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  1. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    I can’t help thinking a lot of people are looking at this from completely the wrong perspective. This is not a new improved model to entice existing owners to upgrade. If you want a Switch that connects to your TV, they already have you covered with the original model. But there will be a significant number of people who are “handheld only” gamers, who’ve had Nintendo portables over the years but never been interested in their consoles. And of course there will be millions of families that have one main console for everyone to share on TV and a handheld each for the kids. This is for them. This has been their strategy since Iwata announced they wanted a single platform so they didn’t need to develop different games specifically for portables.
  2. 13. The Three Body Problem - Cixin Liu This is one I picked up in a Kindle sale after seeing lots of recommendations on here, and I'm glad I did. There's not a lot to say that hasn't already been said, but I've already got the second and third parts of this trilogy loaded and ready. I was particularly impressed with the way the book shifted through the gears, starting (relatively) small with the Cultural Revolution and its impact on one woman in particular, and eventually, and completely naturally, becoming a galaxy-spanning sci-fi story. The historical stuff was interesting as I had no real idea about it previously, and some of the sci-fi concepts it develops are mind blowing. So add me to the list of people who really like this book.
  3. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    Seems entirely predictable, especially as I bought myself a Switch for almost entirely handheld use last week so it was inevitable this would be announced immediately afterwards. No regrets though, I do occasionally use it on the TV and I appreciate the flexibility. This version is perfect for kids, and will become the true successor to the 3DS, finally fulfilling Iwata's strategy to have a single platform for home and portable gaming. Are people really wondering why the cheaper portable-only version won't play on TVs?
  4. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    Can anyone recommend a grip for holding the whole switch+joycons in portable mode? There are a few on Amazon but it's hard to tell which if any are any good.
  5. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    Alright Hef, we don’t all work at the Playboy Mansion you know.
  6. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    And the others are all the N64 controller colours apart from the OG grey.
  7. I know I'm straying from the topic but I wish more games allowed you to invert both x and y. That was always my preference until a few years ago where I was playing something that didn't allow invert x and I forced myself to get used to it, so my default now is to invert y only. But that makes no intuitive sense to me - I always think of it as camera controls, so you move the back of the camera (or your character's head in first person) in the opposite direction to where you want to look. I realise this makes me some sort of deviant, and the fact that invert x isn't a standard option proves it, but it makes sense to me.
  8. 12. Roadwork - Richard Bachman (Stephen King) My King readathon continues with another non-supernatural story from his pseudonym Bachman. With this book it's easy to see how people were able to work out Bachman's true identity, because although it has no overt horror or metaphysical content, in every other respect it's as King as they come. Well-drawn, flawed but sympathetic characters, brilliant dialogue, an eye for everyday details, and a totally compelling story. Although it's not set there (it's set in an unspecified American city in the winter of 1973-4) it even has a character from Portland, Maine, which really gets the Stevey-sense tingling. But regardless of who wrote it, this is a great book in its own right. It's the story of a man who's home and place of work are both in the path of an under-construction freeway (the titular Roadwork) and how he deals with this threat to the settled rhythms of his life. It's obvious right from the start that something's not quite right with him, but exactly what this is, and why and how it affects his response to the impending upheaval is masterfully revealed piece by piece. I found this hard to put down which is why I've rattled through it in just four days. He knows how to write, that Stephen King Richard Bachman.
  9. Darren

    Nintendo Switch

    My daughter regularly uses ours with a portable battery pack and it hasn't bricked yet. #ButHaveINowJinxedIt
  10. I want to see Ygritte's great^n grandmother telling various people how much they knurr.
  11. It really is excellent! The sequel is decent but nowhere near as good, unfortunately.
  12. Is it the last episode tonight?
  13. I've been (re)playing this over the last week (since the E3 announcement reminded me I never finished it the first time) and I love the fact that I'm finding whole areas I never visited the first time round, despite previously doing all four divine beasts and going on a find the shrines quest. The whole world is just huge. And climbing everything never gets old.
  14. 11. The Song of Achilles - Madeline Miller This is one of those books that I wouldn't normally look at twice, but it was 99p on Kindle one day and it seemed worth a punt. It's a retelling of the story of Achilles, from the point of view of his friend, lover and soul mate Patroclus. As my prior knowledge of the classics is based on Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans and the cartoon version of Hercules, I had no real idea what this story involved, and I still don't know how faithful this adaptation is to the "original" or how much is the author's invention. But what I do know is it's a great story, beautifully told. If this is what they're like, I can see why they're called the classics.
  15. I used to agree when I first started reading the comics, but I've come to realise that Marvel and their writers are very good at those callbacks. With very few exceptions, they enhance the stories and even manage to slightly rehabilitate the referenced scenes. They can't magically make the films themselves any good, of course, but they do a great job with what they've got. The last issue of Dark Lord of the Sith is a brilliant example, which just wouldn't work without them, and it works perfectly.
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