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  1. I asked this in one of the threads but I missed if anyone answered - do Smyths deliver? (I'm guessing from what you've said they do.) And if so how are they for launch day delivery?
  2. I voted Series S but really it's a toss up between that and neither. I've never bought a non-Nintendo console at launch before and the other week I got swept up in the Xbox positivity and decided to break that habit. But the head says there's a reason I've never owned an Xbox, which is that it doesn't have the kind of games I like. But the heart says how do you know if you haven't played them? And it's so small, and cheap, and you get to try out all those games you've never even tried for next to nothing. And you get to enjoy a bit of launch day excitement too. So I'm still more on that side of the fence, but only just. I wasn't going to buy a PS5 at launch under any circumstances, and now Horizon 2 is confirmed for PS4 I've got even less reason.
  3. And similarly for all-access orders, which are only from Game or Smyths - do they deliver or do you have to go to pick it up? And if they deliver, how good are they at delivering on release day?
  4. You wash your filthy mouth out. The Switch is definitely not Coldplay in that it has a catalogue of top quality releases that you can bear to play for more than two minutes before wishing you were deaf.
  5. That’s another way to put it, yes. I was just making a point of what a bargain it is compared to @Timmo thinking it was £25 a month just for GPU with no console thrown in.
  6. Or, to put it another way, it’s not £25 a month: it’s only £21, after two years it drops to £11 a month and you get a free Xbox Series S thrown in.
  7. I enjoyed it despite not getting on with the clone wars cartoon and not watching it beyond the first couple of seasons, so I didn’t get any of the references to events from the series. So I’m probably not the best person to judge but even so I’d say it’s one of the better books.
  8. This is me. I don’t have any previous Xbox, and my current consoles are a Switch and PS4 Slim, both on a 1080 telly. I realise I’m not in the cutting edge of technology demographic but that’s why the S seems perfect for me. The X is for those who are. The genius move here is that we can all play the same games and all be happy with our purchases.
  9. The best compilation album of all time?
  10. What’s the cheapest way to buy game pass ultimate if you’re a new subscriber (i.e. with no previous Xbox/MS accounts whatsoever)?
  11. It looks about the size of a Wii U. Edit: I checked and it is! The footprint is almost identical (S: 275x151mm, U: 269x162mm), and the S is about 50% thicker (63mm vs 46mm). Amazing.
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