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  1. A megathread should acquire this thread, so that it can be merged into it.
  2. I saw a couple of ZSJL fans on Twitter (here and here) claiming that since the person who did the Vulture/NY Mag interview has written about Buffy before, recently deleted all her tweets, and described Snyder's style as combining "the artificiality of a video game with the fascist aesthetic of a Leni Riefenstahl production", that means that this is a biased puff piece intended to rehabilitate Whedon's reputation. Which to me is a really bizarre way of reading it. Yes, the interview presents his side of the story, and the side of people like the Buffy writer Rebecca X/Rebecca Rand Kirshner (who is quoted semi-defending him, as she questions herself on whether Whedon's behaviour was really toxic/abusive). But to me the whole thing is a clear example of giving him enough rope to hang himself. From the admission that he'll excuse himself to go to the toilet if he's asked an awkward question onwards. If anyone can't get past the Vulture reading limit paywall on the article itself and wants a really awkward way to to read it, this Twitter user screenshotted the whole thing in this thread:
  3. Obviously the movie series is just a small part of where the HP franchise makes money (as @dreamylittledream said, there's the studio tours/theme parks, the Cursed Child play and book, merchandise, the original books, etc). But focusing on just the movies' box office (as those figures are readily accessible), this is how much the two Fantastic Beasts movies have declined since the main series:
  4. I watched this at last, now the Blu-Ray has come out! It features my second favourite animated American family with a mother called Linda, a bespectacled weirdo teenage daughter, a father with a dedication to practical work that is not shared by his family, and a son who is obsessed with one specific interest and is voiced by an adult man. But I don't think it's quite as good as Spider-Verse or The Lego Movie. The moments of poignant sentimentality didn't all land for me. I was also a bit disappointed that the "Katie Vision" doodles are not quite as prominent as I expected them to be. But the film has lots of very funny jokes, and great visuals that are based around character designs of a style that it's unusual to see in a big CG film. Of the voice cast, Olivia Colman is the clear standout. Although as @Popo said, after Peep Show, it's a bit weird hearing her address a character called Mark by name! As for the idea to have the director Mike Rianda play Aaron, the son of the family: it didn't ruin the film for me the way it did for others, but I did find it distracting. When it comes to animation directors voicing supporting roles, he's no Brad Bird as Edna Mode. I noticed that in the dialogue, the characters often refer to real-life tech companies like Instagram, Yelp, Amazon, and (particularly) YouTube; but most of the video sharing and social media websites seen directly on-screen are branded with the film's fictional PAL company. At first I assumed it was a case of them being able to say the real companies' names but not show them, but it can't be that because their real logos (and the YouTube interface) are seen on screen at one point. For anyone who wants to see the Art Of book, Netflix have made it available for free online: https://mvmbook.netflixawards.com/
  5. Joss Whedon did an interview with Vulture/NY mag. If it was meant to salvage his reputation, it's unlikely to work. https://www.vulture.com/article/joss-whedon-allegations.html
  6. I too went ... except I had something before that, so mine took four goes. Wordle 212 4/6 Not that well.
  7. Wordle 211 5/6 In case you're wondering WTF I was doing with guess #4: I think I'd spent some time trying to think of words that contained all the yellow letters from #3 in a different order, started to enter one, then realised it contained a letter that had already turned grey. So then I quickly entered the very next word I thought of that contained all the yellow letters, without thinking about it they were in a significantly different order.
  8. Streak: 9/18 Mean: 4.53 (77 total guesses/17 games won)
  9. If we have Negs back we also have to have NEG back. Sorry, those are the rules.
  10. I've learned that on mobile, when entering a topic that might contain spoilers, I should look away from the screen for a couple of seconds, because spoilers are often open for a moment when the page first loads. As long as you pay attention to the puzzle numbers (and as long as anyone in a time zone ahead of GMT points out that they're on the next puzzle!), I don't think there's much risk of seeing the answer accidentally.
  11. Wordle 208 6/6 This one did not make me feel like much of a smart ALECK.
  12. Regarding the numerous bizarre decisions that Sega made involving the Saturn, here's a translation of part of a recent interview with Hideki Sato... https://forums.sonicretro.org/index.php?threads/new-hideki-sato-interview-discussing-the-sega-saturn.40684/ On why 3D graphics were not initially a focus for the Saturn, leading to the belated addition if the second SH-2 processor: The interview quote at the link concludes with him saying that in retrospect, they should have used the Model 1 arcade as a basis for the Saturn. And also by the same translator, some extracts of a more extensive interview: https://www.sega-16.com/forum/showthread.php?33506-Hideki-Sato-on-the-Sega-Saturn-(incredible-new-interview) I think the bit in bold is a good example of a baffling business decision!
  13. Activision and Platinum Games making a TMNT game that was only going to be available to buy for eight months. Activision/Platinum's other licenced titles around that time also had unusually short shelf lives (Transformers Devastation was on sale for two years, Legend of Korra for three), but TMNT was the really ridiculous one. Of the people at Activision connected to its development, how aware were they that the TMNT licence was due to expire that soon? Did they make the game in full knowledge that it would only be a quick cash-in on sale for a short time before they lost the rights? Or did they expect that they'd be able to extend the TMNT licence without any problems? Maybe if the game had been better received, the publisher would have tried to retain the rights to keep the game on sale?
  14. That's still probably a more practical controller than the Sega Activator...
  15. The stick resistance is part of the reason that feel has never been matched (along with the fact you're using the left thumb to aim, which few people choose to use in modern twin-stick controls). But I think it should be possible to get something close to that feel on a modern controller, through very careful calibration of acceleration/sensitivity/deadzones. Unfortunately the XBLA Perfect Dark didn't get that quite right.
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