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  1. Everything I know about Cats comes from this Twitter thread from a few months ago. (I stole the reaction tweets in my post above from him!) Somewhere deep in that thread, he agrees that that song needs to be acted and staged, not just sung:
  2. This is from the new (and final!) LOEG issue: Edit: spoiler tagged it because apparently it's the last thing on that page (the last page of Moore's comics career, if we believe him this time).
  3. Nick R

    Epic Gaming Vids

    Via Eventhubs, here's Street Fighter combo expert Desk controlling Ryu and Ken at the same time in SF Alpha's Dramatic Battle mode: For a similar display, this year's SGDQ co-up run of NES Marble Madness included a run with one player controlling both pads (from 7:41):
  4. I found we have a few threads on Jackie Chan retiring from action movies, but this seems to be the most recent one about his best films. The action movie YouTube channel Rossatron talks about the final fight scene in Drunken Master 2 - which I finally saw when it turned up on LoveFilm streaming in 2012, several years after my previous post in this thread!
  5. It's not Ghibli, but speaking of Lupin III, this trailer for a new CG one turned up a few days ago... I like the look of it!
  6. Last time it was about triple-bills. Completely different!
  7. The #ReleaseTheSnyderCut people have been putting up billboards near San Diego Comic Con: I'd be curious to see what state Snyder's version was in when he stopped working on it, but I doubt it'll get released. Supporters of the campaign keep using the eventual DVD release of Richard Donner's cut of Superman 2 as evidence that it's not in vain, but I don't think that was a comparable situation. Still, they're sharing the picture below to show how much they've raised for charity. $82,000 from a Zack Snyder t-shirt design seems implausible to me, but if those figures are accurate, let them get on with it! (But I wonder how much it cost to erect those advertisements?)
  8. Mark Kermode reference?
  9. Iron Man 3 is amazing.
  10. Thor: The Dark World has some good jokes and a nice concept for its final action sequence (gravity-disrupting portals), so it's worth watching once. But it has plenty of problems, most of which revolve around the fact that it has by far the MCU's worst villain. As long as The Incredible Hulk exists exists, I can't ever bring myself to call The Dark World the worst of the MCU - and I'd also rank it above Iron Man 2, because its tone and pacing don't constantly lurch around in different directions. On the whole, this is probably the best way to watch it:
  11. The first of those is mentioned in one of the tweets I didn't embed!
  12. Really? I remember it being the best Disney CG animated film that doesn't have "Zoo" in the title. I've Got A Dream > all the songs in Frozen.
  13. Here's a big Twitter thread with lots of pictures of the Trocadero over the years: Through Alien War and SegaWorld... ... through to its Funland ownership and decline: ... and then finally: Separately, this video was published a few days ago. Haven't watched it yet:
  14. It's disappointing that 90% of YouTube fan performances of video game music seem to do them as \m/ METAL!! \m/ covers. Even for tracks for which that genre is completely unsuited. But I think that one's better and more tasteful than most. Emerald Hill seems slightly more suited to being covered in that genre then Green Hill does! And there are worse genres to pick, I suppose Coulda linked to an a capella version. Basically what I'm saying is: more ragtime VG arrangements, please!
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