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  1. Oh yeah, absolutely prune all the stuff they put there by default.
  2. This sounds like it's nicked the premise from Heinlein's Life-Line.
  3. Yes, you can add a game to home which gives it a dedicated tile on the home screen, or you can add it to a group and then add that group to the home screen. I do the latter for a group I call "now playing" which is at the top of my home screen list so one press down brings up quick links to everything I've currently got on the go.
  4. Hold on, hold on just a second. This gold conversion has a substantial dollar value attached to it.
  5. I like Wet Leg but I'm slightly, and probably entirely unfairly, suspicious of why they are getting so much attention on the back of so few releases. It feels like somebody somewhere is promoting them in a way that isn't available to their indie peers. It'll probably turn out that it's because they're already massive Tik Tok stars or something that's completely passed me by.
  6. I’m 18 minutes into episode 1 and absolutely loving it. I am a big Beatles fan and this is like a window into a world I’ve only ever imagined.
  7. You really should watch TROS @Unofficial Who - take it from a fellow TLJ lover. Yes it's very daft and frantic and everything else but most importantly it finishes off the best part of TLJ (the Rey & Ben (& Luke (& Leia (& Han))) storyline) really nicely, especially given that they had to do Leia's bits with whatever offcuts they could find. I've been a "true fan" since April 1978 which is when the original film arrived at my local cinema (remember those days? Kids don't know they're born etc.) and I don't think I've ever called for Kathleen Kennedy to be sacked so my credentials on this are impeccable.
  8. And it coined the phrase "wibbly wobbly timey wimey" as a throwaway line.
  9. It doesn’t really make sense but it’s enjoyable hokum. My prediction
  10. On finding the last few roads, my very last one was a tiny crescent (normal road not dirt track) off another road (somewhere in the north east quarter of the map IIRC) that I’d driven past and therefore “coloured in” both ends of the crescent, leaving approx 1mm greyed out between them. Took bloody ages to find that one.
  11. I *think* it's the case that all stories leave one icon somewhere on the map even after you've finished them (you have to have stories selected in the filter obviously). When you drive to that icon and press X, it gives you a choice of all the chapters, so you can replay any you like. This confused me for ages as well but then I discovered this and I'm gradually trying to 3-star everything now.
  12. INT TARDIS. THE DOCTOR (David Tennant) SITS UP SUDDENLY. HE LOOKS CONFUSED. DOCTOR: Well, that was different. I've never dreamt I was a woman before. ENDING CREDITS.
  13. Oh, I didn't even realise there were any specials coming up. I though it was two more episodes of this series then over to RTD. My point still stands though, this is all going to end with a big reset which means future writers can ignore it completely if they so wish.
  14. Quantum... dislocation? aka wibbly wobbly.
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