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  1. And another similarity that I saw pointed out on Reddit:
  2. That sounds like it might make a good companion to This Film is Not Yet Rated, a 2006 documentary about the MPAA which I haven't seen but is supposed to be good. One of the big differences between US and UK film certification that I find interesting iswhy in the UK, we think nothing of the jump from 15 to 18 cert, whereas in America, the jump from R to NC-17 is considered a really big deal. They're roughly equivalent in terms of which ages are allowed to see them unaccompanied, but NC-17 is perceived as essentially synonymous with pornography. It's considered box office poison to such an extent that companies prefer to give uncut home releases no rating at all rather than NC-17.
  3. Sure, it's the best if you like watching lots and lots of scenes of people swimming veeeeerrrrryy slllllooooowwlllyyy underwater, plus one scene of speeded-up footage of Bond on an exercise rack, and another scene of speeded-up rear projection footage during the final fight. (The music is very good though. And it has one of the series' best SPECTRE meetings.)
  4. Don't be silly! How would he fit those gadgets inside AK-47 bullets?
  5. Fair point; Killzone was a shit game.
  6. The last time @Wiper sang the praises of Beyond Good and Evil's text entry system (almost exactly a year ago!), I replied that the one that Killzone used was also a good one, and I'm going to do so again: It probably took a bit of getting used to before you could do it as fast as in that video. (I never played online so I only ever used it for entering my save file name.) But it seemed a good way of solving the problem of using a joypad to move between letters at opposite ends of an on-screen keyboard. If you've got an on-screen QWERTY keyboard, and you want to type the word "lap", you've got to move the cursor from far right to far left and back again. That means either lots of repeated tapping of the D-pad; or you've got to press and hold and wait for the cursor to move, and then slow down before it arrives on the letter you want and do taps to move it the rest of the way. With KZ's system, you press right+Square to get "L", up+Triangle to get "A", then down-right+Square to get "P". Three separate actions to get three different letters. No repeated tapping to move the cursor required! Did any other games use a similar system?
  7. The Mega Drive version had even fewer buttons available, and did a pretty impressive job of cramming everything in. Although there were some counter-intuitive compromises: you had two methods available to place rides, the quick menu with small ride icons accessed by one of the buttons, and the more thorough menu that came up when pressing Start. When placing rollercoasters, you had to use one version of the ride menu to place the ride entrance, and the other version for designing the layout of the coaster. My friend didn't have a manual with his copy of the game, so it took us ages to figure that out!
  8. I have a completely warped sense of what is a reasonable price to spend on a game. It's rooted in the mentality that I drummed into myself when I was going to GameStation in the early 2000s, buying second-hand Saturn/DC/N64 games for £5 each, and then PS2 games in 4-for-£20 offers. And then my judgement about game prices was further distorted over the years by Steam and XBLA sales. Consequently, the most I have ever spent on a new game is... £30, for Sonic Adventure 2 on launch day 20 years ago. (The Bank of England website's inflation calculator tells me that's equivalent to £50 today.) So I freely admit I'm a Scrooge and my sense of value for money is completely fucked up. Just don't ask me what I think is a reasonable price to spend on a graphics card...
  9. @Boozy The Clown You know what you need to listen to next, don't you?
  10. Hmm, that fan-made poster looks familiar... http://ollymoss.com/star-wars-trilogy
  11. The Yellow Submarine album has four songs unique to it. But since you mentioned remembering the "one minute is a long time..." bit from the Yellow Submarine movie, you should listen to the whole album, because the excepts from George Martin's film score that are on there will bring back lots of memories. (Those instrumentals are also great in their own right write. ) (Ignore the Yellow Submarine Songtrack, though: that's just a compilation album with all the tracks featured in the movie, without any of the instrumentals.)
  12. You missed a perfect opportunity to say "never could be any other way".
  13. From David Mitchell's column (ending spoilers):
  14. There's a few ways they could take the series from here:
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