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  1. #waffle310 1/5 streak: 12 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  2. You are right to be proud. That is a very pleasing pattern.
  3. In 2023, the first Hardy Boys books enter public domain in the US. And in 2024, at long last, Steamboat Willie and Plane Crazy (but not Mickey Mouse™ as a trademarked brand, or the bit that Disney uses as a logo at the start of their features). So that'll sort out their production s schedule for the next few years. Can't see any famous children's books due to go into US public domain in '25 or '26. But they will be free to do horror reimaginings of Lady Chatterley's Lover and The Maltese Falcon.
  4. #waffle309 2/5 streak: 11 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  5. #waffle308 3/5 streak: 10 #waffleelite wafflegame.net
  6. That would be an impressive achievement in golf.
  7. #waffle307 4/5 streak: 9 wafflegame.net
  8. Two games is zero games if you're rounding to the nearest five!
  9. #waffle306 2/5 streak: 8 wafflegame.net
  10. After several four star days in a row, and some pretty good dives into the archive, my last couple of daily games haven't gone so well. #waffle305 1/5 streak: 7 wafflegame.net
  11. Meanwhile my local cinema has this 2D/3D split: No high framerate 3D screenings, unfortunately. But I don't know if this cinema ever fitted the equipment capable of showing them (this cinema opened a couple of years after the last Hobbit film came out). Annoyingly, this is coming out just after this cinema (the Light) has put up its prices. Boring specific details which no one but me cares about:
  12. I turned the TV on about one minute before that goal. It was a nice goal to be greeted with!
  13. Wordle 520 4/6 As a bonus, here's a screenshot of some absolutely despicable behaviour:
  14. At half time Lineker gave an apology to viewers having issues with iPlayer - was that delay what he was referring to, or were there other technical problems?
  15. A Joe Lycett money shredding update:
  16. #waffle304 1/5 streak: 6 wafflegame.net Failed the Deluxe by one swap: #deluxewaffle26 X/5 wafflegame.net
  17. Potential loophole in that statement! It says that the captains won't wear the armbands, but it doesn't explicitly say that the teams' other players won't. What if all the players except the captain wear them?
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