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  1. The Vincent Schiavelli assassin scene is good though. One of the best scenes, and the best side-characters, in any of Brosnan's Bonds. "It won't look like a suicide if you shoot me from over there." "I am a professor of forensic medicine. Believe me, Mr. Bond, I could shoot you from Stuttgart und still create ze proper effect."
  2. It's been a while since I watched it, but the way I remember interpreting that ending:
  3. Burning Rangers should have been pushed from the Saturn and onto the Dreamcast.
  4. There are a couple of places where the adaptation from animation to live-action has drained the energy: the running across the screen at 0:13 looks comical, and the gunshots a few seconds later look a bit weedy compared to the originals. But other than that, looks fine!
  5. Twitter has fallen in love with the idea of casting T'Nia Miller, who was in RTD's Cucumber (which I haven't seen) and Years and Years (in which she was good):
  6. Comix Zone 2 In the original, you played Sketch Turner, a cartoonist who got transported inside his own comic. In this sequel, that artist gets transported inside the movie adaptation of his own comic! Can he fight his way through the hordes of executives to ensure that a multi-billion dollar corporation will give him fair credit and financial compensation for the ideas he created? (Bit of topical social commentary for you, there.) At the end, there's a post-credit scene in which Sketch Turner is visited by Kid Chameleon, who reveals that the movie is just the first entry in the STIECU (Sega Technical Institute Extended Cinematic Universe), setting up the sequel... Comix Zone 3: Dawn of the Age of Sketch Turner Vs The Ooze True to the shared universe promise, Sketch Turner must now battle enemies from other Sega Technical Institute games: Kid Chameleon, The Ooze, and Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude! (Unfortunately, nothing from Sonic Spinball, because of boring legal issues with Sega Japan.) However, fans are not pleased with the quality of this game. It's revealed that the version that was released was not what the original developers intended. And so an online fan campaign begins: #ReleaseTheMarkCernyCut. This is ultimately successful, leading to the release of... Mark Cerny's Comix Zone 3: Dawn of the Age of Sketch Turner Vs The Ooze It's like the original version, but with extra levels that double the game's length, and it's in 4:3 for some reason.
  7. The Steve Ditko estate (and other creators' families) are in copyright litigation with Marvel: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/business/business-news/marvel-suing-avengers-copyright-termination-1235020110/ The creators' heirs are being represented by the same lawyer who represented the Siegel and Shuster families against DC, and Disney are represented by the same lawyer who represented DC. What a small world it is at the Big Two!
  8. RTD was good at giving the companions and other supporting characters memorable and likeable characterisation. And even though the social commentary of stuff like Turn Left was very on the nose, at least it was a clear stance against injustice. Which is more than you can say of how those aspects have generally been handled in the Chibnall era. Not saying his writing was always great, especially when it came to series finales and Christmas specials. But occasionally, just occasionally, he gave us a Midnight or a Utopia...
  9. Everyone is saying Peter Molyneux this, and Peter Molyneux that. But no one is saying Will Wright this, and Archer Maclean that!
  10. I notice that it says it'll be a partnership with Bad Wolf (Julie Gardner and Jane Tranter's production company). Has Doctor Who ever been a co-production before?
  11. Posted this in the Nintendo Direct thread, but I am a bit concerned at how some of the attack collisions look like they feel less impactful than the original. Hopefully that can be fixed with some additional flashy cosmetic effects, as @MW_Jimmy says. But I'd have thought most of that stuff would already be in place, given how long it's been in development. Same goes for the HUD looking a bit bare-bones - though I don't think they need to make it as dense as the original game's combo scoring meter, which showed too much information for the player to take in and act upon while playing. Also, the enemy designs seen here look a bit generic compared to the previous angels and demons. And theplayer's dragon running across the buildings seems to be missing some smooth running animation - at the moment it looks like it's sliding, not running. I know I'm nitpicking stuff that they've got plenty of time to fix! It's just that I was hoping to be really wowed by the gameplay footage, and unfortunately I wasn't.
  12. Yeah the N64 stick uses rotating discs and optical sensors, like the ball rollers in old mice.
  13. Shall I tell Girth the sad news?
  14. Casting of The Worst Chris stole the show, obviously. But Bayonetta 3, yay! But nit-picking the Bayonetta gameplay: attack collisions seemed like they felt less impactful than I'm used to from that series. HUD looks a bit bare-bones too. Hopefully it'll just take some extra cosmetic effects to fix both, but I'm a little concerned they're not already in place given how long it's been in development. Animation of the player's dragon running across the buildings at the end seemed to be nonexistent too! Edit: And I agree with @Flanders and @Calashnikov about the enemy designs not standing out like the original's angel enemies.
  15. It's also a better Fantastic Four than Fantastic Four. Come to think of it, I'd be interested to hear what Michael Giacchino would do with a Bond score.
  16. I can't find the "[username] changed the title to..." message anywhere in this thread. But the post reporting a delay to November 2021 in the Netherlands happened in January... And then in February, @JohnC posted these release date updates: US release 8 October UK release 30 September And in August, a delay to Australia's release: Australia 11 November So the "Delayed Yet Again to November 2021" title is true, but only for Australia!
  17. That was enjoyably silly. I also think it's pretty funny that they got THAT many members of the live-action cast (maybe the most star-studded episode so far?) to be in such a daft episode. But I think the animation style didn't fit well with some of the more cartoony elements (like It was a weird blend of styles, taking 3D character models that seem designed to reproduce the live-action stuff, and pushing them to do Looney Tunes things that don't suit them very well. There were moments when they got funny expressions out of them, but as the episode progressed I kept thinking more and more, "I wish this whole thing had been done in 2D animation!" Still, I did enjoy it! And I shouldn't complain too much, since it's probably the closest thing to Not Brand Echh that we're likely to see in the MCU any time soon:
  18. Dark Souls was released in Japan ten years ago today.
  19. This Twitter thread has screenshots from the book (Howard Kazanjian: A Producer's Life): On the prequels: On her own contributions:
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