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  1. 3 years later and it's finally getting the recognition and love it deserves, if only they held it for 3 more months we could have had the Quarian DLC. https://gamerant.com/mass-effect-andromeda-steam-reviews-is-it-good-now-2020/
  2. That's a lot of hair to fit in the mask.
  3. I'm still playing SWTOR on and off even 8 years after it was released, great game that doesn't get the three positivity it deserves.
  4. They were just very different and extremely linear, they're more like Crysis after you get out of the alien ship.
  5. Aren't there a bunchy of mods out there though that fix this kinda stuff? I could be pissing into the wind here, haven't played it in maybe 8 years.
  6. Why release it for PC when we can just get the original game, add a few mods and it'll look just the same, seems like a cash grab to me.
  7. The trailer went up on Microsoft store and someone over on Reddit grabbed it before they took it down, it looks almost identical to the 2007 version.
  8. I respect Froch as a fighter but he seems like an absolute tit of a guy, his constant whinging about Joe Calzaghe even all these years later really does him no favours, Calzaghe is one of if not the greatest fighter this country has ever produced and should be celebrated as such which every other fighter out there seems to agree with except for Froch who has a huge chip on his shoulder.
  9. I really enjoyed that last episode of series 2 anybody else notice a little Easter egg.
  10. I enjoyed DA:I when it came out it was fun but then Witcher 3 happened, I went back to DA:I about a year and half and yeah after witcher it seems bland, the goal posts have been moved a huge amount and RDR2 is about the only thing that has come close to witcher 3 since. Saying that i do like the characters in DA:I Dorian was a stand out for me and showed some progression in their writing.
  11. They have tons of good stuff that can be adapted from legends far away from the Skywalkers.
  12. I was hoping for some Dragon Age news, they showed a hint (blink and you'll miss it) of it but that was it.
  13. Squadrons certainly has my attention.
  14. That's a diverse bunch of actors they have talking about Sims.
  15. I played MGSV recently and stopped playing, number one because the story was absolute shit and Quiet, the way she was dressed and the explanation why is fucking awful and then the straw that broke the camels back was when I got back to base and had a cutscene where I had a shower with Quiet and a bunch of soldiers in the background were saying stuff like "oh you're a nasty girl", that was pretty fucking awful and made me closer it down and uninstall it right away. Spec ops: The Line, is another game I put down but it feels a lot like that was their intention and I did go back and finish it later on.
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