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  1. Urm you pick the swap sticks option in the settings. I played the entire game with control on left stick and inverted because spaceships need inverted controls.
  2. At very low speed you can do tiny strafe with the speed stick left and right. For more aiming in a different direction than travel style of strafing you'll need to acquire the drift rite which is that and more. It's also the thing that made the whole game click for me as it's basically the cocky pilot button.
  3. I felt the same... So I swapped left and right around in the options.
  4. One thing that Dragons Dogma does which I feel you have to be aware of is that it has a day night cycle in which night is NIGHT. It becomes pitch black and you can bump into anything. Also since dark arisen doesn't have Into Free -Dangan- it should be played first before each session...
  5. I don't think you could have ended the main show on that. You end events on that.
  6. They did. Almost all the games on that conference did. It's just written as "Play it day one with game pass"
  7. I'm concerned by mentions of editing and the lack of any shot of the castle. Despite the numerous re-releases I haven't touched it since the Wii version but only the once. I didn't have the same magic as the original GC release. Battling through the castle, killing tiny prince and feeling I've completed a massive and awesome game and the "insert disc 2" message appearing was perfect. I think a streamlined version would cut moments that felt iconic when you were playing them but afterwards faded because something else came up.
  8. Oh it's even better than you think https://www.grumpygamer.com/april_fools_2022 He did announce it on April 1st
  9. Regarding that point SIri Regarding the achievement linked secrets
  10. I had the thought of I'll try translating the manual, but stopped when I changed the game language and the foreign stuff was the same, on that note it's a timely touch that both Russian and Ukrainian are languages the game supports.
  11. I had more trouble on Heroic than Legendary with the final bosses. It cannot be overstated just how good the plasma repeater through a maxed out shield is. It strips shields of everything around your target then does damage over time and maybe stun so their shields don't come back while you're changing gun. You can also throw grenades through the shield. Drop the shield on the gondola and the sentinels hover around you flaccidly waiting while you fire chain damage on them. Just don't try doing the spider chief thing while the drop wall is equipped because you just have the danger end pointing at you when you run away and it electrifies *all* shots that go through it. Also don't try to throw pickups through it they explode. Otherwise fire everything through it.
  12. Just completed the campaign for the second time, this time on legendary, and really enjoyed it. I had the fewest 'grinding against a bit' I've had on any legendary halo campaign. For dealing with the big hunter moments firing skewers and throwing grenades through a fully levelled up drop shield was key. Shock versus bosses is very powerful, shield doesn't regen, their health trickles down and you can stack it on other things through the drop wall. Plasma through a drop wall against a group is massively powerful. I even did it with a shade turret.
  13. Same, it's the only noise the machine makes but it's so loud.
  14. If it is XML i don't think it can be stated just how bad the overhead can be especially if there is any binary data in base64 in there. I've witness some shockingly bad performance handling that stuff. An internal binary can make sense unless the data is designed to be loaded differently for different environments. It's also "human readable" but JSON is better on that front and has fewer overheads in my experience. If it's doing any online server shenanigans that can always give some excuse for loading times. I guess we can guess that it's not storage speed limited and my internet says it's not limited on that front. I would say that it is either server side limited or doing a single threaded nonsense maybe involving repeated `reallocs` which waste CPU cycles. Just a guess.
  15. XML! Well that explains a lot. That has been the root cause of our simple webservice slowdowns. Someone should take the time to convert that shit to literally any other format.
  16. Too true. I believe my 360 pro adapter into pdp usb is sells for twice the price of a new series x apparently.
  17. Apparently that crap Neo model is the one used for the Burly Brawl in Reloaded.
  18. You know when you see those bullshit gameplay demonstrations where you know it's pre rendered to give an idea of what the game is like. This looks exactly like those pre rendered things especially when there's real footage in there. It keeps looking like that when it gives you control. It also keeps looking like that when it lets you explore the bits that in other tech demos would have been walls painted to look like cities and instead is an entire city space. It has been a long time since I've seen a tech demo that's this much of a show off that wasn't directly part of a game.
  19. The digital foundry review started off ok but when John got to the point of suggesting algorithms that 343 should implement in their engine it started making my blood boil. As a developer (though not games) it just wound me up. You can't just pop a new way of implementing lights into an engine expecting it all to work with your existing architecture. It isn't a geeky thing to suggest that stuff it's the kind of bullshit that props up people complaining about lazy devs not implementing things. Not knowing the scalability of the technique what the implications are on the rest of the system. It's hobbyist crap that's almost useless. DF have started to rub me the wrong way I guess, along with some "I don't know why it's dropping frames here" stuff, since with their tools they can only tell if it's a full screen alpha effect that is causing the dips.. It's not like they have a profiling tool inspecting which threads are loaded with data incorrectly, which memory instruction is taking too long, or which section of code is getting the right answer in the slow wrong way. On topic though, I am totally ready for some quality more 60fps halo, my tv doesn't do more frames so I'll have to make do with having all the shinies. I'm so down for new halo.
  20. Yeah that, I didn't believe it. She was far too mentally compromised and far too Jinx. It wasn't Violet or Silco that were driving her choice it was the voices in her head driving her towards Jinx.
  21. What I'm saying is that I can see the fluid greys but they don't work for me with Jinx after the time jump. Her internal conflict isn't driven by external forces pulling her in different directions. It's all driven by being mentally unstable which doesn't come across as being intentionally fostered during the time jump. It reads as both sides wishes she wasn't doing what she's doing. I'm not denying it's a beautiful series and the episode 6 fight was beautiful. But the reason behind the fight is because Jinx is mentally compromised and will just fight and that nugget spoils everything for me.
  22. I think I'm in the same boat for the story they appeared to be trying to tell you'd need to be able to believe that Jinx could be saved and it never felt that way to me. The inevitability of the war they are heading towards stifles the potential for the story too. There *has* to be conflict and there *has* to be evil because it's a video game story and it wont work without that stuff.
  23. I believe if your TV can do dolby vision then it uses that HDR format rather than HDR 10. So you're getting standard HDR in a DV container don't worry about it.
  24. After loving oblivion I started Fallout 3 getting interested by the intro and where the start was going. Naturally letting the game pick my skills based on how I was playing and at the end of the intro the vault door opened to a big wide vista of brown. Just brown. I was spec'd for melee and here I was looking at a brown world with a wrench in hand and I was torn out of the experience completely. I felt I was going to be doing obvlion sword combat again but now with a pipe in a world of brown and sometimes I could slow the game down and slow mo hit things with a pipe. Bounced right off. Similar but way faster happened with RDR took a few steps and realiased I was going to be doing GTA missions again and I wasn't in the mood.
  25. Agreed. While it's great to get the AAA games the real value is in the games which are denoted as such: It's not for everyone It's an acquired taste For fans of the genre (not a genre you've played) It's a marmite game Things that you'd be wary of spending money on you can have a go.
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