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  1. Looks like the Merc have got their shit together finally.
  2. David Moffat the guy that created regional rugby in Wales came out recently and said that he didn't understand just how tribal club rugby was in Wales and if he knew then what he knows now he would never have created the regions, he said it was a huge mistake and it was never going to work and never will work.
  3. A huge amount of polish and a playerbase to make the place feel more alive.
  4. Yeah, mining, trading, you can even do piracy on trade routes robbing other players, it's really what I wish EVE was at a really basic level, unfortunately it hasn't got the complexity of what actually makes EVE great. I started making money early on by spotting someone left their cargo hauler open, I hid inside, waited for them to fill it up with cargo and after they took off and entered hyperspace i shot them in the back of head while they were in the pilot seat and took their ship and sold their cargo. That's how i realised how to make easy money through trading. As for what you do with the cash, you buy ships and equipment and that's about it really.
  5. I played it for about 2 weeks and it admittedly was fun, I got myself a nice fighter for bounty missions and a big ship for hauling cargo and a big old 6 man starship, once you get yourself a big cargo hauling ship things become very easy as you can make large amounts of cash very quickly. That's where I got bored, I got the best stuff for what I wanted to do then there was nothing else so I stopped. It's buggy as fuck though.
  6. The maccas are having a mare.
  7. Brundle is on fire.
  8. This is either a joke or something i can't miss, can't decide which one.
  9. Yes, Palaptine even says the name Vader to Yoda referring to Anakin.
  10. I stopped around Memnoch where it just went a little to mental.
  11. @David Kenny thank you, switched to a Faith based weapon and my damage has increased quite a bit.
  12. Yeah I understood the stat thing but I've bunged a lot of points into Faith and it would seem my weapon has no bonus through the faith stat but I have an ashes of war that can convert it to holy damage, atleast that's what I think it does.
  13. This fucking game, why is this not explained? I had no idea about that, this game is fucking stupid, ok so I need to be on the look out for a Faith weapon, it took me about 10 hours to figure out how to use spells.
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