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  1. I think Joel tagged in the wrong Gillian there. Unless Britta has been recast and will now be played by Gillian Anderson.
  2. By the time I watched it, I'd seen people online defend the dialogue's inaudibility for the same reasons the film contains the line "don't try to understand it, feel it": arguing that the film works fine if you just pick up the gist of things, rather than needing to hear every specific detail. So (unusually for me) I started watching it without subtitles, to see how long I'd last. I gave up and put them on within a few minutes. Although I enjoyed the novelty of the reversed motions in the mid-film action sequences, I was always distracted by trying to keep track of the causality logic, which isn't the ideal way of enjoying an action scene. With Inception, there were those frequent cuts between what was happening on each dream layer, which served as reminders of the situation that gave you chance to re-orientate yourself. But Tenet doesn't have any of that, even though it's based around a concept that's far harder to wrap your head around. With the film's final big action sequence, the mission briefing sets up that it's going to feature some promisingly ambitious concepts, but it doesn't live up to them: Then right at the end, there's a revelation about a relationship which works poetically, but then you realise what the film's rules say about how it'd work in practice:
  3. The same word did that role for me too: Wordle 466 5/6
  4. I preferred the second one, if only because of the parachute scene and the Juggernaut theme song.
  5. Nick R


    I really enjoyed the first few hours of this on Xbox, but then I hit a few sticking points that have put me off touching the game in over a month. This is where I got to: For those who've completed it, questions:
  6. Reading about the ocean themes in the first post reminded me of a video that VaatiVidya did a while ago. He organised an art book project, inviting fan artists to imagine a sequel to Bloodborne. Several of their concepts were based around seas and ships - the ones at these timestamps: 2:20 6:15 10:30 21:05 36:30 So if this rumour about an ocean theme is fake, perhaps the person who made it up is taking inspiration from that video, as well from the popularity of the fishing hamlet section of the Bloodborne DLC?
  7. It never occurred to me that an instant retry might be needed! Yes, the later S&K special stages are pretty hard, but I never fretted too much about failing them. When I was a kid I just completed the game normally, went to the save select screen and loaded Mushroom Hill, and from there it only takes about 20 seconds (including the Knuckles cutscene) to warp to Hidden Palace. That worked well enough to retry the stages quickly, pick up all the missed emeralds and unlock Hyper Sonic and Doomsday. It wasn't until years later, when I started playing the game via emulator, that I learned the later S&K special stages well enough to be able to complete them all in one run through the game.
  8. I'm thinking of arranging my list based on how much I laughed at the jokes on first viewing. However that means that my list will probably be biased toward gag-a-minute stuff (Monty Python, The Naked Gun, etc) rather than films that are definitely comedies, but not so focused on one-liners (e.g. Groundhog Day, The Truman Show, Back to the Future, Being John Malkovich). With the latter films, the comedy is secondary to the high concept. The Coen Brothers are a good example of what I'm talking about. Fargo and Barton Fink are my two favourite films of theirs, and they have a lot of black comedy elements - but things like Burn After Reading, Hail Caesar and O Brother Where Art Thou probably have more individual jokes that are memorable, even though overall they're weaker films. So which films fit best on a list of best/favourite comedies?
  9. I just tried it by typing "ex" in this post field, and its suggested next word was "wife". So although might be a phrase that's never been used before this episode, your text prediction is probably based on the far more common "ex husband". No fancy lookups of search trends required! Frankly, I'm disgusted that it's not including a hyphen as part of these suggestions. Also, I liked the episode.
  10. Priscilla Page (formerly of Birth Movies Death) has written this really good essay about the first Predator film. It's on Patreon, but not behind a registration or paywall: https://www.patreon.com/posts/predator-72440702
  11. I didn't know that this re-release had certain scenes upgraded to 48fps HFR! Apparently it's primarily been applied to scenes with fast panning. Which makes sense, because in the second Hobbit film (my only previous experience of HFR) I only found the high frame rate distracting in the still, conversational scenes. Unfortunately my local cinema's website listings for this re-release don't mention HFR. That doesn't bode well for them showing the sequel in that format. (I don't know whether their projectors are even capable of showing that format, since they don't have any screens with the premium brands like IMAX or Dolby.)
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