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    Rugby, Boxing and laughing at other peoples misfortune whilst cursing my own.

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  1. Matt Defis

    Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels

    Every time I forget about it someone has to remind me of George Lucas and his animated fantasy where he wishes he was Batman. Loads of great episodes in clone wars but there are also some real stinkers with a few mediocre ones strewn about, the first series starts off pretty rocky.
  2. Matt Defis

    Lucifer - it's "based on the comic"

    Count me in for loving S4, I don't know why more U.S shows cut down on the 22 episode thing, there so much better off when season length is halved.
  3. Matt Defis

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    Well if they are doing The Old Republic they have got some really good books in the Bane trilogy to draw from which they seem pretty good at doing.
  4. Halfway through my second viewing and I'm hating it even more the second time around.
  5. Matt Defis

    Lucifer - it's "based on the comic"

    Burnt through it all, I absolutely loved it, hope they make a second series.
  6. Personal sabbatical, so according to that Kotaku article he's pretty much had a nervous breakdown. So the game has pretty much been left in Bioware Austins hands right? That's bad, they barely had enough people on SWTOR over the years, I'd guess EA will be killing both Anthem and SWTOR with this move. It's amazing how much of a complete shitshow this has been, I stopped playing but people that I know that are still playing are saying so little people are online now that the matchmaking isn't really working on anything except GM1. Edit: Just read the full article, it's been left in Ben Irvings hands, they might as well close Anthem down now, they guy is inept, the only thing he's good at is making terrible decisions.
  7. Matt Defis

    Star Wars - the new canon

    My favourite thing about it is the Thrawn/Vader chapters where Thrawn is totally goading Vader, letting him know that he knows exactly what's going on behind that mask.
  8. Matt Defis

    Star Trek Discovery

    I think someone played mass effect 3 and picked red at the end and then wrote this. Fucking shockingly bad.
  9. Skywalker becoming a name to replace Jedi would be cool.
  10. Is that Bill Burr? 6:22 6:26 Edit: Seems I'm not the only one that spotted it because it's turned up on his reddit page.
  11. Matt Defis

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    Joe Marler is amazing.
  12. Matt Defis

    Rugby thread (6 Nations, Heineken Cup etc)

    I see Billy Vunipola is being a massive dickhead and supporting Folau.
  13. Matt Defis

    Star Trek Discovery

    Jesus this really is fucking shit now. You have a spore drive, you can literally go anywhere, absolute nonsense.

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