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  1. Amazon are sending me a one-time password for my delivery on Friday that I need to give to the driver. Have they been doing this for the rest of you? They didn't for my Series X.
  2. Yeah, I was on the Discord stock channel having a wee look as the notification dropped, so got very lucky I think. And I was just starting to question if I really needed one... If and when they do drop again, using smile.amazon.co.uk really seemed to make it all go very smoothly.
  3. Working for me now. Thanks folks!
  4. I'm still getting an invalid invite when I click that Discord link. Not even getting far enough to change server options unfortunately. Thanks though!
  5. Can someone please explain the Discord thing to me? The only link I saw is the one below and it keeps telling me that the invite is invalid. Thanks! https://discord.gg/A4m9tJxN
  6. Woof. Willis just does not give a shit anymore.
  7. I was surprised at how funny this looks too. Was on the fence until Snipes turned up, but will now definitely give this a watch.
  8. Yeah, exactly this. I watched it recently and he talks about pulling it out of mothballs.
  9. I really hope Cox does come back as he really was a great Daredevil. A fantastic piece of casting. In fact, I wouldn't say no to all of the Defenders making their way into the official MCU. With the obvious exception of Finn Jones, of course. Who not only should not come back to the MCU, but instead be banned from acting in anything, forever.
  10. I loved it. And thought it was really funny! Olsen and Bettany just nailed the feel of an old school black and white sitcom. If anything I'm sad that we won't get more of it, but happy to see their interpretations of more recent shows. Honestly, seeing how far off the Marvel formula they have went with this really gives me hope for the future of the franchise. I think Winter Solider and the Falcon will deliver what people seem to want from the Marvel shows, so just be patient I guess? Though I guarantee that once it comes out, regardless of quality, our Winter Solider/ Falcon threa
  11. I've played quite a bit of Deep Rock Galactic and saw nothing that justifies a 16 rating. It's great! I'd say they would have a ball. Even the waiting/staging area has so many lovely features that I won't spoil!
  12. Since my last post, my on-going RPG group will be moving to Wednesday nights, so I probably won't be able to do a Wednesday in the future. Sorry gang. And if it works better for the majority to do it on Wednesday, that is no worries at all.
  13. I can do any of those nights actually. But Monday sounds good if it suits The Hierophant. It sounds, mechanically at least, quite like CoC. Looking forward to checking it out!
  14. I'd also be up for this, if you'll have me. Been playing with a lot of systems recently and keen to try this out. Love the idea of the demon you mentioned there. Right up my alley.
  15. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/xbox-series-s-extra-controller-3629275 If anyone is looking for a Series S, I just saw this on Hot UK deals. £249, with an extra controller! Be quick!
  16. It has already benefited massively from being run on the Series X, so I can't wait to see what an actual next gen patch will do for it.
  17. All this very valid criticism and not one mention of the sexy tension between Saru and the Vulcan lady? I guess it's hard to criticize something that hot. The chemistry leapt off the screen. If we get a sex scene between them before the end of the season I'll be willing to overlook a lot of their missteps i.e. the show will get upgraded from 'God Awful' to 'Piss-poor.'
  18. Just to echo the sentiments on here- this is great fun, especially in co-op. And I love just how full-tilt crazy the story goes too. I keep describing the bosses as 'demoralizing', but developing tactics to beat them (Ragweed is pretty essential for dealing with the mobs) is SO satisfying. My heart is pumping after we win a particularly tense fight. With this and Deep Rock Galactic on Gamepass at the minute, my friends and I are having a ball.
  19. The Borderlands series. I have never got on with them or seen why they generate as much fuss as they do, yet I have bought several iterations of the it!
  20. Yeah, but the Marketing team made those stickers MONTHS ago. What are they gonna do? Not use them?
  21. I should have tested that at the time! It was only a theory anyway, but just wanted to let people know in case it happens to them.
  22. So two games that I move from my external USB drive (GTAV and the MC Collection) to my internal drive just totally refused to work once the copying process had completed. I had tried both of them via the USB drive and suspect that they were both in 'Quick Resume' mode when I moved them. I had to re-download both of them, which was pretty painful. Has anyone else seen this? One to watch out for if you're moving games yourselves.
  23. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/huge-halo-mcc-update-is-out-now-adds-series-x-enhancements-cross-play-and-brings-halo-4-to-pc/1100-6484526/ Had they declared before that the MCC would be getting a Series X makeover soon, or is this a bit of a surprise?
  24. Yeah, it's trash. It has real 'launch title' energy, but that might be an insult to other launch titles.
  25. I’d been playing a fair bit of Division 2 on my Xbox One, so fired it up on the Series X and it looks fantastic. Combine that with the ultrafast loading times and it’s like a whole new game.
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