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  1. Yeah, I LOVE Succession. That's a good one. Not heard of Joe Pera, but I'll give it a go. Thanks!
  2. God, but I despise the term 'alt', though I feel its the quickest way to start discussing the things I like. By 'alt', I mean 'good'. So think Nathan for You and Review NOT Mrs Brown's Boys. Anyway, has anyone got any good comedy shows that they are currently watching? I've just smashed my way through all seasons of Corporate, Detroiter's and The Other Two and am really in the need of something else to make me laugh. All three of those shows are worth a look. I adore both Corporate and Detroiter's. The Other Two is probably the most mainstream of the lot, but is still well worth a watch. All three are definitely top-tier comedies and well worth seeking out. Detroiter's, in particular, will appeal to the 'I think you should leave' fans as it's another Tim Robinson comedy. So any recommendations would be much appreciated! This thread might be a good place to discuss these shows as they rarely gain enough of a critical mass to sustain their own threads. I keep forgetting I also have Pen15 and Animals sitting there. Which I also need to check out as I hear great things about both of those too.
  3. It really is one of the best slapstick comedy bits I have ever seen. Just top tier stuff.
  4. Truly one of the best comedy shows of all time.
  5. Oh, if I'm not too late both Taluva and Galaxy Truckers are worth a look in this area. Both quite different too. I love how the board looks when you are finished a game of Taluva.
  6. It's almost entirely Gwent based!
  7. I have, and its flippin' great. Though I am someone who describes The Witcher 3 as 'the amazing card game with the annoying walking simulator attached to it'. * I joke, I joke! It's not THAT annoying.
  8. It's mad to me that they don't make this a digital download. They have done in Japan. Loads of third party peripherals out there too!
  9. Just started playing this a few days ago and it really is fantastic. The way the story is folded into a Rogue like is wonderful. Plays great too. I love how different each characters play styles are. Well, well worth a look. This game should be right up there beside Dead Cells etc. Crazy to me that it's not.
  10. Suicide by forumite it IS then. You knew what you were doing when you posted this I suppose. What was this thread about again?
  11. Well shit. Guess I am buying another game this month.
  12. Andy_Why

    Nintendo Switch

    Guys, can someone explain to me what a Direct actually is? The only thing I know for sure is that it's happening this month.
  13. Qubic are doing a lovely promotion in the lead up to Xmas and are giving away 10 free games if you own one of theirs! You can find details here- https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nintendo-switch-10-free-games-over-xmas-at-nintendo-eshop-3360304 Has anyone played any of these games? I own Rekt, which is great, but I'll certainly take a punt on the others.
  14. We'd already bought it for you Pavey, but you've ruined the surprise now so it's going straight back to the shop
  15. I mean, you joke, but I'd be totally in to that. Oh and I was one of those people who enjoyed it. I felt like the training scenes in particular were so cliched that it had to be at least a bit of a wink to the audience.
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