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  1. Please add me! Oculus name is najamimam Had this for a year but have neglected it, just getting back into it again.
  2. I don't think the actual mechanics and puzzles are exciting enough. It's all fairly pedestrian puzzle solving and a lot of it is just holding down forward and watching pretty things happen in the background. I did enjoy it for the visuals but not much beyond that.
  3. Style over substance, but worth it in the sale.
  4. Steamworld Heist is really good, up there with Mario + Rabbids.
  5. This is really not as good as the first season, unfortunately.
  6. Finished it all on regular over the weekend and I have to say, despite thinking I’d hate the gameplay, I got it just for the art style but ended up falling in love with it. It really does look and play great and is down for GOTY at the moment. The amount of love and craft in the visuals is really quite stunning.
  7. Have noticed it drop out a few times last night, and the quality of the players seems to be increasing. 2nd was the best I could managed but went as low as 96th!
  8. Can’t believe this happened. Paid for the online for this and worth every penny.
  9. Please just give us MP Trilogy we can take with us on the go.
  10. One of the worst movies I’ve ive seen. Boring and terrible in almost every way.
  11. Need some help guys. I've been given a 50 pound gift card for amazon.co.uk for my UK account. I'd like to get Mario for my switch, but I'm based in Australia now with an Australian switch. Is it possible to purchase the download code for the switch and use it on the UK eshop which I know should work? Cheers!
  12. If someone could spoiler their reply and give me some tips for the World 4 midboss that would be great.
  13. This looks beyond bad. Wonder Woman was garbage too, and this is looking not much different.
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