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  1. Some of his '60s political cartoons:
  2. I'm halfway through season 4 at the moment. Just finished the Elseworlds crossover (yay, body swap stories! Always reliably fun!) and in the main series I'm up to the bit where I don't want to speak too soon, but so far Supergirl season 4 has been one of the better Flarrowverse seasons I've seen. (Though, to be honest, I've only seen a tiny proportion of all those that have been made.) Not exactly subtle with its "plucked from today's headlines!" politics in episodes like the Agent Liberty origin flashback, but that's not a bad thing.
  3. From that Hollywood Reporter article, which also includes the story of his connection to E.T., which I never knew:
  4. Since the storyline involves fitting into American suburbia, I wonder if this will acknowledge the loss of her accent over the years? From this: To this: I've had the collection for a while (I bought it at the same time as his Mr Miracle run, which is also good), but have never got round to reading it. I really ought to do it before this comes out!
  5. I think that the Internet would not have universally decided to compare Leia to Mary Poppins if GOTG2 hadn't reminded everyone of her earlier in the year.
  6. I like the idea that instead of announcing with great fanfare "this actor IS your new James Bond, for the next several films, until further notice!", EON could do a sequence of one-off films, each with different actors who might not want to commit to being the one and only active Bond actor for the next decade. Essentially try doing for Bond what Joker was to the DCEU: one-off, lower-budget films that aren't restricted by continuity, and giving different writers, directors, and actors a chance to play with the franchise toys. One of the benefits of this is that it might
  7. Other games that were prominent during this generation, though not in ways that most of us here would like: Gone Home: The walking simulator that seemed to be one of the main targets of - or excuses for - Gamergate's resentment. (Depression Quest came out earlier in 2013, so not quite within this generation.) Five Nights at Freddy's: Representative of the absurd popularity of Twitch streaming and YouTube Let's Plays. I'm not sure whether this game is really associated with PewDiePie, but I mentally file them away alongside each other as pieces of inexplicably popular bi
  8. I haven't played or seen much of either of them, but the impression I get is that PUBG popularised battle royale multiplayer, and Fortnite refined it with slicker presentation, more cosmetics to purchase, and the Carlton dance.
  9. Chris Wagar ascribes the tiers in Platinum Games' quality to the different credited directors: https://critpoints.net/2016/07/17/the-secret-behind-platinums-quality/ Since then, they've added two more: Yoko Taro directed Nier Automata, and Takahisa Taura directed Astral Chain.
  10. None of Platinum's licenced games have lasted very long in online stores: Legend of Korra - October 2014-December 2017 Transformers - October 2015-December 2017 TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan - May 2016-January 2017 (less than 8 months!)
  11. Or give Tyler Hoechlin (Supergirl's Superman) a chance to play him on the big screen?
  12. A side by side comparison that re-enacts almost every action in the trailer. The video is intended to be a comparison of assets rather than performance, so his footage is recorded on a PC emulating the PS3 version in 4K at 60Hz. The player does an impressive job of keeping his gameplay in sync with the trailer! The side by side section is from 1:11 to 5:20:
  13. But if you open a new, sealed console box after the system has been out two years, it'll smell exactly the same as one opened on launch day!
  14. Also @Doctor Shark - "TERF wars" was the phrase that JK Rowling used to link to her blog post defending her views. But I'm not sure if the blog post itself ever had that title; I thought it was originally called that before being renamed, but all the copies on archive.org only have the current title, "J.K. Rowling Writes about Her Reasons for Speaking out on Sex and Gender Issues". But your topic title says "war" not "wars". Completely different!
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