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  1. Out of interest, why that instead of Open Your Eyes? I haven't seen it, but most people seem to think it's better than the remake, which IMO only got interesting once it got weird after the first hour or so.
  2. It's not on that list, but this is brilliant. Yes, I was one of those people who learned this and this by heart!
  3. I vaguely remember reading something about them not being able to make a new series because of the expense of making an entirely new batch of models....Ah, here it is: http://www.ganymede-titan.info/news/2005/may/21-0627.html
  4. Re-reading this: It's great fun; better than when I read it the first time (just after it came out) as I now have a better idea who those minor celebrities and politicians he keeps mentioning are. And Dale Make Me Normal Again! should be made into a real programme... I've also been dipping into this collection of Isaac Asimov short stories:
  5. Getting mixed up with San Francisco Rush 2049, I think.
  6. The first two (2001 and 2002) were good; the last was abysmal.
  7. UK, recent - Peep Show, Green Wing. UK, ever - Can't decide between the usual ones: Spaced, Fawlty Towers, Black Books, I'm Alan Partridge, Father Ted, etc... US, recent - Scrubs, My Name Is Earl. US, ever - The Simpsons! Futurama! Frasier!
  8. That decision to bring back Aunt May may have been ridiculous, but at least some good came of it when JMS arrived: this story, where May finally finds out that Peter is Spider-Man, is superb.Of course, I haven't read Sins Past yet (Marvel UK's Astonishing Spider-Man is currently reprinting Mark Millar's Marvel Knights Spider-Man rather than continuing JMS's run), so it's entirely possible that that story could lower my opinion of his writing somewhat.
  9. I love both CT1 and 2; haven't played the third. In CT2, Around Apple is my favourite of the two cities (apart from that one section of the level which gives you incorrect time limits!). I never learned to navigate Small Apple, meaning that the final Crazy Pyramid stage is the only challenge level I haven't done in either game. My records in both games, and others, can be found here (click on advanced search and then use the filter).
  10. I really liked the episode. It was fairly quirky and very funny to start with (I liked the scene in the laundrette), and although it got a bit too daft at times (once the faces started to appear on the Absorbalof'sbody), it was always great fun. Marc Warren was good. I've never seen Hustle or Band of Brothers but I do remember him playing a particularly vicious baddie in an episode of A Touch of Frost. And he's going to play Mr Teatime as well!
  11. Perfect Dark had 2.5 million sales worldwide according to a Wikipedia citation of this page.
  12. Don't know if this is too recent, but I love the bit in Half-Life where you're crawling though a vent, you hear a soldier yell, "Sir, I hear something!" and then the vent gets perforated with bullets, as you back frantically away. Also, that bit in Sonic 3 and Knuckles where you fight Knuckles in the Hidden Palace Zone... ...then Robotnik comes along, steals the Master Emerald and electrocutes Knuckles... Knuckles wakes up and leads Sonic to the teleporter to the Sky Sanctuary. You have to leave the exhausted Knuckles behind, as you watch the Death Egg launch in the background and head towards it for the game's finale... I don't know whether it's what you meant by a set-piece: it'a cutscene, but you have control of Sonic for most of it. Anyway, it's more dramatic than anything from the cutscenes in Sonic Adventure 1 or 2.
  13. It's old, but I don't think this has been posted in this topic yet... Ode to the 2-hit combo by JChensor Commentary and other extras I originally heard about this soon after it was released, but my home connection was too slow and these PCs at uni didn't support its codec. But now, with it on Google video, I can finally watch it - ands it's great!
  14. Earthworm Jim 1 and 2 had the best ones. (Apparently the Mega CD/PC Special Edition of the first game had loads more): From http://www.gsarchives.net/index2.php I can't find a sprite of it, but in Earthworm Jim 2 there was one where he pulled a miniature Elvis doll out of his pocket which would then dance around on his hand.
  15. I was home educated for about a year. Not for religious reasons or anything, though. I was just at a rubbish school.
  16. Nick R


    As I said in another thread about this film, I've probably watched the brilliant feature about the history of the Daredevil comics on the 2nd DVD disc more times than the actual film. I still haven't seen the director's cut, but the standard version is fun. Ridiculous, but fun. <------------- And it got me into the comics, so it has THAT in its favour!
  17. Here are some unused special effects concepts from the film... http://www.alpaltiner.com/alp_navigation_html/alp_xmen.html
  18. I vaguely remember that around the time Singer's departure was announced, he said still wanted to take a producer/executive producer role for X-Men 3. Or maybe that was just speculation?
  19. Completing Perfect Dark on Perfect Agent difficulty, unlocking all the cheats - it's much harder than completing GoldenEye on 00 Agent and unlocking that game's cheats. (Levels are longer, enemies react quicker, fire faster and are more accurate...) Hardest levels in the game were Area 51 - Rescue; Maian SOS; Crash Site and of course the infamous Attack Ship, which I've only beaten once, ever. Getting a time of 1:12 on Sonic 2's Metropolis Zone Act 1, which was a tied world record... until Mike89 went and got 1:11. My Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 scores might not be among the very best in the world, but I'm still proud of them: 6.25 million on Hanger; 5.5 million on Venice Beach; 5.1 million on Bullring. Fully completing MSR on the Dreamcast. A lap time of 0'50.01 on Sega Rally's Desert course, using the Stratos (Saturn version, Time Attack mode). But try as I might, I can't break 50 seconds...
  20. I thought the fighting itself in POP was spectacular and great fun; it was just the length of the encounters that was the problem: the respawning enemies eventually made the fights into a repetitive, over-long chore. I don't think that completely ruined the game's combat - overall I enjoyed the whole game - but it was definitely a weaker aspect than the platforming.
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  22. Fortunately, I looked away for the anti piracy advert.
  23. A concept taken to its conclusion with the PC version of Super SF2:
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