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  1. Nick R

    Good Cover Versions

    Garbage & Screaming Females' version of Because the Night. Song starts at about 1:35: There is also a studio recording with a music video. However I didn't embed that one because the version on YouTube has moments of weird audio mixing (certain instruments go loud momentarily for no apparent reason)... but more importantly because it means you miss out on seeing the live performance's outro guitar heroics!
  2. Nick R

    Toy Story 4 - June 2019

    Or Lego! What would happen in the Toy Story Cinematic Universe if a child arranged a set of Lego bricks into a humanoid character, and then broke it apart to turn it into a spaceship (with eyes and a face so it would be its own character), and then used the same set of bricks to construct a different character? Would the three different characters have different personalities and voice actors? Or even more horrifyingly... Perhaps it is a blessing that the Lego licence lies elsewhere.
  3. Nick R

    Good Cover Versions

    I'm sorry, but there has only ever been precisely one (1) worthy cover of Stairway to Heaven: The solo is an improvement on the original!
  4. A Twitter thread in response to the news that MySpace had lost over a decade's worth of uploaded music: At the end of the thread they added a final tweet, quoting this and going "arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh":
  5. Phase 4-6: The Dark Phoenix Saga: Third Time's The Charm
  6. That remix of Sonic Adventure's Final Egg! They also released this short cartoon. I know NEG got negged for posting it in his annual Sonic thread. It's not as good as the *adorable* Sonic Mania Adventures cartoons, but it is probably the first time they've made me like Big the Cat!
  7. Nick R

    Comedy timing

    The build-up to this:
  8. Nick R


    I think you just invented 4'33.
  9. All the de-aging effects are primarily CGI (there's behind the scenes footage of Jackson with tracking dots on his face). The comment about hair and makeup effects playing a much bigger part than people assume came from Russell: https://io9.gizmodo.com/it-turns-out-that-visual-effects-actually-did-do-a-lot-1797755708
  10. No, no-one's suggesting that every case of someone preferring Alita, or choosing to watch it last weekend instead of Captain Marvel, is because of this campaign. But there is a boycotting campaign (though as it turned out, a minuscule proportion of people acted on it). And to be aware of it, you don't have to go seeking out the parts of the internet that orchestrated it; I stumbled across it being mentioned on general movie news/discussion sites, in both the articles and user comments.
  11. Nick R

    Love Death and Robots

    Looks like Alberto Mielgo's work on that intro was primarily the backgrounds: http://www.albertomielgo.com/beatles-rockband/2014/9/13/the-beatles-rockband-intro The character designs were in Robert Valley's distinctively elongated style: http://nightflight.com/the-beatles-rock-band-night-flight-talks-with-animation-director-robert-valley/ http://www.passion-pictures.com/uk/animation-studios/directors/robert-valley/ Edit: Just checked the episode list for this series, and it turns out Robert Valley directed an episode as well! And it's one of the ones based on an Alastair Reynolds short story that I remember really liking! This I've gotta see!
  12. Avengers is on BBC1, and it's just got to a line that turned out surprisingly relevent to Captain Marvel...

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