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  1. This was superb. Really blew me away. And that opening music! I thought the story was a little confusing at times, but it tied it all together by the end so well. It's one I think I'd like to rewatch at some stage, which is rare for me.
  2. What I think the show did really well was to not go down any obvious routes either. Like obviously with the lack of fan service cameos, but in its storytelling too. I'm kind of staggered that it exists honestly.
  3. After reading this, I think my main question is that if he was to stop using this sort of material, would he still be funny? Like, does he have the comedy chops or is it all just shock value?
  4. It really was. Just such a singular piece of TV. And it never failed to surprise me throughout! I also never got tired of Nathan's ability to speak about insane levels of escalation in just the most matter of fact manner. Like, obviously this is what he would do next. I like how much his real life bled into the show too, like the scene in the swimming pool and his actual parents. I think Nathan Fielder might be my favourite living comedian
  5. Someone in here posted a pic of a really incredible Sea of Thieves blanket a while back. Whoever it was- do you have access to the pattern for it? Or at least the pic again? I can’t find it! Thank you!
  6. It has been Hunt: Showdown for me, and very recently. I love an online game that offers a pretty unique experience and Hunt offers that in spades. It's tough and has a steep learning curve, but nothing is more satisfying that clawing out a win, especially if you take down a few other hunters while doing it.
  7. Yeah, I still dip into this frequently as it offers such a unique online experience. So much fun and for a game where you can get badly mobbed at times, quite relaxing. Such a nice community of players too. I have promoted each of the characters once now, but my main is the Driller as I think he's the most versatile and fun to play. Flamethrower/Microwave gun is an amazing combo. I guess my top tips for online play are - use the pointer tool a LOT to communicate. It's incredibly useful. Especially for particularly dangerous monsters. - prioritize getting at least 80 nitra ASAP. You can quickly get into a tight spot and find you both have no ammo or the means to get any more. - Learn to read the hud and indicators for player tools (like the Drillers C4) as soon as you can. It's very well refined these days and allows you to work better as a team and prevents accidents. - Never stop Rock and Stoning.
  8. Yeah, but there is a big difference in having different opinions on things and discussing it than just going 'Actually, you're wrong about the thing you like. I think it's bad', which is what a lot of the discussion in here has become. It feels pointless.
  9. Eh, it has its moments, but the levels are WAY too long.
  10. Thanks for the heads up on this. It's great! I hope they don't shut it down.
  11. This is great and all, and I'm 'happy' for the MCCU fans out there but it has been bittersweet for us FCU fans. At least we are getting a proper ending to the saga.
  12. Andy_Why

    Doom Rpg

    Wow, some delay on that port. I loved this at the time though and couldn't believe how well it worked. I remember taking extended bathroom breaks so I could just play this on the lav until my legs went numb.
  13. Oh, I wonder if Nathan Fillion still on deck for this. He was due to be Wonder Man in one of the GOTG movies, I think.
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