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  1. I wouldn't recommend this mod - I tried this on my cat and it ran like a dog... I'll get my coat
  2. AlonzoUK

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen - Out Now for XB1 and PS4

    So I've bought this game twice previously on the Xbox, tried to get into it but it never really clicked. I bought it again on the PS4 on a whim (ie. it's cheap) and I can finally see what the fuss was all about The game does struggle to explain how the various systems work and some quests need a wiki to understand what to do next but when it works it is fantastic especially when you get a decent pawn setup and fight some of the larger monsters.
  3. AlonzoUK


    Sometimes you just want something a little different from a game. A change in pace or just for a game to tell you a simple story and this is what Rime was for me. I initially struggled a little bit with the controls initially but once used to them what a journey. The ending as well... as already mentioned in the thread, this will be remembered as a classic that no one played.
  4. AlonzoUK

    PlayStation VR

    The pinballfx vr is worth a look if you like pinball and is on offer at the moment. It only comes with 3 tables (season pass is an extra 20 pounds for 5 tables) but it works really well
  5. AlonzoUK

    PlayStation VR

    Taken from hotukdeals but it looks like some VR games have been discounted until the 20th of January: Werewolves Within - 36% off - £15.99 Surgeon Simulator Experience Reality - 28% off w/ PS Plus - £11.39 Pinball FX 2 VR - 30% off w/ PS Plus - 8.29 Robinson The Journey - 36% off - £34.99 The Brookhaven Experiment - 36% off w/ PS Plus - £9.49 Eagle Flight - 28% off - £24.99 Weeping Doll - 27% off - £5.79 Pixel Gear - 35% off - £5.79 Ace Banana - 35% off - £7.39 Keep Talking and Nobody Expodes - 33% off - £7.99 Kismet - 31% off - £3.99 Super Hyper Cube - 36% off - £15.99 VEV: Viva Ex Vivo VR Edition - 37% off - £2.49
  6. AlonzoUK

    Diablo III - Eternal Collection out on Switch

    Update which includes Diablo remake is out Portal can be found in old ruins in act 1.
  7. AlonzoUK

    Dishonored 2

    I agree - I have been playing this a lot over the xmas period and are enjoying as much if not more than the original. Possible game of the year for me
  8. AlonzoUK

    Facebook Messenger arcade games

    I didn't know about this. Just tried Zoo Keeper and it plays great... Perfect for social gaming
  9. For those looking for cheap characters/sets, Tesco have now reduced to clear all they Disney infinity items including the recent finding dory sets (sold out at my local ). Finding dory playset £7 Nemo £3.50 Disney infinity 3.0 figures between £1.50 and £3.25 (most at the higher price) Power discs 50pa pack Play sets between 4 and 6 pounds Starter packs 6 pounds Nationwide deal, should scan at above prices even if shelf label is showing higher.
  10. AlonzoUK

    Playstation Vita

    VPG can be downloaded from http://henkaku.xyz/showcase/
  11. AlonzoUK

    Playstation Vita

    Same as handheld - just browse to it
  12. AlonzoUK

    Playstation Vita

    Works fine on vita TV. Just tried SNES emulator and once you set clock settings to 444mhz, increase to full screen and apply screen smoothing it happily plays super Mario at 60fps and Mario kart around 45-50 fps. The megadrive emulator runs everything I've tried at 60fps but sound isn't great.
  13. AlonzoUK

    Quantum Break

    ? It really isn't that long. As I said the combat is quite good fun just not enough of it.
  14. AlonzoUK

    Quantum Break

    I received it on Saturday and trading it in by Sunday. Whilst the time based combat is great, there isn't a lot of it. I don't think the story is particularly well told; there are a lot of fairly long emails that need to be read to fill gaps in the story and the cynic in me days that these aren't audio recordings in order to pad out the gameplay time. So fun gunplay, looks nice but ultimately very shallow and short.

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