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  1. Gotta love Diego Forlan: "Cavani deserves respect, he's been scoring for years & taking penalties. Neymar wouldn't have done it to Messi. He was like a boy annoying him. A problem, those things happen on all teams. What doesn't make sense is Alves didn't give the ball to Cavani but to Neymar as if he was his bitch."
  2. Jerry has a new Netflix special out now, covering his early career, with lots of old bits being dusted off. It's great.
  3. Once again https://streamable.com/ug2pq
  4. Those were some of the better minutes, too. You should watch the rest just to see what happens when you give three writers a third of a film each. I haven't -and probably never will- get round to watching the AvP films. I'd rather just play Isolation again.
  5. futureshock

    The National

    The change of pace with the line "I can't stay..." makes it. Just looking at how it's been received - it's as expected.
  6. futureshock

    The National

    Only a week old, but I'm just in love with this album, from start to finish. Their excellent Glastonbury set in the summer was the first hint for me that they were re-energised, and the album doesn't disappoint. Best thing since Boxer? It's up there.
  7. He released this a few weeks ago, probably on the back of so many people wondering what happened to him
  8. Today's presser shows just how unimpressed Mourinho is with Andreas Pereira going out on loan.
  9. The 07/08 season is full of ridiculous goals. This one from Rooney in the CL has to be up there. Edge of the box, his back to goal, the whole thing is like an unrealistic videogame. Ace.
  10. So here are couple of treats I discovered. One guy has made a massive gfycat database of (almost) every United goal, going back to the 80s. http://www.redcafe.net/threads/manchester-united-goals-in-gfycat-form.407722/ And http://footballia.net has 231 full United games, going back decades - http://footballia.net/teams/manchester-united
  11. "I believe in America. America has made my fortune. And I raised my daughter in the American fashion."
  12. Allen's Top Ten Seven 1. Alien 2. Aliens 3. Alien Isolation 4. Alien Ressurection 5. Alien 3 6. Prometheus 7. Covenant
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