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  1. It's almost entirely Gwent based!
  2. I have, and its flippin' great. Though I am someone who describes The Witcher 3 as 'the amazing card game with the annoying walking simulator attached to it'. * I joke, I joke! It's not THAT annoying.
  3. It's mad to me that they don't make this a digital download. They have done in Japan. Loads of third party peripherals out there too!
  4. Just started playing this a few days ago and it really is fantastic. The way the story is folded into a Rogue like is wonderful. Plays great too. I love how different each characters play styles are. Well, well worth a look. This game should be right up there beside Dead Cells etc. Crazy to me that it's not.
  5. Suicide by forumite it IS then. You knew what you were doing when you posted this I suppose. What was this thread about again?
  6. Well shit. Guess I am buying another game this month.
  7. Andy_Why

    Nintendo Switch

    Guys, can someone explain to me what a Direct actually is? The only thing I know for sure is that it's happening this month.
  8. Qubic are doing a lovely promotion in the lead up to Xmas and are giving away 10 free games if you own one of theirs! You can find details here- https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nintendo-switch-10-free-games-over-xmas-at-nintendo-eshop-3360304 Has anyone played any of these games? I own Rekt, which is great, but I'll certainly take a punt on the others.
  9. We'd already bought it for you Pavey, but you've ruined the surprise now so it's going straight back to the shop
  10. I mean, you joke, but I'd be totally in to that. Oh and I was one of those people who enjoyed it. I felt like the training scenes in particular were so cliched that it had to be at least a bit of a wink to the audience.
  11. I am so on the fence with this game. I go from adoring it to finding it very mediocre. The combat system can be so intense and exciting when you are fighting one or two enemies, but can fall apart so quickly once you throw in a few more. It's a good game overall, but I was definitely hoping for more of that Respawn magic. It reminds me of the first Uncharted in a lot of ways. Feels like a solid base to build from and I hope they do.
  12. T.I.M.E Stories is on offer today- https://www.amazon.co.uk/Space-Cowboys-ASMSCTS01US-T-I-M-E-Stories/dp/B013TRQLJO/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=time+stories&qid=1575028203&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&sr=8-1 Not an amazing reduction, but a good price for it. A few of the usual suspects are on offer too ( Cards Against Humanity/ Exploding Kittens), but there doesn't seem to be a ton of good games on Amazon this year.
  13. I really can't say enough about how much I love the end credits for this show. Such a simple idea, yet so beautifully executed. Which I think sums up the show itself so far. It helps that I really loved the theme music too, of course.
  14. Yeah, that does indeed work in Beat Saber as I've had to do it several times. I've not experienced the drift after one song though...
  15. Thanks for the tip on this btw. Picked it up yesterday and had loads of fun with it last night. A steal at that price.
  16. Andy_Why

    Gamer or lamer?

    Definitely the sex bit, but if you could combine both I'd be VERY interested too.
  17. Andy_Why

    Gamer or lamer?

    Prove it. I'll wait here. *folds arms*
  18. Foreshadowing maybe? How awesome would it be if Discovery got a new drive that allowed it drift into new encounters? Burnham just hanging out of a side window, her elbow resting on the edge (somehow) and, of course, a sweet pair of shades over her eyes. 'You got any of those Macguffins, man? It'd be a lot cooler if you did.'
  19. No. I'm going to make it worse and mention the two-player local multiplayer that I STILL play with a mate of mine, which is also superb. It's honestly a crime that this game isn't recognized as one of the all time great racing games.
  20. Yeah, you should have some decent spots close by for sure! A camper for Essen is a damn good idea actually....
  21. Sort of. I wouldn't say there are any good bars, but there are bars. Rüttenscheider Str is very close to the conference center and has some decent places in and around there. We nearly always end up going to Hans Im Gluck for a burger and a few drinks at some stage and then for a few more drinks in the bars around there, but they don't tend to be too lively in my experience. Fritzpatrick's Irish Pub was probably the most lively, but ugh, Irish bars. We have taken to just playing games and drinking back at whatever AirBnB we have rented most of the time.
  22. Oh, I couldn't care less, I was just saying why someone may have negged you for it.
  23. Andy_Why

    Gears 5

    You can't honestly expect your standard Gear Thicc-Boy to get into a regular cubicle, can you?
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