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  1. I love my PC gaming, I have well over 2k hours on total war warhammer and I'd hate to look at my played time for SWTOR. I left console gaming at the end of the PS2 and regret nothing.
  2. EA servers are down which means I can't play my single player Star Wars game on May 4th because it won't launch the game unless you connect to their servs first, absolute fucking clown shoes.
  3. I remember the first time that aired, i even made a gif of it and posted it here thinking wtf
  4. Yeah the FSR, turned that off and it seems to have fixed the crashing problems I was having.
  5. I've managed to stop it crashing, I think it has sometyhing to do with the ray tracing and the AMD thing, it's been pretty stable since I switched off the AMD stuff.
  6. Constant crashes where i have to sign out of windows, about 2 hours into the second planet and its unplayable now on my pc
  7. I give up, constantly crashing on the second planet, nothing I do seems to help or fix it, think it's time to ask for a refund, the game is totally borked
  8. See my previous comment Suggests it has serious problems with multiple cores on pc.
  9. Any pc gamersv here, restart your pc, go to bios and disable hyperthreading on intel or stc on AMD and it should fix it, worked for me.
  10. Fuck that got to the second planet and it was reallt good then it opened up to a giant open world vista and ever since the game has absolutely tanked, borderline unplayable
  11. Got through the loading screen and just got off the first planet and pretty much 60fps at 1440p on epic with 3070ti Ryzen 5 5600x 16Gb RAM not sure why I'm getting such stable gameplay but there we go.
  12. I loaded it up and it stuttered like fuck just through the opening logos and what not then crashed, gone to the pub instead.
  13. Loving the Chorfs, got a whole mix of armies. Found a great bit of cheese to gain labourers really easily, I've filled 5 armies with goblin labourers and sent them to raid Nagsshizar, it's tier 5 from the start but the Skaven there will never declare war on you. I get about 1500 labourers per turn from them.
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