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  1. I was in two minds whether to even bother this week, but I’m glad I did as that was easily the best episode so far. I agree with all the things everyone enjoyed so I’ll just bring things down by saying I can’t help feeling the moral of this story looks like being all over the place. The US govt/military treated Isiah and loads of others like shit so the answer is to work for them and wear their flag costume to show how things have improved? As I said the other week, it’s unrealistic to expect a Disney production to deliver a coherent critique of American exceptionalism and racism, but then the
  2. My uncle works for Palitoy in California and he showed me the Lucas cut of Episode 9 where Rey is revealed to be the great granddaughter of Boss Nass.
  3. Yeah, Marvel are nothing if not confusing with their numbering. They love restarting series with the same name from #1 (at least with the second Vader series they gave it a subtitle, the third one that’s running now is back to plain old Darth Vader again) and then they bring out paperback collections (so called Trade Paperbacks) which include 5 or 6 issues each, and then hardback collections with about a dozen issues in each, but all just called Volume 1, Volume 2, etc. They normally distinguish different series with the same name by the year they started, so in this case all these books say o
  4. Ah right, I'm with K on this but I won't turn this thread into yet another front in the Star Wars Wars.
  5. Mine are all Star Wars, because apart from Immortal Hulk and 2000AD they're the only comics I read. And I read ALL OF THEM so you don't have to. So here are my top 5 completed modern Star Wars comics series. These are in publication order rather than order of preference. 1. Star Wars (2015-2019, 75 issues) - Marvel's main Star Wars comic, which starts immediately after the events of the original film (which I still think of just as Star Wars but which the kids these days insist on calling A New Hope) and ends immediately before The Empire Strikes Back. It's quite a convoluted journ
  6. Harrison Ford. Star Wars episodes 4-7, Blade Runner + sequel, Raiders trilogy. Everything else is a bonus.
  7. I’m finding this very flat and disappointing, although I’m coming into it as only a casual MCU watcher so I’m not really the target audience. There is a potentially great and topically relevant story to be told about state sponsored violence vs people they deem to be terrorists, and a character who is literally a soldier wearing a flag should be the perfect vehicle for that, but so far this just isn’t it. It’s probably unrealistic to expect Disney to produce a story that essentially asks “are we the baddies?” and even though the last shot implied that’s where they’re going, I expect it to conc
  8. Whoever decided to make this with the white and milk chocolate that way round should be thrown into the Great Pit of Carkoon.
  9. Darren

    vinyl lovers

    There are a few that I want: Kristin Hersh - Wyatt at the Coyote Palace Republica - Republica Maria McKee x2 - Live & High Dive Mansun - Closed for Business I can’t imagine any of them selling out except possibly the Mansun EP but I’m quite tempted to turn up early and queue anyway.
  10. This is the final title in Marvel's ongoing quartet of series running in parallel, set immediately after the end of The Empire Strikes Back, and while it's not at all bad, it's definitely the weak link. As the title suggests, this is all about the criminal underworld and in particular, an ongoing war between two rival syndicates. It's a decent story with some nice twists but it suffers from having a large cast of (mostly) new characters, and lots of flashbacks, so it gets quite confusing not just who's who but also who's side they're on (which changes often). Having said that, by the end of th
  11. @deKay If I say Ginger Freckle Terrorist will that help?
  12. 8. Wreckfest To the extent you can ever "complete" a driving game, i.e. I got the trophy for completing career mode. What a fabulous game this is. Because the focus is as much on destruction and survival as it is on racing, you often find yourself limping along on three wheels but still hoping to reach the finish line, and it's always fun. I think this is the most I've enjoyed a racer since the mighty Excite Truck on the Wii.
  13. I think "Brummie woman" is great, in fact I commented to my wife how nice it is to have a British character in an American show with a normal, recognisable accent, rather than generic London, posh/RP or some weird mangled attempt at "regional" (c.f. Daphne (and her family!) from Frasier).
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