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    Rugby, Boxing and laughing at other peoples misfortune whilst cursing my own.

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  1. Matt Defis

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia!

    Macs clearly been gay for a very long time
  2. Matt Defis

    Muk - The Rogues Gallery

    So it is
  3. Matt Defis

    Muk - The Rogues Gallery

    How do you delete posts?
  4. Matt Defis

    M Night Shyamalan's Glass (2019)

    Good? It's fucking phenomenal! I watched bird box last night and i thought it was just a shitter version of the happening, the happening is one of the best comedies ever made.
  5. Matt Defis

    Anthem - Demo January 25th (VIP) 1st Feb (Open)

    Yeah, he's the guy that got tons of abuse in a dev livstream begging him to quit the game, his face reading the chat box during the stream was just horrific.
  6. Matt Defis

    Anthem - Demo January 25th (VIP) 1st Feb (Open)

    I loved the combat in Andromeda so that's a big plus, it's still being run by Ben Irving which sends alarm bells ringing, the guy just makes terrible decisions.
  7. Matt Defis

    Bros: After the screaming stops

    Yeah it's really obvious when you see how much Lukes forehead moves around when he's expressing something and then Matts just doesn't move at all whatsoever.
  8. Yeah I'm having the same problem, can't find it anywhere.
  9. Matt Defis

    Anthem - Demo January 25th (VIP) 1st Feb (Open)

    Awful lot of reused sound effects from ME:Andromeda I noticed
  10. Just finished, even better the second time around and the kids loved it.
  11. About to go in for a second viewing this time with the kids, can't wait.
  12. Matt Defis

    The Boxing Thread

    What a fight, fantastic.
  13. I watched it last night and o thought it was spectacularly amazing, it really is a special movie.
  14. Matt Defis


    I wonder if Black lightning will get dragged into that then? So much to like in that episode and they even wrote in changes that make perfect sense.
  15. Matt Defis

    DC's Legends of Tomorrow

    I spent most that episode wondering wtf I was watching, fun but baffling.

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