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  1. I have to admit i enjoyed that, I went in expecting dog shit but it was really good.
  2. If you asked me 4 months ago I would have said England with a grandslam this coming 6 nations but with all that's happened with the Saracens and Billy V now out it's looking a lot more open. There are big reshuffles with Scotland, Ireland, Wales and France going in so England easily being the most settled team going in looked an easy choice but all this has really thrown a spanner in the works. Really looking forward to it now.
  3. Watched it with @cassidy on Saturday, it was pretty fucking awful.
  4. Bale will be in the end credit sequence as Doom
  5. It'll be the old republic next, they've already started setting it up in TROS and the Mandalorian.
  6. You can see Filioni doesn't have much to do with it, Kaz is a twat, almost every episode is him being a clumsy tit and I've never warmed to him, I don't think much of any of it to be honest, I'm looking forward to it being done.
  7. Count me in as one really enjoying it, I've been properly laughing out loud at it.
  8. The big thing to take away from it is Filoni last 2 projects, clone wars and rebels became vastly superior as it went on.
  9. You should defo watch clone wars (Favreau plays Pre Vizsla) and rebels then written by Dave Filoni who had a massive hand in the mandalorian, it has Filoni written all over it.
  10. Judging by reddit I'm guessing most people don't know the significance of what Moff Gideon has in his possession.
  11. If you understand what that is, you can make a pretty good guess of where the story might be going eventually.
  12. Although it's not canon anymore they make a big thing about force healing in shadows of the empire book where Vader tries to heal his lungs but everytime he tries it he feels the light side of the force calling.
  13. I'd swap Rise and force awakens but that's pretty much spot on for me.
  14. Just got out seeing it with @cassidy it was pretty much on par with the other 2 movies in this trilogy I'd say, better than the prequels but not as good as the originals.
  15. I thought that was awesome Ol freckles Billy burr was great and finally a cameo I loved
  16. Yeah it was shockingly bad, the whole thing was pretty awful.
  17. Joshua wins at a technical points level by a mile, not fun to watch if you're a layman but as a fighter it's pretty much perfect.
  18. Anyone got stream mine died
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