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  1. This has been my favourite trailer from E3 so far. It's brilliant. I'm laughing from the first 'I'm here to kill chaos.'. It is meant to be funny, right? RIGHT?
  2. It can be quite obtuse, and depending on what planet you end up on, can kill you pretty quickly. Certainly before it has had a chance to explain that much about the actual game itself.
  3. Yeah, that's the best way to do it. It explicitly tells you if you're current set up supports it.
  4. I like this insight into the sort of film conversations you are having.
  5. Yeah, this was wonderful but totally heartbreaking. Amazing insight into the world of deaf people. So, so interesting. I had no idea how much it would lean into the themes of denial and addiction too. The ending was shattering and I do mean that in a good way. So powerful.
  6. Look, I chatted to Jean-Luc himself (well he called me) and he told me it was going to be different this time. He's changed. He knows what he did wrong and it won't happen again.
  7. That last line is fantastic, but can I add a note to flesh it out? Drop that he is of Irish/Asian hertitage and that the accent, baked into his DNA, comes out at times of stress. Mention this in several episodes prior to this scene. Have him carrying a shillelagh, etc
  8. Amazon are sending me a one-time password for my delivery on Friday that I need to give to the driver. Have they been doing this for the rest of you? They didn't for my Series X.
  9. Yeah, I was on the Discord stock channel having a wee look as the notification dropped, so got very lucky I think. And I was just starting to question if I really needed one... If and when they do drop again, using smile.amazon.co.uk really seemed to make it all go very smoothly.
  10. Working for me now. Thanks folks!
  11. I'm still getting an invalid invite when I click that Discord link. Not even getting far enough to change server options unfortunately. Thanks though!
  12. Can someone please explain the Discord thing to me? The only link I saw is the one below and it keeps telling me that the invite is invalid. Thanks! https://discord.gg/A4m9tJxN
  13. Woof. Willis just does not give a shit anymore.
  14. I was surprised at how funny this looks too. Was on the fence until Snipes turned up, but will now definitely give this a watch.
  15. Yeah, exactly this. I watched it recently and he talks about pulling it out of mothballs.
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