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  1. Got y pre order with Microsoft store. They did give me the you've ordered one already after a 503 error, so I went private browser mode hoping that it was a bug that was hitting others at the same time and got through logging in afterwards. The pages took ages to load and the billing address defaulted to the flat I left 3 years ago but I've got my pre order thank. Now to pretend to work after not getting any sleep.
  2. Just got out of the cinema and while it was nice being back a few too many of the adverts were celebrating that I was there. As far as the film is concerned a bit too Nolany. Naturally it's full of time stuff because all his non batman films save the prestige have some time manipulation stuff through them. Action scenes which lacked clarity in what was going on. Some of this was some odd editing, some not enough set up so the audience doesn't know what characters are trying to achieve in the moment (maybe hard to hear dialog) and some from odd shot choice maybe from the "We did this for r
  3. Yeah it's not quite epic but it feels the right length. Long enough to satisfy and short enough to make a second run with different choices not feel like a chore. Watching the noclip documentary really emphasised how it is a game that is made with a modestly sized team who scoped an idea out that they could execute on. If you notice it you can get disappointed but it feels like a well scoped and produced game for the team size.
  4. While the new Xbox wont fit where I've currently got my one X, my ikea TV stand is basically a low wide table so it will happily fit behind the TV. The TV is on a floating stand thing high enough for a disc to fit underneath hopefully the slot is just low enough to allow that to be accessible.
  5. Yeah. I don't think I loved anything in this. I'm trying to decide if there was anything I liked.
  6. I also did this last weekend and my CPU looked identical to this. My result was a little more dire than shaving some dB off the sound though. My cooler wasn't cooling the chip down enough for some games. The menu screen for DMC 5 was causing it to overheat some times. The final boss of bloodstained would overheat every single time in it's death animation. Such a difference after replacing it though, back to whisper quiet and I finished bloodstained.
  7. Can I get a clarification of the timeline? Because it looks like a 15 year old girl beat someone at Smash and was mass harassed because of it. And then some old racist jokes were found that she made which people are using to retroactively prove that the mass harassment was valid.
  8. I'm playing FFXIII for the first time on my X and right now the linearity and slow ramp up of complexity is really nice comfort food. I can relax into the world without having a massive list of chores to do or find. It's really nice. With the X enhancements the character models look up to date (except for their fingers) it really shows the quality of the art work.
  9. Yeah seems pretty perfect for that not enough happens so you can do something on a hand held device while periodically looking over and going "huh" Was just what I was looking for while playing Picross S2.
  10. OG Xbox Xbox Won Xbox three six t Xbox fall creators update New Xbox One PlayStation 6
  11. I believe that is at 1:30AM BST Today if I've read the schedule right hopefully that is when gk_wip comes out.
  12. Since it is a closed door demo I have to assume that they have a guy telling them the bullet points while a slide show of concept art or prerendered "gameplay" is displayed behind them. I'd love to see this demo for myself and it be online so I can see it now and then in a few weeks with more cynical eyes. Talking about a game with many systems that is going to have at least one more E3 before release has Molyneux potential. I trust them on the world and the story so much. Being first person means no animation priority walking. But ranged combat is the most hardest thing to get feeling j
  13. I don't know about that trailer. Seemed to be starting down the road of comprehensibility. So much of it was taken up by moving a character through game space. It looked like a thing you could actually do in a game. Then there was the dialog, obliquely explaining what was going on by referring to the weird stuff with names. It felt like removing some of the "what the fuck is this?" and showing walking animations. Unless Kojima is trying to show off by having half the named cast be female?
  14. The Ubisoft stream had several core series Dan moments and they were objectively poor.
  15. Since announcing Cyberpunk they haven't "said" anything but actions speak louder than words and they released Witcher 3 and 2 big expansions. To me that set my expectations.
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