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  1. 2. Donut County As most people seem to have said, this is quite a pleasant and fun couple of hours but nothing special. Part way through it seemed like it was going to develop some more complex puzzle mechanics, but they only really appeared in the last ten minutes or so. It feels more like a tutorial stage than a full game, but if they ever did produce that full game I'd be interested. 3. Tell Me Why I really enjoyed this. I'm a fan of "walking simulators" and other slow-paced narrative games generally, and this is an excellent example. The story is great,
  2. We watched the first three last night. I thought the first two were pretty tedious and if I’d just have watched them last weekend I’m not sure I’d have bothered with part 3. So I’m glad I did, because not only was it miles better than the first two, it retrospectively made them seem better as part of the overall series structure so far: 1. Perfect pastiche of idyllic life with just one moment hinting things aren’t as they seem, 2. More of the same but with more cracks starting to appear, 3. Things starting to get properly weird. I really don’t understand why they didn’t release all
  3. Did I see Peter Molydeux in the credits for Donut County?
  4. It's like @deerokus said - just use the external HD as cold storage. My HD is set as the default location for downloads, and then they get transferred over to the SSD (which takes a fraction of the time) when I get round to playing them, and stay there until I've finished/had enough/given up.
  5. It's brilliant playing non-optimised games from the internal drive (I think you'd get the same effect from an external SSD too, just not an HD) and reading the first three words from a wall of text on each loading screen before it disappears. I can imagine some older games getting patched with an optional "press A to continue" button added to those screens to give you a chance to read them.
  6. Before I got my Series S I was expecting to be in the "I didn't play much last-gen so it all feels new to me" camp. I didn't have an Xbox and didn't play very much on my PS4 so for me the great attraction of the S + Game Pass was that it was a good way to try out lots of older games that I missed. And indeed, that's how I've used it so far - I've played loads of games on it but the only brand new one so far was Call of the Sea. But it's the ease of use, the instant boot up and quick resume (which has been working pretty consistently for me, perhaps I'm just lucky) that means I've played far mo
  7. @Wahwah* confirmed as Boris Johnson alt.
  8. I'm looking forward to giving it a go, but it's got 65% written all over it.
  9. We watched this over the last few nights after finding out about its existence from this thread. Absolutely brilliant. I hope we find out what happened to Rita.
  10. Of the binary options I picked all at once, but we tend not to binge multiple episodes at a time, unless it's a massive cliffhanger or there's only one more episode left. For most dramas we like to watch an episode a night - so you have time for the previous one to sink in and let you think about it, but it's still fresh in your mind the next night when you carry on. Although we've enjoyed the forced weekly schedule of things like the Mandalorian, and previously Game of Thrones - it makes each episode seem like an event when everyone is talking about the same thing. So perhaps I sh
  11. 1. Dragon Quest XI This game alone proves to me the value of the Xbox Game Pass. I’ve played a few JRPGs over the years (although no Dragon Quests) but completed hardly any of them. I usually get to the point where a bit of grinding is required and get bored. So there’s no way I’d have bought this, but as a freebie that everyone seemed to be raving about I gave it a go. And I’m so glad I did! The story is fairly standard young lad discovers he’s destined to save the world, gathers a slightly odd bunch of mates and gets on with the world-saving type stuff, but the humour and style w
  12. Books - start with Claudia Gray’s “not really but they kind of fit together” trilogy: Leia Princess of Alderaan, Lost Stars and Bloodline. Comics - these latest Star Wars and Darth Vader series are a great place to start, they both follow directly on from ESB and are utterly fantastic. The two earlier Vader series are also excellent, as are Doctor Aphra and Poe Dameron.
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