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  1. I think you need to wait for Pokémon Xtreme Beach Volleyball.
  2. Fantastic as always. This week on Space Fascism we had Kettling, trigger happy cops frightened of the people they’re supposedly there to protect, and a shot of Luthen looking over the city that could have been Gaza.
  3. Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday…
  4. I’m on team Quaxly. The character movement and environment is giving me a Kingdom Hearts vibe. But I’m glad of all the hand-holding seeing as it’s about 20 years since I last played one of these. Le Fronk - C’est Chonk.
  5. I've only ever played two Pokemon games - Yellow and Ruby on the GBC and GBA respectively. I got bored before finishing Ruby and so I've never been tempted to try any of the later iterations. But my eldest, who would have Pokemon as their specialist subject if they were ever on Mastermind, has been begging me to play another for as long as I can remember. And with the open world etc. this finally seems to have deviated from the original formula enough to entice me back in. So Scarlet's downloaded and ready to go.
  6. I answered that I'm currently on El Cheapo Gold Trick but I'd pay full price if that wasn't available. I think the only wrinkle then would be I'd treat it like any TV streaming sub and dip in and out at different times depending on what was currently on there that I wanted to play. In practice that might end up meaning I'd still be subbed all the time, but I wouldn't do it for a three year chunk (or even one year) all in advance - it would be a monthly payment and only when I was planning to use it. Edit: yeah, what they said
  7. We’ve just watched all of this over the last week or so. After the way Game of Thrones ended I had no plans to bother with it at all, but we got a cheap NowTV offer so gave it a go. And I’m so glad we did. This has got all the family feuding and politicking of those fantastic early GoT seasons without any of the shark jumping from later on. I was never a fan of Dynasty but Space Dynasty is pretty damn brilliant.
  8. I always assume they're meaningless arse-covering by twitchy lawyers at the publisher. Wasn't there a ruling somewhere a while ago that said they're basically unenforceable as nobody could be reasonably expected to actually read it all, never mind understand it?
  9. I presume it’s just about efficiency. If each facility only has one species (if that’s the right word) then they can all do the same work, the same floor voltage works on everyone, and they only need one type of gruel in the feeding tubes.
  10. You know when I said a few weeks ago that this was the best ever Star Wars? I was wrong. That was the best ever Star Wars.
  11. That’s so sad, he was my favourite artist in the early days of 2000AD. Terror Tube was the one that hooked me. His style changed a lot over time but it was always recognisably him.
  12. I’m finally starting to run out of steam with this. I’ve finished all the free play stuff apart from a few bits that depend on doing things in the story levels. So I’m working back through the story levels to get all the kits and objectives and it’s turned into a real slog, the opposite of the sheer fun of the open world game. But I’m so close to completely finishing! So I don’t want to give up now.
  13. Delighted to fill another gap in my “favourite 90s albums that never came out on vinyl” collection. Edit: flipping heck I’d forgotten how much I love this album. It sounds amazing on vinyl.
  14. This was my first thought too. I can just imagine the production meeting about this episode. “What would a futuristic prison look like before Star Wars, if it was dreamt up by George Lucas?” “Like the futuristic prison he dreamt up before Star Wars?”
  15. Oh well, the easy huge points for going to the Fortnite loading screen every morning was good while it lasted.
  16. Are there any games on gamepass that work via the cloud on a tablet for the "play with friends on a pc" thing? I searched for Age of Empires but couldn't find it.
  17. Don't make me tap the sign!
  18. I never got round to watching the previous episode so I wasn’t going to bother with this, but on the advice of my son I just watched the last five minutes. Oooh! When’s it back on?
  19. I know, I’m just trying to present it from a different angle to show what that means in practice.
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