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  1. That looks amazing, I'm more excited for this than Ep9.
  2. The real challenging stuff doesn't really come until endgame, my new characters are so buffed with extra stats from my original characters and the most powerful companions from the get go I don't even have to do combat on a new run through, Shae Vizla can pretty much AOE one shot a group with ease.
  3. Glad you're enjoying it, it's a really good game, are you playing light or dark?
  4. Yeah that tackle where biggar just jumped in was pretty rough and probably should have been looked at.
  5. The theme for the new expansion coming out next month is great.
  6. The yellow card was fair, Wales had a 2 man overlap, the only reason the try didn't come was because of Watsons knock on, that's why he got the yellow. Still number 1 in the world though.
  7. I can't believe people still go on about this, the whole POV thing when the bell rings and you look through Tony's eyes at the shop door means it couldn't be much clearer that he's dead, they even talk about it a few episodes before that everything might just go black when you're dead. It's not a cop out, he clearly gets taken out.
  8. Matt Defis


    Some of those posts on twitter are brutal.
  9. https://www.walesonline.co.uk/sport/rugby/rugby-news/wales-officially-become-number-one-16771317 Yes really. That game went pretty much exactly how I thought it'd go.
  10. Matt Defis


    I think people know my feelings on Irving so no need for me to say anything.
  11. I can't be arsed arguing over world rankings
  12. One way or the other, my last run through was a warrior, ranger, rogue and necro mage (necro do physical damage) and I smashed through it.
  13. I think the best advice I could give is go with a full physical or magical attack team, trying to burn through 2 separate defenses just takes time.
  14. Yeah they did, Saturday Wales moved ahead with 91.09 points and New Zealand moved to second with 89.04 then Wales slipped back down to second after they lost to England on Sunday, Wales could still move back to Number one if they win on Saturday against England.
  15. So many handling errors from Wales, just forcing that last pass one to many times, England looked great though, really aggressive and that drop goal was sublime. Congrats England, see you next weekend in Cardiff.
  16. Going pretty much how I expected with England flying out in the first half, I think Wales will start smashing them in the last 25 minutes.
  17. Hopefully the Aussies won't be looking that good in the group stages.
  18. That red card at half time basically ended this game, Wales go top of the world rankings then.
  19. Really looking forward to Sunday, my mantra is "I must not get hammered off Wales win "
  20. Any idea how I can watch this then please PM me
  21. Please don't tell me they fucked it.........They fucked it didn't they?
  22. I want it to be good but it's going to be shit really isn't it?
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