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    Rugby, Boxing and laughing at other peoples misfortune whilst cursing my own.

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  1. Anybody else think there might be some illness in the Scottish camp, they all looked out of it at 30 minutes and multiple players have been throwing up on the pitch.
  2. Wales did it about 10 years ago, walked right up to them and refused to break apart.
  3. Holy fuck was that an advert promoting the KKK and their colonial future? What the actual fuck.
  4. Might we actually see him in the suit finally?
  5. Bill Burrs new special Paper Tiger is up and it's amazing.
  6. Congrats Ireland, not a good look for us going into the world cup, expected more from the last 4 games.
  7. Fair play to Ireland turning all that pressure into points. All Ireland this second half, Wales better switch on.
  8. Tight game but Wales looking the more in control right now.
  9. I absolutely loved it, cried with laughter all the way through.
  10. SWTORISTA on YouTube will be a great help to new players, I'll drop some vids here for you guys
  11. That doesn't really matter until around level 40 ish where you'll start getting an actual rotation.
  12. I'm well jelly of people being able to go into this new, so much great stuff that I've done probably 4-6 times over that you get to see and do for the first time.
  13. Solo, watched again last night with the kids for the first time since seeing it at the cinema, not good, not bad, just horribly boring.
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