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  1. Fucking awful. Shite plot (made up as they went along) shite screenplay (dull), shite effects (naff), shite characters (you hope they all die) and shite shite (shite). Shite.
  2. Alias? Isn't that the one where the girl gets to dress up in a different wardrobe every five minutes? The Clothes Show was better.
  3. I never read the books, so I really couldn't give a shit if it was true to them or not - all I know is that for 90 minutes I was amazed whilst giggling like a little girl. That's all that counts. It's a kid's movie with lots of adult humour. I'll take it over the likes of Spy Kids any day of the week.
  4. I liked it precisely because they were on drugs whilst making it. Horses for courses...
  5. Pant wettingly great. It took a while to allow my brain to accept just how fucked up this movie is, but Meyers carries you along with so many gags you're bound to chuckle at a few. I'm not sure if it's out here yet (I saw it at a mate's last night) but it's very highly recommended.
  6. Anybody who doesn't like the Lewbowski is a cock. Life really is that simple. O'Brother comes a close second. Another masterpiece.
  7. Slater was cooler in Pump Up the Volume, and Ryder was cooler in Reality Bites. So ner. Fave oldies? Frankenstein, Gone with the Wind and Manhattan.
  8. futureshock


    In my twenty years of gaming, Rez gets my vote as number one game. I might have played other games longer and with more friends, but nothing matches the experience of playing through Rez for the first time. The word 'sublime' is over-used nowadays, but this is one title which deserves to have it applied.
  9. Watched it to the end, did ya?
  10. Armageddon was fan-fucking-tastic. As was Buscemi in it.
  11. It was lovely. Both moving and hilarious in parts, Big Fish shows Burton has matured. Okay, it lacks the extremely obvious stylings of his early work, but the warmth and depth of the story were the stars, not the visuals (although they were lovely, too.) One of the laugh-out-loud highlights had to have been Ewan dancing in Spectre with Buscemi bobbing around in the background. Gold. Above all else, the movie left me with a satisfied appreciation for life itself. It reminded me that there's a big, wide world out there to experience and that it should be grabbed with both hands. Not bad for £3.50
  12. You're all sufferers of poovery. Almost every game mentiond so far hasn't been all that. What has? Army Moves. End of.
  13. If memory serves, it's 118 NES games. Quite tempting, really.
  14. That mean they only bought the PS2 rights? If so, does that mean there may be news of another distributer for the other versions?
  15. It really is the best football game created by the human race. 2000 was a let down, and PES (etc) bore me to tears.
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