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  1. I want it to be good but it's going to be shit really isn't it?
  2. Seems that's mainly come down to filming in Vancouver in the cold.
  3. I love the new Wales home and away kit for the RWC but at £100 a top they can fuck right off, no wonder the under armour deal is ending 2 years early.
  4. Yeah he leaves one sword on his pack with Roach in the books I think.
  5. I thought it was just a little over the top banter and then last night I realised everyone else is right.
  6. A great little fan video going over some of the upcoming changed in the expansion, loving how they're fleshing out the gear to do so much more and make hybrid builds possible again.
  7. The 3rd issue is the one that really made me hate it, absolute garbage.
  8. Really not like the new Vader series.
  9. They've launched a giveaway for a mouse, keyboard and headphones and the replies have been brutal https://mobile.twitter.com/bioware/status/1136664162484928513?s=09
  10. It's a shame really, both episodes have been great, the horror aspect of it is really well done.
  11. I really feel sorry for Ben Irving, he must be one of the most hated people in gaming but he's a really nice guy.
  12. SWTOR recently announced the next expansion called Onslaught and they've just dropped a few details about it. https://www.swtor.com/info/news/article/20190603-0 It's all looking really good and they're totally addressing the game flaws introduced in the last major expansion by Ben "RNG is fun, it's the thrill of the hunt" Irving. The best thing to ever happen to this game was them getting rid of Ben Irving and installing Keith kennig as the new SWTOR boss, a guy that plays the game and understands what the players really want because he's one of them. The amount of love he gets from the community since he took over and really started pushing out things people wanted is phenomenal. Long live Papa Keith,
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