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    Is it just me, or is Ken Levine's voice strangely unsettling? I'm sure I recognised his voice as one that was used in SS2 as well. Maybe that's why it sounds creepy.
  2. Planescape: Torment. Amazing emotional rollercoaster of a game, if you let it suck you in.
  3. ervin

    The Long Haul

    Every Extend. The satisfaction of huge chain explosions never gets old.
  4. Ah yes, Syndicate and Beneath a Steel Sky. BASS is a game I've never played but always wanted to. I may well get to it one day. But Syndicate - what an absolute classic. It ran a bit slowly on my Amiga 500 (particularly some of the larger levels), but that game kept me busy for months (when I upgraded to an A1200, Syndicate ran beautifully). Modern FPS flamethrowers are far more realistic and visually impressive of course, but there was something about torching every last living being in one of Syndicate's levels that was so satisfying, and the feeling of utter destruction has arguably not been bettered. The effects of splash damage from rocket fire and exploding vehicles was immensely gratifying as well. Defeating the Atlantic Accelerator was a tremendous achievement - I still remember the frustration of figuring out ways to defeat it, and the joy when I finally did. I think it's about time I paid Syndicate another visit.
  5. Yes, amongst others. I can't remember where the glitches are, as it's been a while since I watched a speedrun of it. The description of one such speedrun (and the video itself) can be obtained from http://speeddemosarchive.com/SuperMetroid.html
  6. That's a great find. There's some really funny shennanigans in that vid.
  7. It is interesting indeed. Entire sections of the game are skipped (including some boss battles!). It really is crazy. That reminds me, speedruns in general seem to rely heavily on glitches. Like the Metroid and (metroidvania) Castlevania games, where sequence breaking is usually done by entering parts of the game that you shouldn't be able to get to until you have fulfilled certain conditions.
  8. Hi everyone. I was just watching the recently released final version of Half Life 2 Done Quick. And by crikey it breaks the magic of the game big time. The glitches used in the speedrun are absolutely astonishing - from making NPCs go through their motions more quickly by holding a book above their heads, to using a splinter from a smashed crate to fly over buildings. And it got me thinking about glitches in games in a general sense. Yes, several games let you get stuck in scenery, or other such nonsense, but what are some other examples of fantastic, funny or embarassing glitches?
  9. Meat Circus (Psychonauts) Such a magnificent game - only to be blighted with a very frustrating last level (although once you finally crack it, it's quite easy). Best game of the year, by the way. Into the Belly of the Beast (Halo) On Legendary this is frickin' difficult. Had me swearing at the computer for hours. Ah, such fun.
  10. I finished the Amiga version, including the Atlantic Accelerator. B) Although for the life of me I don't remember what happened. I'm sure there was closure though.
  11. This may help: http://speeddemosarchive.com/ResidentEvil4.html
  12. That is absolutely brilliant. Thanks very much for your efforts. Looks great, plays really well, and sounds fabulous. The animated backgrounds and the explosions are stunning. Zone 6 is a right bast though!
  13. Also known as Xain D' Sleena. Fabulous game. The music on the first level was absolutely superb.
  14. Ah yes, First Samurai. The waterfalls in that game were gorgeous.
  15. Shadow of the Beast's sequels had great graphics, actually. Lionheart is absolutely gorgeous, both artistically and technically. Elfmania for the same reasons (although it's not a particularly great game). Agony was very pretty indeed - so colourful (and really quite relaxing for a shooter). Disposable Hero looks stunning. Gods has a unique style all of its own. Flashback is beautiful, just beautiful.
  16. Thanks for pointing this game out. I'd never heard of it before, and, having just tried it, I must agree. It really is very impressive. Excellent use of colour, fabulous animation, and hard as nails. EDIT: How do you use other weapons, once you have collected them? EDIT 2: Never mind. Looks like the weapons switch automatically, once you've collected enough bubbles. This is a great game - ripe for a remake I think.
  17. It is Jahangir Khan's World Championship Squash. I was very close the first time!
  18. That would be Starquake. And what a masterpiece it was/is.
  19. Will there be a downloadable version? I'd be happy to pay the same price of course.
  20. Aaaah, this was (and still is) an awesome game. I had it for my Amstrad CPC464. I still remember the review in Amstrad Computer User from back in the day, describing how amazing this game was, and from that moment on I had to have it. As soon as my local computer shop had it, I bought it. I never managed to complete it either, although that was because I was crap. I don't know if the CPC version had the same bug.
  21. Hi all. Here's a webpage you might find interesting. Downloads are almost halfway down the page. http://exotica.fix.no/misc/video/ Crikeys those videos are bad!
  22. Excellent GOTM nomination. I too have very fond memories o' Knight Lore. The transformation into werewolf mode was something I also studied in detail. I came late to the party, getting Knight Lore after Alien 8. Funny you should mention that you remember where you were when you first saw KL. I remember where I first saw Alien 8. I even remember the colour scheme of the first screen I saw (red/yellow). Incidentally, I'm talking about the Amstrad CPC versions of these magnificent games. I went home that day (I must have been 13 or 14 years old) and begged my parents to let me buy Alien 8, and luckily they did. Ah... those were the days. Knight Lore didn't get me into games programming, but a game heavily influenced by it did... Head over Heels. Best 8-bit isometric "arcade adventure" (don't hear that term too often these days eh?) ever in my opinion.
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