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  1. Ooh you've got my attention. Sounds promising. Sold!
  2. If you can do the RB3 export then all the tracks that export will import into RB4. The existing RB1 and RB2 exports I believe still apply and you keep those. Instrument wise... Wired 360 instruments need an adaptor. I have an RB3 Midi Pro adaptor that I use for MIDI drums and that required a PDP wired adaptor that is no longer for sale I do not know if other usb controller adaptors will work. I recently got one for a fightstick which I could check later. Wireless 360 instruments need to use the MadCatz wireless adaptor which is no longer made and there is no replacement also they are poorly made and mine lasted one use before it no longer worked properly. The mic still works.
  3. The only thing in the game that you can't use auto pilot for is one of the achievements because you can't select it as a destination. You can land on all the locations in the ship's guide. Or more precisely. It is the hardest thing to achieve.
  4. No but the battery thing in the kit goes into the battery Bay of the controller so you don't see it. The cable is just black.
  5. I was hoping that the faster SSD and CPU would mean that enumerating the DLC I have for music games would be much quicker. Both Rocksmith and Rockband 4 take the same time as always to that job which is annoying with Rocksmith as it does it every time instead of once and caching. As for eye searing HDR I played the oldest game I own on the system, namely Jetpac in the Rare Replay collection. It's all black or the brightest colour it can be.
  6. Unfortunately it still takes just as long as ever for the >1000 dlc tracks to register as tracks that I own on the Series X. I don't know if it's a network issue (my internet is rather slow) but copying them to a drive and starting up hasn't got them all recognised yet. It doesn't take any less time to find dlc either. But it's now in HDR...
  7. Holy shit it turned up! just before the standup meeting!
  8. UPS tell me 9 - 1 delivery estimate but it hasn't left the Bristol hub for Bath yet. Just going to be jumpy when ever a large sounding vehicle comes near.
  9. My UPS tracking has updated to IN TRANSIT It was scanned at 3:40pm!
  10. Isn't it 505 games that are the massive twats here?
  11. I got my Microsoft email saying my order has shipped! There were pending transactions on my bank account all week and they're gone. But I have a tracking number
  12. As someone with a home theatre speaker system they spent too much on with a full atmos set up. That's 7.2.4 or Front LR, Center, Side LR, Rear LR, Front Atmos LR, Rear Atmos LR and 2 sub woofers ( I had one spare). The Atmos app is free you only pay for headphones and it's pretty spectacular in the games that use it but there is a more noticiable lag when playing music games so it's uncompressed for those and Atmos otherwise. I guess everyone else is sensible with money and used headphones.
  13. Hollow Knight: Voidheart edition is on gamepass
  14. If your old games are in the back compat list they will work a few will be magically 4K. If you put any of those saves into cloud storage then they come with you too. I did the process of moving all mine on my old 360 and any time a game got added to back compat I could be back where I was. It is still kinda special.
  15. I guess another wrinkle is right now when we think backward compatibility the gut is to think of PS3 / 360 and before. The next gen having backward compatibility means that Cyberpunk which comes out 1 week after the Series X|S will be playable and have some of the advantages of being run on beefier hardware. That is a new game that I'd like to play on new hardware. It might not take full advantage but the frame rate will be solid and the load times will be much lower. Personally I also need Rockband / Rocksmith to keep working
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