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  1. My post in the blog thread from when I watched Project A: The main things that stuck out to me were the unpredictable genre-swapping of its storyline (HK Coast Guard/police rivalry -> army boot camp -> police investigation -> pirate movie! -> spy movie), and the stunts. Not just the famous fall from the clock face, but the smaller-scale stuff like this:
  2. I could be overrating it in my memory, as I haven't rewatched it in nearly 20 years, but I've always thought of Who Am I? as one of his best because it strikes a good balance between great hand-to-hand fight scenes (the rooftop fight!), and outrageous stunts (running down the steep building roof!). I think of most of his other films as leaning one way or the other: Police Story and Project A towards the spectacular stunts; the Drunken Master films almost entirely on fight scenes. Then there's stuff like Gorgeous, which doesn't really fit in because it's not an action mo
  3. In retrospect, what I think would have improved the film's use of Immigrant Song is if for the version in the opening action sequence, they'd got Mark Mothersbaugh to arrange a bespoke instrumental version just for the movie, to fit in with his score. To those who don't know the original song, it'd just be a great action scene score; everyone else would think: "This makes a great soundtrack for an action scene!... Shame they obviously couldn't get the rights to use the real thing." Then when the original Led Zeppelin studio recording kicks in at the end, it would have even more imp
  4. When I was at school I had a teacher called Mrs Allen, and I and the kid next to me got told off for calling her Mrs Alien.
  5. Dunno about drums, but the guitar thread in OT is probably the best place to ask: There's also this more beginner-focused thread: And you could dredge up this ancient thread:
  6. Apparently I really liked Badlands, judging by the fact I rated it 4.5/5 on Letterboxd in 2013 - but I can barely remember a thing about it.
  7. That does look clearer, more colourful and less murky than 300, Sucker Punch and his DC movies. Let's check IMDb, see who's the cinematographer...
  8. I think Zok's criticising revivals that happened years after the original ending, rather than sequel series that were almost uninterrupted continuations (Cheers -> Frasier, Yes Minister -> Yes Prime Minister).
  9. Looks like unlike the synopsis @JohnC posted above...
  10. CBS All Access becoming Paramount+ prompted this thread about why Disney might be the only studio that will be able to sustain a whole streaming service based on its studio brand: https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1364737107579838466.html
  11. We have two threads on this already! Admittedly one of them is just a single post...
  12. I watched it a few weeks ago and liked it more than you did. I enjoyed those macro shots of the typesetters and printing presses in action, and there's some fun Competence Porn in watching them sort through files. But how much you enjoy it depends on how much you can tolerate its lack of subtlety. It was filled with moments that shouted "DID YOU NOTICE THAT THESE ISSUES ARE APPLICABLE TODAY, IN THIS ERA OF DONALD TRUMP?" The Reception section of the film's Wikipedia article links to this retrospective RogerEbert.com post by Matt Zoller Seitz, where he describes The Post
  13. Quiz shows often reveal people's movie blind spots:
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