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  1. At the time, I thought that with The Witcher 2...
  2. That teaser looks like its supposed to be the good looking bit before the *record scratch* Rimmer says something "funny" cue theme.
  3. The changes mean it's lost the thing that made me stick with the original when I was completely shit at killing other pilots. When I started I was only really good at taking out grunts with the auto aim pistol thing but I could still enjoy the movement and getting a titan from all the grunt killing. The titan felt strong enough and my titan game was much better. Because I was on the move it felt like my lives lasted longer. In the first game I played on Titanfall 2 I was just dying really quickly and there was nothing for me to shoot. I believe in the original I played one game of pilot vs pilot and thought it was utter turds, so why they decided to move T2 closer to that for all modes Is beyond me.
  4. What I meant about the voice stuff being unusable is that I'm now on the new dash and instead of "xbox pause" which worked instantly it's now "hey Cortana pause" and you say hey Cortana and the sound dips so she can hear you, the picture dims. Then about 5 seconds later she goes ah yes and pauses. It might be able to handle natural language better, but when I told Cortana to go to youtube she after a while decided that what I wanted was a snapped edge window with youtube as the url. I mean that's clever, not what I wanted but clever.
  5. Well considering that now the voice recognition is much, much slower and takes a lot longer to actually act on what you've said I believe that the Kinect was doing something that it is now no longer doing because in its current state the voice stuff is unusable.
  6. They've updated the models in MGS3 for a pachinko machine.
  7. Well on Xbox I checked to see if Bloody and Wine could be downloaded, and it appears that it can be. Once it finished I booted the game up and it recognised that the dlc had been downloaded and could be started.
  8. If I thought about it in advance without hearing the soundtrack itself I'd be in exactly the same boat. But I have found myself absolutely loving the soundtrack, I'm sure it wouldn't work for me outside of the game but it works so damn well within it and I guess that's what matters. Also this game has reminded me of things I used to do in the original doom that I didn't realise I wanted. Wandering around a cleared map while trying to figure out where I want to go to next. You can't walk and have the map up at the same time but it's a thing that I spent so much time doing in the original that having it represented here is so right.
  9. After finding all the previous Uncharted games kinda dull I felt a bit like I was the only one. Hearing Jeff voice the same concerns as I've always had was pretty nice.
  10. Personally I'm still waiting on a solution for my midi drums. Hopefully the ion solution would help in that regard, but I still have my 360 set up just for rb3
  11. Exactly the Bechdel test isn't about any individual movie but is about the industry as a whole. You could use it to look at a year's movies and compare it to another year to see if things are getting better for female representation in movies. You can look at the highest rated movies and see how they as a collection pass or fail. Rather than seeing it as a good or bad film thing, think of it more as a this film goes in this column and this other film goes in the other column. At the end of the year or season you could look at the balance between the two columns. I think one way to think Anita's points is that there are sexist tropes but it would be great if there were more games where there weren't sexist tropes. If the gaming trope test was more balanced. You can have damsels in distress, but it shouldn't be in most games, or the trope could be subverted.
  12. Not really generalizing, when all the women in a game are dressed with the sole intent of titillation and it's all over media.
  13. I think the decision for the dress sense is down to the woman wearing the clothes. It is their choice. When it comes to a digital character or a drawn character there often isn't a woman there making the decision for what the women are wearing and is left to some men who all seem to choose that the women should be dressing like sluts, all of them. Since they aren't a real character they can't make a choice,
  14. One of the reasons why ZQ is on panels is because other women working in the industry don't want to be subjected to what she was.
  15. The RB3 era cymbals were much better than the RB2 ones. If the new ones are like those then it would be an upgrade.
  16. Just a tip, don't just buy some random USB3 portable drive and expect everything will be great. I got one which made everything load slower, games stutter while loading etc. That or the NXOE really didn't like the drive.
  17. I really enjoyed the campaign of Halo 5:Shoot It In The Back! It had a quality that reminded me of Perfect Dark, I remember finding all the reload animations interesting after those from goldeneye. In this every aim down sites is something to look forward to, as they all are more than just the gun now being closer as in cod. Haven't got back my old Halo skills from Reach so I'm getting Backshot all over the place. I wonder why so many enemies now have weak backs...
  18. I'm in the same boat, I can't really go back to crappy plastic drums after using even a cheap roland set.
  19. It seems to boot up at instant on speed all the time now. I wasn't sure if it was restarting properly, because it was so quick.
  20. Well the community section only appears to show the achievement images not showing the text that would give them context. Also Broken Sword 5 doesn't log in it just hangs there saying it's signing in but doesn't.
  21. One way of improving the situation would be if there were more other female characters. If the shopkeepers could also be female that would help as it would show that it's not only men that can have shops and going on shotgun sprees when they get robbed.
  22. The fact that bloody is "ugly as fuck" works as a bonus for me as she does make her outfit more unhinged and less pointless sexiness.
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