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  1. Maybe they bought campo santo so they can say they have more games in development that they aren't going to release. They might say they have 3 games in development but until they release them I just expect that they'll be experiments that they decided weren't good enough. They make enough money selling other companies games so why release their own or work on the same project for multiple years when they can like not.
  2. Yeah RB4 hasn't really got the support. That DLC is still coming out is quite impressive TBH as I wouldn't have expected any support so far out with that release. It has made it feasible to get to > 50% Gold stars on drums on my 1183 tracks without having lots of new stuff to add. Music games wise Rocksmith is still getting 3 - 5 track packs every week.
  3. I'd add connecting them and playing a game that supports 4k hdr but maybe that's just me.
  4. I actually enjoyed the book, I don't know if that's down to having it on audio book being read by Wil Wheaton. I got that it was a first person narrative from the point of view of a complete 80s obsessed dweeb. All the overblown excitement about all the 80s stuff reads like someone who has found stuff years after it was big and is utterly enamoured with it all as he has nothing else. I remembered that excitement about a thing I found and felt that it was the best thing ever and wanted all of it. I guess I saw the nostalgia orgasm as a form of narrative unreliability
  5. I get what they're trying to do and I think it accurately reflects the ethos that the book had just with 90s as well as 80s.
  6. They actually reproduced the weird orb issues? I think it was a glove orb that did that in the original, a remnant of the legacy of the game being changed from a cd game to cartridge.
  7. So I've seen this quite a few times. Twice in the cinema and I didn't expect that when I watched it recently I'd find anything new. Now I've upgraded my sound system to be an Atmos one and the film uses really well too. The first immorten joe scene where he's preaching about water was all voice of god ceiling speaker work it's insane how good this film sounds.
  8. It has multiplayer now...
  9. Which is the only thing he tells you in 2 movies and in multiple languages.
  10. I really enjoyed this. The soundtrack (which flexed my Atmos setup) was astounding. Oddly I found the twist character links easier to track than the characters who you're supposed to recognise through time. Shame that the series didn't properly end too many threads left for the next series.
  11. How about the opening to the Oblivion add on Shivering Isles. You go load into the new area and you're in a small dark room and have a chat with someone. At the end he leaves and then instead of following him out the door the walls transform into butterflies and they fly away.
  12. I also can't imagine a Fable without Lionhead. It will be interesting to see if it is going to emulate the Lionhead style of having too many systems bolted together that are at any point likely to fall apart due to under or over development.
  13. Any gameplay changes will require re recording of dialog, you can't leave the psycho mantis fight alone. Some bullshit thing has to happen to make that fight work properly otherwise it's just not the same. I just don't think you can just slap an hd remaster together. It has to be REmake styled to make it work at all.
  14. Did Silicon Knights get all the money when they remastered the game for gamecube? How do you tackle the game when games don't come in boxes, controllers aren't unplugged and cross game save reading isn't the same. Would they tackle how the systems of the game have been advanced in subsequent games like SK did or leave it exactly as is? Would they re direct the cutscenes to be more cinematic as Kojima has done since that game? You can't just leave it exactly as is because so much was dated by MGS2 and we're far beyond that. What involvement would Kojima or any of the other staff have? I can't think of many games that would be as hard to remaster as MGS.
  15. The HDR is absolutely sublime, but I can't go back, it will be too much time and I should play newer games. But it is oh so tempting.
  16. Maybe it doesn't work at home, I didn't see it at the cinema but man I really didn't get on with it at all. I was watching a film about mostly emotionless automatons being put in big metal structures that fill with water. I guess Nolan really likes tipping big sets or filling them with water or in this both! I could see how it was being clever with the time scales but never felt the danger or fear. It just felt like Nolan saying well I've done a space film, I've got to get a war film on my resume.
  17. One of my favourite games, I have it installed on my Xbox one. It would need "something" for me to buy it again and I don't know if EA would do that. So not day one I'd get it after the actions from the developers after the "we're listening to your complaints" message.
  18. I wonder how the loot boxes will work. Is it going to be randomised skins, randomised cars or randomised brand new stat boosts. Will you have to grind out crash currency by playing the crash mode? They could just be part of the multiplayer with stat boosts for players. Maybe they are gong to try making the game cheaper than full price to gauge whether micro transaction loot boxes work better on a lower priced game? They might just be keeping the old DLC as paid DLC in this game, strip out features from ultimate. Have to pay for big surf island again. There is also the final unlikely option, that EA are trying to garner some good will from consumers rather than stock holders. But when loot boxes make $900 million in FIFA it's hard to let that go.
  19. What I hope about Witcher 3 is that CD Projekt are using the same engine for cyberpunk and have been updating it to work with the newer consoles, then one of their programmers thought, "I wonder if this work still applies to Witcher 3?" Seeing it as a bit of a test bed and some off time work tried it and it worked so suggested they should release the patch. Since they already have developers who do tweaks to the game on their own time the idea of doing this isn't so radical. Also having a complete game of art assets to test the graphics systems seems like a good idea to me. It might have been just a test bed anyway and they released it.
  20. I wonder when the next trailer will be, maybe the next one will include multiple cutscenes instead of just the one. Maybe some "gameplay" with the camera at a different location.to the game cam. I'm very intrigued by what type of game it's actually going to be though. The MGS series gameplay wise was definitely something that evolved with each entry building on elements from the previous ones. I wonder if this is going to be a clean break or if it is going to play as an homage to work done in MGS5.
  21. I actually enjoyed the book, it might be because i was listening to it as an audio book, read by Wil Wheaton. In that context the book being written as a first person narrative of a sneering twit who was into everything 80s worked. The main character is played up by how it is written. This didn't work for Armada as the world didn't go along with the rubbish.
  22. They didn't survive, THQ Nordic is a company that bought the THQ name.
  23. One thing I've learnt while playing as far as the difficulty is concerned. If you are not being stealthy you should always be running, you should also always pick up everything. When you're running around like an idiot with dual wielding weapons, playing on the 3rd up difficulty Nazis just miss you. This is unless you are aggressively reloading in their faces, in which case you should have thrown an axe instead. Stealth wise, you'll want a silenced weapon you can dual wield either of the stealth weapons to be twice as stealthy, you might not have the range but it's better than trying to melee everyone and you're more ready for going loud. Go for the commanders when the circle has gone red even though it's harder to tell where they are don't spend time considering your moves as the Nazis already know where you are and if you're busy being somewhere else they aren't going to hit you. Hope this tips help.
  24. Why are you worried about the stress of being accused of rape as opposed to the stress of being raped?
  25. If the Samsung app is telling you that it is in HDR or Ultra4k when selecting the show then in fact (apart from star trek discovery) it is in both at the same time. Netflix doesn't explain that their HDR content is almost all 4k. Discovery is a special case as that's 1080 HDR. If when you're streaming it isn't both 4k and HDR that would be a problem.
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