finishes off the best part of TLJ (the Rey & Ben (& Luke (& Leia (& Han))) storyline) really nicely, especially given that they had to do Leia's bits with whatever offcuts they could find. I've been a "true fan" since April 1978 which is when the original film arrived at my local cinema (remember those days? Kids don't know they're born etc.) and I don't think I've ever called for Kathleen Kennedy to be sacked so my credentials on this are impeccable.
  2. And it coined the phrase "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" as a throwaway line.
  3. It doesn’t really make sense but it’s enjoyable hokum. My prediction
  4. On finding the last few roads, my very last one was a tiny crescent (normal road not dirt track) off another road (somewhere in the north east quarter of the map IIRC) that I’d driven past and therefore “coloured in” both ends of the crescent, leaving approx 1mm greyed out between them. Took bloody ages to find that one.
  5. I *think* it's the case that all stories leave one icon somewhere on the map even after you've finished them (you have to have stories selected in the filter obviously). When you drive to that icon and press X, it gives you a choice of all the chapters, so you can replay any you like. This confused me for ages as well but then I discovered this and I'm gradually trying to 3-star everything now.
  6. INT TARDIS. THE DOCTOR (David Tennant) SITS UP SUDDENLY. HE LOOKS CONFUSED. DOCTOR: Well, that was different. I've never dreamt I was a woman before. ENDING CREDITS.
  7. Oh, I didn't even realise there were any specials coming up. I though it was two more episodes of this series then over to RTD. My point still stands though, this is all going to end with a big reset which means future writers can ignore it completely if they so wish.
  8. Quantum... dislocation? aka wibbly wobbly.
  9. This is my worry too, especially as it's all inevitably heading towards a big reset button to give RTD a nice clean slate to work with. I thought this week's was excellent though, with lots of properly good wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. The boundary between the two time zones and the conversations across it were particularly good. And I liked the way it actually developed the angels, in a way that fits with all their previous appearances: I still think Ol' Crystal Bonce and Mrs Swarovski Head are a bit rubbish though. And this week's episode had a noticeable lack of Alien Dog Bloke.
  10. Darren

    Xbox museum

    My secret shame exposed. I just love the cartoon boobies so much!
  11. Darren

    Xbox museum

    By way of contrast Still, 191 games in just a year isn't bad going.
  12. Nutbush City Limits?
  13. I just have a Series S (and a Switch if that counts) and I couldn't be happier with it. It's a combination of Game Pass, Quick Resume, instant-on, and all those little touches that just make it absolutely perfect for me. As a result I haven't spent a penny on games since launch day a year ago, but in that time I've completed thirty new or new-to-me games and tried out dozens more. As an added bonus for me personally, a combination of never having owned any type of Xbox previously, less than perfect eyesight, and gaming on a telly on the other side of the living room, means that I don't feel like I'm missing out by "only" having the S rather than an X. I know that all those older games would look even better if I had an X, but to me they look pretty amazing already and I'm not convinced the extra graphical resolution and shinies would be worth another £200, even if I could actually tell the difference with my specific TV/eyes/room size combo. I've done comparisons with films in 1080 and 4K on that screen and I can't tell them apart, so I'm more than happy with my pauperbox which is still by far the most powerful games machine I've ever owned. Before actually getting the Xbox I was sure I'd also end up with a PS5 eventually, just as I have with every PS since the 2, but I was happy to wait until there's a smaller, cheaper version available. I'm looking forward to playing the next Horizon (Aloy not Alloys (DYSWIDT???)), but I've been spoiled by Game Pass. The thought of spending another few hundred quid on another console plus another £50+ on a single game just seems ludicrously expensive now. The S plus three years GP cost me £371 but as I said, I haven't had to spend a single penny more to play any of the probably-getting-on-for-a-hundred games I've played on it. I'm still open to the idea (and I really would love to play Forbidden West) but Sony will have to make me an offer I can't refuse (hopefully a nice one rather than a horse's head type situation).
  14. I suspect the answer would be "something that looks really cool." I say all this as someone who liked TFA (and TRoS! I watched it again the other day and enjoyed it!) but (to bring us back on topic) neither of them have the emotional core of TLJ. All three films have deeply silly things in them but I'll always love TLJ for the Luke-Rey-Ben storyline at its heart which I will go to my grave defending.
  15. Oh, Mortal Shell - I was trying to read it and was hoping it was Mortal Smell.
  16. I suppose it killed a nearby star (near to the base), just not the one the planets it was shooting were orbiting. It fired across the galaxy (through hyperspace, which is how the beams could be seen from other planets nowhere near either the base or the target). Yes I am a massive nerd.
  17. OT, but I still don't understand how they managed to name the bigger, better, badder Death Star in TFA Starkiller (after Luke's name in the early SW drafts) but then didn't have it actually killing stars. It should have been a weapon powerful enough to blow up a whole star, making it go supernova and so destroying all its orbiting planets and their moons. Instead of the beam we actually got, that splits apart and blows up each planet in the system individually, leaving the star untouched. The First Order clearly don't worry about complying with the galactic version of the Trade Descriptions Act.
  18. I think this is exactly the problem, we've been trained to think of games as having a beginning, middle and end, that you can progress through and complete. This just doesn't fit that model. We almost instinctively wonder what we're "supposed to do next" when the answer is "whatever you feel like."
  19. Sure, but where's the fun in that? I liked the fact that this eureka moment (that I'm sure was obvious to everyone else) briefly turned the game into a much slower and closer examination of the landscape around the roads rather than constantly whizzing past (or across) that landscape.
  20. Not unexpected but still a shame. I suppose it's an improvement to their process that they're now sacking directors before they start making their film rather than after they've shot most of it.
  21. I found another Barn Find by accident last night, and in doing so worked out a Top Tip that has turned them from something I didn't care about into my new favourite part of the game. I realise this is probably common knowledge but just in case it isn't, here's my guaranteed method to always find the barn in a Barn Find area: The only problem now is that by using this method I've found them all! Do new ones get added or is that it?
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