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  1. The drum charting on the easier levels is absolutely dire compared to Rock Band. Given that I bought the game primarily for the drums, that's a major disappointment to me.
  2. For anyone racing on a tight budget who already has a wheel lying around, how about this? A waste-pipe racing setup. Or, if you've got a bit more time on your hands and want a better setup, steel tubing can make a much sturdier frame for about the same price. Construction is more of a pain, but it looks better, lasts longer, and doesn't run the risk of sliding about the carpet as you race. Either way, about £40 for a racing seat setup that professionals would charge you £300 for is a pretty sweet deal as far as I'm concerned, and I won't care how bad it looks as I'm bouncing from barrier to barrier round the London track next week.
  3. iapetus


    Did I ever mention how awesome Naughty Dog are?
  4. iapetus


    Wishful thinking, and regrettably wrong. Seems more like an accidental thing than deliberate region coding, but it's still a right royal pain in the arse. Ah well, at least the UK store has updated with yet another Uncharted making-of movie. You know, the ones you downloaded from the US store ages ago...
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    The demo that's up in the US store doesn't work on UK systems. Also I seem to have lost the ability to connect to any PS3 stores.
  6. I understand the correct term is 'PSThWii'.
  7. I'm buying one - have had it pre-ordered for a while. As to why I'm buying it now, it's because I'm a complete gaming geek who must have all the shiny new toys and I can still just about afford it. I might have better reasons in the future (there are plenty of games coming this year and beyond that would be enough to sell it to me - Ratchet & Clank Future, the new Naughty Dog title, MGS4, Final Fantasy XIII) but let's be brutally honest here, there's never a really good reason to buy a new console at launch. It gives me something else to justify my HDTV, and in conjunction with the other systems I own it lets me play any game I want - no need to miss out just because it's on another platform. What I think of it: it's got great potential, and some of the early games are showing some of that, but in this age of multi-platform games and middleware it's unlikely we'll see it used to its full capabilities most of the time. Blu Ray support is a nice extra, but only really a novelty until the discs come down in price and hit the sales. The ability to run Linux is another neat feature, but would be a lot better with the addition of full support for the hardware (make the GPU accessible, and you've got a nice little development environment for homebrew software and the small developer...) Home could be a nice idea, but it's really a question of how well it integrates with games. What other recent machines I own? I direct my honourable colleague to my first answer. Must have all the shiny new toys, and that means Wii and X360, with DS and PSP for gaming on the go.
  8. The more money they have to pay to do this, the better.
  9. It's a trick question. The correct answer is this and DQ8. If you don't own either of them right now I'd suggest DQ8 now (you can pick it up for £15 these days, can't you?) and FFXII when it inevitably hits budget price (or when you feel rich enough and have enough free time). Problem solved.
  10. Believing anything Kotaku writes about Sony is a dodgy proposition at best. In this case they're right, though. Straight from the horse's arse.
  11. Let us know if you get an answer (and by 'answer' I mean worthless autoresponse repeating the platitudes Sony have already spewed at us). I've sent him a mail too, quoting him on the issue of BC. Absolutely pointless, but I'm petty enough that adding to the workload of some underpaid Sony peon trawling through Phil's inbox seems like at least partly revenge.
  12. That sounds about right. That's the Xbox 360-style situation of which Phil Harrison said: “I don’t believe that was backwards compatibility.” How right you were, Phil. How right you were.
  13. What a move like that normally means is that: 1) They know exactly what will and won't work. 2) They know it's so humiliatingly bad that they'd lose sales if people knew in advance. While I don't agree with some of the Sony-bashing that goes on (see the post directly above mine for example), this is a clear case of Sony talking directly to its European customers. And what they're saying is "Time to buy an Xbox 360".
  14. Well, various things I've seen suggest that a and b are both true. Though given this is Amazon, I'm willing to accept that c might be as well.
  15. Didn't you get several emails before the pre-orders started telling you when the pre-orders were going to start? If not, then it's clearly a personal thing.
  16. The 37,000 number seems a bit dubious too, come to think of it. 1/6 of the UK units sold at Amazon? Ah, if only there were a way to rig up computers so that when brain-dead fanboys try to use them to spread FUD they receive a lethal electric shock... Edit: Then again, 10,000 Wiis (mentioned above) seems equally dubious - weren't there 50,000 sold on launch day? 20% of those being through Amazon seems unlikely in the extreme. I'd imagine most of the 10,000 customers Amazon dealt with they dealt with by saying "Mwahahaha! We know you want a Wii but there are none left! Should have got here earlier, shouldn't you?"
  17. Interesting snippet from someone claiming to be an Amazon employee (found on another forum): "Hello, I work at for Amazon and we had 37,000 units allocated to us by Sony Europe, in comparison with 1,000 Wii’s. I cannot tell you the 360 numbers because I wasn’t working there at the time and no one I ask seems to know."
  18. Well, we know that the UK allocation of PS3s is somewhere around 300,000 don't we? What was the equivalent number for Wii and X360?
  19. You need to get that posted in the Bargains forum.
  20. Doh. In that case I retract my point, and replace it with this equally valid one: Anyone who believed Killzone 2 was going to be shown at GDC is, quite frankly, delusional.
  21. Anyone who expected Killzone 2 news at DICE is frankly delusional. Either it doesn't deliver, in which case it'll be hidden away as long as possible, or it does deliver and it won't be wasted by releasing the first news since the original announcement at a Q&A session at a developer summit. Feel free to bitch about it if it doesn't get shown and look impressive at E3.
  22. Fortunately YouTube isn't the only video site out there.
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