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  1. PeterGriffin.jpg ThatMenInBlack2Alien.jpg I completely agree; the Grunt allies were a big distraction on those first few Arbiter levels on the gas mine. The fact Halo 2 had busier backgrounds than the original also made it harder to tell whether you were targetting allied or enemy Grunts (at least on the original Xbox on a SDTV, which is the last time I played Halo 2 much). But your comment in bold: I thought that those Grunts are not invincible, but can be killed as friendly fire?
  2. Good news! https://io9.gizmodo.com/aqua-teen-hunger-force-metalocalypse-and-the-venture-1846878179 Synopsis:
  3. I think the old ranking thread was made by someone who not only left the the forum, but deleted it before leaving so it doesn't even show as "Thread Owner". Possibly VeloS/Spainkiller, like the Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance thread in Discussion which has also vanished?
  4. True fans write out "Iron Man Three" because that's the way it appears on-screen in the closing credits!
  5. It looks extremely generic. But those actors in the title are actors I like seeing, so it could still be fun if the action and story end up better than they seem in the trailer. It's directed by Martin Campbell. Hopefully it's closer to his Bonds than to Green Lantern - and as long as it reaches a level you could call "competent", it should achieve that.
  6. No I haven't. I'm sure it's a good film but no one's ever made much of a case for why I should be interested in watching it ASAP, other than to see the famous "Say hello to my little friend!" bit in context and see where GTA Vice City nicked everything from. I mainly associate the film with the GameFAQs movies message board circa 2004, when it first came out on DVD in America and a load of people went "The most badass movie EVER is finally out on DVD! It has a bonus feature where hip hop musicians talk about how influential the movie was to them! It'll go great with the awesome pos
  7. Even there the rule holds: he was one of the best things in SPECTRE, so the film was better with him than it would have been without him!
  8. The janky, ugly (and pretty racist) Xbox 360 game Comic Jumper had a special attack which consisted of a video clip of a developer's bearded face filling the screen, looking at the camera, and then headbutting the screen to damage all the enemies. It was funny the first time, but when every use of the attack plays an unskippable 20 second long clip, it puts you off ever using it. I can't find any clips of it on YouTube and I'm not going to go looking all through a longplay video to try and find one!
  9. I still haven't seen the first one yet.
  10. I watched a playthrough of that new Wonderful Dizzy game recently. It has a couple of self-referential jokes about being a computer game right at the start, though they're not directed at the player so I don't think they quite count as fourth wall breaks:
  11. The Stanley Parable. All of it.
  12. Wanted (2008) - 2/5 So very post-Matrix, so very orange and blue. I last saw this 2009 (it was my first ever LoveFilm DVD rental!), and I remember that I enjoyed its daft premise (the LOOM!) and ridiculous action (the RATS!). This rewatch was prompted because the Cinematic Universe podcast did an episode on the film adaptations of Mark Millar. But this time - like them - I found myself much less impressed by its action, and much less forgiving of its tone and edgelord attitude. Now, the movie comes across as a trial run for Kingsman: there are several broad plot si
  13. I once played a 2D platfomer where you controlled a cartoon animal character. I can't remember what it was called though.
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