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  1. It was released about 6 months too early, if they'd held it up it would have had a much better reception, I loved it and have played through it at least 3 times.
  2. I'm guessing she found Ezra and Thrawn then and i imagine sabine will turn up. That all ties together with the dark Sabre and Bo Katan and the final series of rebels they're rumoured to be making.
  3. I quite like that idea which means it won't happen.
  4. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/rugby-union/51853907 Game tomorrow is cancelled.
  5. The start to this series has been great but this latest episode I think is the best of the bunch, Clone Wars is always at its best when it gets a little dark.
  6. Not at all, the ref and his assistants were inconsistent for both teams for the entire game, Parkes should have had a yellow earlier on in the game for a high tackle.
  7. https://www.gamesradar.com/amp/new-witcher-4-ps5-xbox-series-x-cyberpunk-2077/ Makes me happy.
  8. I'm in Newgale west Wales on the weekend, I was going to get some surfing in the morning then watch the game, guess I'll be staying in the sea for the day.
  9. Marler could be in big trouble for that although I really hope not, I used to have a good grab of a props cock and balls most weekends when I was playing.
  10. One of the first English tackles was shoulder in with no wrap around attempted and owen Farrell's behaviour was beyond appalling, pushing and shoving wherever he could. The ref was massively inconsistent, he penalised Alyn Wyn Jones for not allowing the ball out, rolling away from three tackle and on the next Welsh attacking breakdown the English did the same thing and no penalty. England won, i thought they would but i didn't think it'd be so horribly reffed. I'm massively positive, Wales came within 3 points of England away with a new way of attacking/ defending while England got massive breaks from the ref. It looks really good for Wales going forward once they figure their new systems out.
  11. Jiffy was amazing at the house of rugby live show, just saying.
  12. Those cards should have come much earlier.
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