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  1. It's always interesting to me how much more vitriol comedy films bring out compared to any other genre. I suppose comedy tends to be way more polarizing, for whatever reason. This is not pointed at anybody in particular here, this thread has just made for some good reading! I enjoyed it overall, but it did drag in places. The actress who played Tutar was amazing though and I thought she bounced off Borat really well. It was way better than I expected it to be for sure.
  2. Thanks Darren! You are a gent. Gonna try it as a pre-existing user and will report back.
  3. Also, for any of you who have missed out, this looks like the best Series X eBay offer I can find- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Special-Edition-Xbox-Series-X-Drawing-Brand-New-Signed/313223341385?hash=item48ed90e549:g:P2UAAOSwcd9fZFgU
  4. @Darren- would you mind doing a guide for this? Obviously, you may already have and I just can't find it, but a link would be great in that case. Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the Smile link! Got one via Amazon
  6. So it seems like the entire check out system for Argos has crashed.... :/
  7. Argos now showing the console, but not letting us order it....
  8. I think it must have been a mistake as I'm getting a 'Watch this Space' screen when I try to do it now.
  9. Guys, I'm looking for a suggestion- I want to play something story based on Switch with my friend in Japan. We are both big Marvel fans, so want to play Ultimate Alliance eventually, but it's still pretty damn expensive in Japan. Do you have any suggestions for other things we could try? Preferably something we can get a bit cheaper/on sale. We've been looking at the Resident Evil games, but I've played through 5 already and I'm reliably informed that the 6th is dogshit. Thanks!
  10. Yeah, that was certainly not your only chance. The first area is mostly best to navigate on foot anyway, I found. EDIT: I have become such a Kojima stan after Death Stranding that I immediately went out and bought a Kojima studios hoodie. It cost me twice what I paid for the game, but I regret nothing.
  11. A friend found the motorcycle, but totally missed the prompt for building the generator. SO many things can slip by you in this game.
  12. You're right, of course. I feel like such a fool.
  13. When they say they have 'a special relationship' they mean they have a big bag of cash though, right? They just don't like to make it totally on the nose.
  14. I finally got this in the recent sale. I am currently on one controller charge a day and my right index finger is aching. I feel like some of you may emphasize. It's just barmy and totally brilliant.
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