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  1. So wrong JPL, they're incredibly talented, the shit they pull off it's mind blowing sometimes.
  2. Jesus Christ France, how fucking hard is it to stay in your bubble, everyone just going out for pancakes and watch kids play rugby, I think Scotland being gifted a game if it doesn't go ahead will be a fair punishment.
  3. Yeah I thought it was another solid episode, it looked great and it's nice to see Superman be brought down to a human level.
  4. This has nothing to do with the films (well technically it does because Synderverse Flash showing up during Crisis) and is set after the Crisis crossover in the Arrowverse on CW.
  5. You can't call it a fluke, 2 pretty straight forward red cards is what happened in 2 games and a massive penalty count in another, you can't blame one team for another teams indisipline they can only play what is in front of them. Look at my posts I've been a huge critic of Wayne Pivac and how the team has played and on the other side it's not my fault that Wales have been the best northern hemisphere team by far over the last 10-12 years so I don't really understand where the chore part comes in.
  6. I think I have been over Wales last 3 games.
  7. It's nice to finally say as Welsh fan that the btter team won.
  8. Don't know if belongs here but I really enjoyed this and have learnt to play a few things from this channel over the last year.
  9. I see a lot of complaints about the Ref and I'll give you atleast one of the try's is suspect (fuck if Nigel Owens says it was a knock on then it's a knock on) but I think he was very lax on England and their penalties, give England the one maybe 2 yellows they deserved and I think the score might look the same.
  10. Honestly thougnt Itoje was a definite for the Lions but so far this 6 nations he's looking lkike a massive liability, surely now Eddie Jones has to move things around, England got an absolute arese kicking by a team that everyone said couldn't bveat 15 men.
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