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  1. I haven't had any burn in on my 1 year old OLED. I haven't done any particular things to try and avoid it. I do change what games I'm playing frequently and watch Netflix et al on it. Until I got the black levels right It kept looking like it had retained all images of square blocks on the xbox dashboard and produced worrying smeary messes around the map on FFXV ( which has 100+ hours of game time on the screen) The only real issue is that if you end up with a 6 series then you don't want the latest update as it makes Game HDR dim and crap.
  2. I've owned my OLED55C6 for about a year and haven't seen any burn in from daily usage. They are very sexy TVs so it might be a cum stain not a burn in.
  3. I watched a 4k blu ray and yes the colours were awful and noisey hopefully they get that fixed soon! I have had her issues with tv apps on my LG C6 OLED, or with games (now that I've rolled the firmware back to before they broke game hdr)
  4. I checked the specification of your amp, it should be capable of handling the hdcp 2.2 signal required on all of the ports. I would check the direct connection first to rule out any issues. It should work.
  5. On some TVs the ability to do HDR through the hdmi ports have to be turned on.
  6. As far as Atmos is concerned if it's using a standard headphone jack you'd need the Atmos for headphones thing to make it work which is a paid add on, though free for a month. I haven't used it on any of the Atmos enabled games so I can't really judge. On my Atmos home cinema system the Insects demo really showed what it was capable of with sounds coming from over head, along with the demos that are part of the Atmos app. Also holy crap Mirrors Edge (360) looks great the clean art style up scales really bloody well it looks gorgeous though you can see the low quality textures with text and the UI but everything else including HDR just look amazing, better than Catalyst due to being a clean style.
  7. The woman I spoke to was friendly and apologetic and told me they were trying their hardest and wanted things to be good for the day. It didn't feel like reading from a script and I wasn't angry just told her I hoped she wasn't getting too many angry xbox people. I don't know maybe Microsoft really did screw them over or a batch got lost in transit somewhere to one of the amazon dispatch depots, maybe caused by re routing things due that fire. I'm just going to have to play Mario this evening and download more patches on my old Xbox.
  8. My amazon xbox scorpio has been dispatched 30 mins ago. Amazon are still under the impression it will arrive before 8pm today. *That* would be impressive...
  9. I dunno I remember there being a massive issue with Wii deliveries on day 1 and I got mine in person at a store. There were special courier deliveries for accessories being made to stores.
  10. Well this thread can be opened up on the edge browser on the xbox so... Should mean that this thread would then be 4k baybee!
  11. Yeah still got my old SNES box at home. From Amazon chat
  12. Bah I've had so many amazon deliveries without any issue, including a few same day deliveries. I didn't think it would be a problem.
  13. I might be in the same state with amazon. Just on with their online chat it apparently is in the final dispatch process.
  14. I'm also still waiting the dispatch from Amazon, other things have been sent out this late but it's still rather worrying. I have a few 4k blu rays and things downloaded in preparation though.
  15. I think the real old man thing is the idea that you'd walk into a shop rather than order it online...
  16. I don't know if the patch is ready for it, but Gears 4 now announces itself as an xbox one x enhanced game.
  17. NoVisAnima

    Sonic Mania

    Late? The embargo is the day before the game releases! In this day and age that's early. Usually reviews are the same day or after Bethesda have made their effective embargo days after release.
  18. Ah yes their third game in the series of free to play games with random loot boxes.
  19. But Lego Batman clearly links to Batman Vs Superman it is directly related, obviously making it part of the DCCU. It also has every other live action Batman in it. Making even Adam West Batman part of the DCCU. Also ties in characters only found in the animated series. These days it's Marvel Marvel, Fox Marvel and DC
  20. Emptiness and nothingness. Sounds like HL3 screenshots to me.
  21. I've recently moved house to where I can have my subwoofer not turned down. After calibrating and getting things ready I started playing Doom on nightmare. I have been feeling every single bullet out of the Heavy Assault Rifle not from the rumble in the controller but from the sound alone. The soundscape is extremely bassy and feels much louder than it was before. I'd say that what ever you're listening to the punch of the guns on doesn't have the bass response the sound requires because every weapon feels like an explosion happening everywhere.
  22. My guess is that Valve are busy trying to make "perfect" games. Making multiple prototypes for different ideas that due to the money they have can be much larger than those that for instance Double Fine put together for their Amnesia Fortnight. I guess they're aiming for something without flaws and when a problem is found they decide to scrap the project and move on to another one until there is nothing wrong with it. Since this is actually impossible nothing gets finished but the journey can be interesting for the programming and art people but story tellers just don't get anything out of it. That's my assumption anyway I'm sure there are some interesting unfinished products within Valve, but the only people who play them are the developers as releasing them would tarnish them and reveal the flaws.
  23. I'm part of the first drop of the new pre preview dashboard. The guide Is indeed much better, being only one press away makes it much easier to get to. You don't feel the need to go back home anywhere near as much as before. Games and apps still needs some attention as it's still too slow and keeps failing to load the images.
  24. I finally have the wired legacy adaptor. Hopefully I'll actually be able to use my electronic drums.
  25. As far as XBLA is concerned, yes for the games that they've done the emulation work on.
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