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  1. I don't believe Pedro would be upset, the guy seems massively overjoyed that he's the Mando. As for the Jedi, they were a mythical thing even when they were around, there were only around 10k of them during the clone wars spread over 100s of thousands of planets amongst trillions of people, even on coruscant they were a rare sight let alone around the galaxy.
  2. I'd argue that one of those characters are wrong
  3. Sabine gave the Dark Sabre to To rule over ther Mandalorians and kick the Imps off Mandalore. There's a space in time where Moff Gideon got the sabre between rebels and the mandalorian that needs to be filled in.
  4. Looks like it's on Mon Cala with all the Quarren wandering about and no
  5. It was always a matter of when but Owen Farrell finally got a red card and will be looking at a lengthy ban, should have happened years ago really, his tackling has always been poor and very high. If he wasn't leading with a shoulder he was trying to take off people's heads with his arms
  6. Go live in a rural village, everybody still does it like it's completely normal.
  7. The first episode was great, the second was ok, it was more about the faith I had in that first episode, the third was probably on par with the second, if the fourth isn't any better i think I might be parking it there.
  8. That really comes across as "look we are doing it honest!" 2-3 years of production and that's it, Jesus.
  9. Given the option I'd go Kevin Konroy for Bats and Wayne in mask of the phantasm as well as the batmobile.
  10. Absolutely loved it, all in from the first episode.
  11. Always thought he'd make the perfect captain America.
  12. For anyone that's not aware and listened to the house of rugby podcast, Payne, Haskell and Tindell have started their own called the good, the bad and the rugby and their first guest is Eddie Jones.
  13. Matt Defis


    Who is in charge of Anthem atm? I'm slightly worried that they'll move Keith Kennig off SWTOR and onto Anthem considering how great a job he's done there since taking over.
  14. Matt Defis


    Fuck no, i dropped it quite a while ago.
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